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L-Pesa Kripton

L-Pesa Kripton (LPK) – The Future of Microfinance



We are L-Pesa Microfinance, a fintech pioneer in the developing world. With 18 months of operating experience and advanced technology to automate most processes, the company is positioned as a pioneer ready to capitalise on rising microfinance demand. That it lacks funding for user acquisition and lending now prevents it from growing. The loan loss ratio is around 10% and the return is about 25%.

The Problem

Microfinance has a long and illustrious history of meeting a basic need, spanning ages and continents. Microfinance is a well-known idea. Microfinance via L-Pesa, on the other hand, is unquestionably. Traditional microfinance has a limited reach, and solutions have mostly been aimed at impoverished farmers and small business owners, ignoring the needs of the world’s 42 percent.

Powering A Paradigm Shift

In emerging nations, middle-class consumers and company owners have an unmet credit demand, but the existing financial infrastructure does not enable credit underwriting. In emerging nations, middle-class consumers and company owners have an unmet credit demand, but the existing financial infrastructure does not enable credit underwriting.

Serving 42% of the World’s Population

The market is massive: L-target Pesa’s nations account for 42% of the global population. This is about more than just helping the unbanked. L-Pesa not only offers token holders access to credit, but it also allows them to directly profit from the L-Pesa network’s development by allowing them to earn weekly revenue in proportion to their token holdings.

The L-PESA Solution

L-Pesa has taken advantage of these market dynamics by creating technology and an unique credit scoring methodology that enables it to rapidly expand microlending in developing nations while maintaining loss rates around 10%. Because the system is largely automated, a small back-office staff can handle high-volume loan origination. L-Pesa manages all of the loans.

A Token to Revolutionize Microfinance

The L-Pesa token is what makes L-Pesa possible. Users will get access to credit and be able to improve their credit score by using the token.


Microfinance Will Be Revolutionized By This Token. The L-Pesa token is what makes L-Pesa possible. Users that use the token will get access to credit, be able to improve their credit score, and be able to pay fees. The more individuals who use the L-Pesa token and network, the more they profit – it’s a win-win situation.


L-Pesa is a financial technology platform that provides innovative financial products and services to consumers and small businesses in Africa and Asia.


Microloans, the L-Pesa platform’s initial product, enable users to establish or develop a company, pay for school, or support their other life goals.

We’d like to express our gratitude to CMC for all of their hard work and cooperation in completing all L-Pesa requests, including a self-report dashboard. We’ve made a lot of progress since we began the LPK DAPP integration. Stay tuned for more amazing news!

Recent progress

The milestones the Kripton (LPK) has reached so far:

Coinpaprika, CryptoRank io, CoinCodex Cryptocom, LiveCoinWatch, CryptoCompare, CoinCheckup, and Coingecko are among the sites that feature the Kripton (LPK). All of this happened just one week, and behind the scenes, we’re working on some really exciting things. Keep your eyes peeled for further details.

Starting with the introduction of the L-Pesa Platform in 2014, the Kripton team moved on to introduce L-Pesa in Tanzania, which was followed by Kenya the following year. Airdrops for the Kripton LPK began at the end of 2017 and will continue into 2018. Uganda, Africa, was the first country to use the L-Pesa token. According to the creators, the initial coin offering (ICO) started in 2018 and concluded in June of the same year, respectively. The Token distribution campaign had come to an end before the end of the year, and the repurchase programme had started. The LPK currency launched a savings scheme in the form of LPK coins. Developers created the LPK currency app in 2019 to aid in the repayment of debts. The LPK was first introduced in India in the year 2021, and it has since expanded to include additional African markets such as South Africa. L-Pesa intends to expand into other countries after conducting a thorough evaluation of the legal and regulatory environment, as well as the availability of payment processing partners in those countries. According to financial estimates, L-Pesa is anticipated to be operating in 10 countries or regions by the end of the year 2020. India is one of the ten nations on the list, and it is much bigger than the other nine. In addition, a pan-African solution is being considered, which would enable L-Pesa to target consumers in a wide range of African nations without the requirement for local operations and compliance inspections in each of those countries.

L- Pesa’s creator, Ron Ezra Tuval, has already contributed about $500,000. When the business started operations in Tanzania in 2016, it was followed by an expansion into Kenya in August 2017. Uganda and India have both started soft launches in preparation for their official debuts. The technology used by the business is dependable, scalable, and proven, and it will aid in its expansion. Because there is not enough money to lend to everyone who wants to borrow, L-Pesa has hit its limit in terms of growth. The potential for user acquisition is virtually unlimited, but it requires the expenditure of money on marketing and support staff. A large portion of the world’s population needs financial services, and the company is now seeking outside financing to capitalise on its market-leading position, powerful platform, and almost unlimited potential to offer such services to that population.

A genuinely virtuous cycle exists when more individuals use the L-Pesa currency and network, which results in increased benefits for everyone.

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A Guide to PancakeSwap

About Pancakeswap

The first question here arises before discussing pancakeswap that what is pancakeswap? So pancakeswap is a decentralized exchange built for a binance chains chain. It also has a resemblance with Uniswap because it uses a liquidity pool and Automated Market Makers (AMMs). Pancakeswap is similar to Uniswape for binance smart chain. It has cheap case prices as compared to Uniswape, so it is beneficial to use pancakeswap. This is because binance is considered to be the proof of stake network du to that it allows transactions to be faster and cheaper.

Liquidity Of Pancakeswap

This application has anamount of liquidity of $16,473,881,538 currently and making it thelargest DEX for Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Although it is considered that the pancakeswap’s volume is lower than that of Uniswape because Uniswape had more time than that of pancakeswap. It is gradually increasing and CAKE is making its position among the top 10 decentralized exchanges.

How to Use Pancakeswap Decentralized Exchange

There are numerous wallets one can use for Pancakeswap including a trusted wallet MetaMask, and Math wallet. It is easy to learn about the usage of pancakeswap. Choose the token you intended to trade. While choosing trade you out to make sure that you have to lend to trade. Click on the trade option at the left corner. Before you trade, you need a wallet for pancakeswap. If you already have another wallet then you just need to connect it with pancakeswap. After clicking on the trade options one can swap any Bep20 in front of any Bep20 Token.

You can navigate yourself by just simply clicking on the trading option. Other than this you only need a wallet for Pancakeswap.

Why Pancakeswap Exchange

One can easily see the neat features in Pancakeswap on itsleft-hand window navigation, whereare some farming and pools options. Pancakeswap also has unique exchange rates. Farming on this decentralized exchange can provide variable annual percentage rates. Considering these ( APRs) you are farming. Let’s discuss some of the features of the Pancakeswap exchange.

  • Numerous games are available on this application.
  • Lottery tickets are also available one can buy tickets and can win rewards.
  • Its prediction features allow users to guess the price at any time.
  • Users can get cakes, coins, and many rewards in case if they guess correctly.

Is Pancakeswap Safe?

As a decentralized exchange, Pancakeswap seems completely safe. It has been operating for five months without any issue. The team of Pancakeswap exchange has gone as far as to audit it with CertiK and the results show that it is all secure.

Bottom lines

Pancakeswap exchange benefiting many users in current times. Still, there are some risks involved in it. BSC is after that of Ethereum, so it leaves some space for cheaters to scam and allow them to abuse a newly developed framework. It is necessary to check that you are on the genuine website of pancakeswap to avoid scams. Never send your pancakeswap tokens to another domain as you will risk your coins. Bookmark the correct site so that you don’t need to check time and again.

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Knight Dogecoin

Knight Dogecoin – A Unique Meme Coin

About Knight Dogecoin

Knight Doge is a coin on the BSC network. It is a unique meme coin, a decentralized token that aims to serve its community around. It also unites Gaming and NFT staking. Besides this, by combining Knight Doge token buyback and redistributed among members as a reward. You will get Dogecoin automatically in your wallet after an hour if you simply buy and hold $KNIGHTDOGE. Also, you should earn raindrops for future benefits and upcoming generations.

Where Dogecoin Stands currently

This could be created for hysterical reasons that have become the most popular crypto coin today. Dogecoin started as a joke but now worlds known business personalities Elon musk and Slim Jim have invested in it. It is valued at $0.1923 last month, a big achievement for something that was just created for a fun purpose. Elon musk holds three coins and the Knight Dogecoin is one of them. It is now at the top 10 list market caps. As rapidly it is growing like a giant it is predicted that its value will hit the price value of $0.4984 by the half of 2022 and 1$ in 2026.3.67B Dogecoinis held by an anonymous whale. It stands among the top crypto coins in today’s world.

Dogecoin features

It has numerous features and benefits that’s why the biggest investors in the world are investing in it. It has gain popularity within a short period other than the crypto coins that took years. Let’s discuss some of the unique features that helped this coin to rank itself among the top 10 coins in the world.

  • It is 100% audited and legal.
  • They will never abandon the projects and never let the investor’s investment gets in the loss.
  • This coin doesn’t have a developer token and it sold all its coins on Dxsale so liquidity is locked hundred percent.
  • 10% of buy and sell is redistributed to the investors but for this minimum of two million tokens is required.
  • I need to add that 5% of the tokens are reserved for Elon Musk to maintain price stability. It also reduces a kind of risk because this percent can save the token in unprecedented times.

Holding of Elon Musk In Dogecoin

Five percent of the Dogecoin will be reserved for Elon Musk to hold. This must be given appropriately and well in time otherwise the bunch will be locked forever. Elon’s owned five 5% of Dogecoin also helps in the price stability of coins in the market. He is considered to be the king of Dogecoin because he invented it when it was considered a joke and he help this coin to attain market value among the top 10 market coins.

Where Knight Dogecoin will stand in the future?

At its beginning when Dogecoin was created people find it a joke but with time this coin gained value in the market rapidly and now it stands in the top 10 market coins. Elon musk helped a lot this coin to gain value. Now future of its investors is bright. As rapidly it is emerging as a giant in the world of crypto coins then it is predicted that it will gain value to$0.4984 in the middle of 2022 and $1 till 2026. With its increasing market value, numerous businesses men will invest in it in the future. Undoubtedly it has a bright future because the richest personals in the world are holding its token.

Bottom Lines

The aim to introduce Dogecoin was to accomplish numerous purposes. At its beginning, it was considered a joke by its name. But with the flow of time, it had attracted investors like Elon Musk and Slim Jim towards itself and gain value in the market. Still, its value is increasing in the market so it is the best time to invest in it because it will gain a high value in the future. It is also safe to invest in Dogecoin because 100% percent legal and audited.

Website Details:

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MCXVII: The Best Charity Coin

About MCXVII coin

MCXVII is a charity token created for community building and charitable contributions. The goal of the designer of this token is to assist in eradicating homelessness and assisting orphans, veterans, and individuals struggling with mental health issues on an international level. Our hopes are to create strong and self-sustaining communities. MCXVII coin is built on BSC which inherits valuable technologies of the blockchain industry. It has an exceptionally low cost as compared to other charity tokens. MCXVII has rewards for the investor and donates 10% of every investment to a non-profit organization.


Although MCXVII is a newly launched coin, the author has been working with non-profit organizations for over 30 years and serving people in marginalized communities to enhance their quality of life. In short, investing in MCXVII means

investing in humanity. By investing in MCXVII, you will be supporting numerous people who will receive much-needed assistance and be given a chance to thrive. All MCXVII tokens are protected under the Binance chain. Although this coin is new its value is endless. The coin is limited to 10B and is backed by precious gemstones and billions of dollars in patented technology; Thus, creating sustainability for years to come.

Why Invest in MCXVII Charity Coin

MCXVII has a low burn rate, rewards for investors,s and endless value potential. If you are enthusiastic about investing wisely while positively impacting the lives of others, then MCXVII is the best platform to invest in. The aim is to spread awareness about meeting the needs of our community and establishing ways to achieve it. Your investment will make an impact in the following areas:

  • Education
  • Assistance for homeless people
  • Veterans
  • Building communities
  • Children
  • Supporting Programs for Mental Health

MCXVII is a valuable investment to serve people as well as create financial security and stability for the future as its value will increase over time.

Where It Stands Currently

MCXVII will be listed in the top exchanges. MCXVII has partnered with several organizations to increase the value and demand for the token. By investing in the MCXVII tokens, you will provide communities with an additional avenues to assist communities that are unable to afford basic needs.

Future Aims of MCXVII coin

MCXVII was launched to build more self-sustaining communities. However, its aim is to attain the value which other crypto tokens have in the market.


MCXVII is using blockchain services to build its mobile application and different software so that it is user-friendly. The current investment is less than a penny! With valuable assets backing this coin, this price will only last for a brief time.

MCXVII Coin Governance and Protection

All the community members,’ relationships and activities are recorded and traced to generate community credit of governance. MCXVII tokens are protected by the Binance chain. You will also receive recognition within the MCXVII community due to your participation. This token is built on the Binance Smart Chain, which has its protecting features and inherits the best features of the blockchain industry. By building itself on the BSC, MCXVII has increased its value in the market. As an investor/donor, you are also able to monitor the destination of your funds collected from you as a donation.

How MCXVII focuses on privacy?

MCXVII places importance on the privacy of your investment. MCXVII does not believe in the pseudo-anonymity of blockchain links and networks. High security has been written in the smart contract to ensure against hacking and to keep an eye on the protection of your account. MCXVII author is managing a highly effective plan to increase its coin’s value and community empowerment.

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MiniBNB: A Double Reward Project Sets Sights On Presale Starting On 10th August Via DxSale

MiniBNB team is proud to announce the presale starting on 10th August, along with launching an exciting redistributive token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with a tiered giveaway.

MiniBNB holders will get double rewards with redistributions in MiniBNB and have a chance to get BNB in a weekly tiered giveaway. Additionally, holders will also be given an opportunity to join the MiniBNB club that will offer them exclusive benefits.

MiniBNB’s tiered giveaway is reported to include the concept of a Giveaway Wallet that will collect redistributions in BNB and give them back to the holders weekly. There will be 15 wallets chosen for a BNB giveaway every week where 5 wallets from each of 3 tiers will be selected.

The tiers will giveaway BNB as follows: the top tier will be given 50% of the Giveaway Wallet, the second tier will be given 30% of the Giveaway Wallet, and the third tier will be given 20% of the Giveaway Wallet. The tiers will be based on MiniBNB token amount standing as seen on BSCscan where Tier 1 will include the top 100 wallets, Tier 2 will include wallets 101-1000, and Tier 3 will include wallets 1001 and beyond.

MiniBNB has also recently announced a Launch Giveaway event they will be hosting 48 hours after the token launches to the public. The premium items seen in this promotion are set to provide a substantial kickstart to the project and are bound to peak the interest of individuals looking to get into unique tokens.

The Launch Giveaway will include two Tier 1 holders to have a chance in getting a 1 Oz gold bar each from the royal mint in the UK, one Tier 2 holder to have a chance in getting an M1 iPad Pro, and one Tier 3 holder to have a chance in getting an Oculus Quest 2. This Launch Giveaway event is separate from the weekly BNB giveaways that are on schedule to occur after launch.

Current tokenomics reported for MiniBNB include a 200 Billion token supply and an 11% fee on all transactions divided as follows: 3% Marketing Wallet, 3% Redistributions in MiniBNB, 3% Giveaway Wallet, and 2% Burn. All MiniBNB holders will also be extended an invitation for an exclusive membership to the MiniBNB Club that will offer them further benefits. Further details of the MiniBNB club including requirements and detailed benefits are to be announced soon.

MiniBNB will have an initial private sale followed by a presale on Aug 10th 9 AM PST via DxSale. The most up-to-date information regarding MiniBNB and information on current and future giveaway events can be found on their website:

Media Contact





Media contact

Company: MiniBNB

Contact Name:MiniBNB





SAFE TRIP – A Modern Financial Framework

About SafeTrip

Safe Trip is a token to gather all the people to create a unified financial umbrella. It is running by Khaled Ayesh. As the world is facing many financial challenges, Safe trip offers an excellent solution to all these problems. This platform is good for all major transactions including, investing, lending and saving money.

Why choose Safe Trip

Safe Trip has its ultimate aim is to connect the financial dots of the world and make financial resources accessible for everyone and easy to use. The website is aiming to increase the number of options that integrate trading opportunities and components of financial transactions. This platform is also supporting many currencies and financial institutions, allowing clients to go in and come out from the world of cryptocurrencies. Safe Trip has its native utility token allowing its customers to trade and invest their money without any hesitation. This platform offers a wide variety of possibilities in the upcoming future. Here are certain reasons that why one should choose safe trip finance.

  • It allows customers to invest their money and trade efficiently.
  • Safe Trip allows a variety of options for exchanges through the Safe Trip exchange.
  • Many currencies are supported by Safe Trip finance that will make it easy for customers to go in and out.
  • With its minimum 1$ investing amount, it welcomes everyone to get benefited from its investing programs.

Its fundamental market integration panel for community forums enabling systems and clients to grow stronger. Other than this all we will discuss its liquidity, investment plans, token distribution all in detail.


Generally, Liquidity refers to ease and efficiency which can convert the assets into ready cash. Safe Trip has locked its liquidity in a separate wallet for 10 years avoiding rug pull or dump scenarios where clients will sell of from the distances. Due to its high and speedy conversion of assets into hard cash, it attracts investors from large distances. People from different countries invest in it and enjoy profitable investments. It is allowing all four types of stock and crypto derivatives. The purpose of allowing crypto derivatives is to minimize the level of risk against a volatile asset not to gain profit only.

A limited supply of tokens

Crypto token is cryptocurrency in general that represents assets or the only use resides on their blockchain. Safe Trip has a limited supply of 50 Million tokens including bitcoin that is owning one of these tokens that will be rare in the future. Due to its limited tokens, it has enough services to cherish its clients.

All in one financial system

This platform is working as a bridge between the dependencies and the financial services that help its both financial and product services. It aims to benefit its investors while providing valuable financial services.

Daily updates and maintenance

For its smooth functioning Safe Trip performs regular updates and maintenance. Undoubtedly these updates are benefiting its clients on daily basis. As already mentioned this platform is aiming to unify all the financial services below one stand that will raise the self-sustaining environment way ahead of the present time. Safe Trip updates itself on daily basis and comes up with benefiting opportunities.

Safe Triplicenses and regulations

This platform considers all workable laws and regulations and will try to make all attempts to get the necessary licenses and permits. Sometimes licenses are required under several jurisdictions. This implies that initiatives that are not discussed in the given whitepaper are necessarily developed and implemented. It is generally impossible to guarantee and no one makes any claims regarding the receipt of such regulations and licenses. Safe Trip prefers the companies that are licensed and regulated.

Payment services

Generally, customers face many difficulties in purchasing and spending on cryptocurrencies. Safe Trip card overcome these pain full points by allowing its customers those who are holding its card to.

  • To transact your funds without paying the annual fees than nearly 190 million VISA card merchants worldwide locations.
  • Enjoy top-ups instantly Safe Trip wallet and will enjoy your well timely delivered payments.
  • Spend abroad with excellent bank exchange rates excluding makeup.
  • It has card benefits so take advantage of the incredible advantages of its cards.

Safe Trip fund managing services

While on the goes it is never been simpler to keep an eye on your fund or investments. With the Safe Trip find a manager you will receive a fast review of your portfolio and its performance. It allows you to check your portfolio’s performance either daily or on a specific day or date. Statements of profits and losses are kept through computations and all notifications or daily/weakly reports are sent to you through emails or chats. Fund managers always deal with the clients in a friendly environment.

Community services

App of Safe The trip is the point of access to the Safe trip other than its browser. Its app incorporates the functions which include.

  • All your financial budgeting must be done with Safe Trip financial tools
  • Trade options derivatives or equities
  • Access to the wallet of Safe Trip
  • Find manager and tracker
  • Safe Trip special community
  • The account manager for Safe Trip’s ecosystem
  • Manager of the debit card.

Safe Trip is risk-free

Safe Trip lending will let you utilize your bitcoin as collateral to get lawns without offering them for sale. As collateral, you can deposit them and get access to cryptocurrencies. You can use these loans to satisfy your financial necessities and can also utilize them in margin trading. It provides a risk-free environment for traders who invest in it.


Safe Trip is the world’s favorite and one of the most famous discussion communities for stocks. It allows traders to discuss any trade, strategies, views, and news regarding any stock with other fellow traders. It is advised on Safe Trip to get the community, build your portfolio share your trades while having fun. Safe Trip always takes along its fellow traders and provides a free environment to discuss your queries with its managing staff. It is the best charting for investing in stocks. Hope these instructions about Safe Trip will benefit you and will let you invest in it in a risk-free environment.

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LocalBitcoins Clone Script

LocalBitcoins Clone Script – Launch a powerful P2P Trading Platform

Cryptocurrencies are undoubtedly the most lucrative financial assets in the world. It offers plenty of benefits like decentralization, immutability, protection against inflation, and transparency.  Peer-to-Peer (P2P) trading is the new trend now.  It allows crypto buyers and sellers to directly exchange assets with each other. Importantly, P2P trading platforms like LocalBitcoins remove the role of middlemen. Hence, investors need not pay any commission for executing a trading deal.

LocalBitcoins is a well-known P2P exchange in Finland where users exchange their fiat currencies with the leading cryptocurrencies.  It functions based on an Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading mechanism.  Entrepreneurs can make a big mark in the crypto era by getting a customized LocalBitcoins clone script from a top-notch app development company.

What are some insightful stats about LocalBitcoins?

  • It witnessed a 500% increase in trading volume – from Senegal in the first 3 months of 2021. Investors from the West African country are using more mobile wallets for executing consumer-to-consumer (C2C) transactions.
  • LocalBitcoins got 30,000 new users from Nigeria – this year. 1000 new traders from Kenya register on its peer-to-peer trading platform every week. It receives around $3 million in trading volume from Kenya every month.
  • 10,000 new traders from Ethiopia joined – the LocalBitcoins P2P trading platform in 2020. The overall growth was 500% when compared to 2019.
  • Tanzania (10,000), Uganda (5000), and Somalia (2000) – are the other major markets where LocalBitcoins got new traders.

What is LocalBitcoins Clone PHP Script?

It enables 24×7 trading of valuable Bitcoins through a person-to-person mechanism. Interested crypto traders will get real-time information about the price of Bitcoin (BTC) in local currency, the minimum investment limit, and the names of the sellers. Trained developers utilize the Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) programming language to establish the LocalBitcoins clone script. Entrepreneurs will benefit from cross-platform compatibility, flexibility, high scalability, quick processing of buy and sell orders, reduction in overall operating costs.

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The core features of the LocalBitcoins exchange clone script

Buy Bitcoins option

Traders can purchase lucrative Bitcoin (BTC) from registered sellers. Investors can go through the reviews posted by other users about a specific seller. Later, prospective buyers enter two amounts (Amount of BTC they wish to purchase in Fiat currency and the total quantity of Bitcoin). Further, traders process the payment within a certain period.

Escrow protection

There is no chance of frauds or scams on the LocalBitcoins PHP clone script.  It is very useful if the buyer makes the payment and the seller does not release the required amount of Bitcoins. Crypto investors can contact the technical support team. They will release the needed BTC directly from the seller’s LocalBitcoins wallet.

Likewise, crypto sellers can protect themselves from dubious buyers. They should release the particular amount of Bitcoins only after getting the payment from the buyers.

Integrated affiliate program

Users get commission daily by referring new traders to the LocalBitcoins exchange clone script. They receive payments in Bitcoin (BTC) for each successful referral.  Registered affiliates will have to post direct links to individual web pages. The total commission increases if the referred person buys and sells Bitcoin regularly on the P2P platform. Further, traders will have to avoid misleading advertisements and spamming.

Sell Bitcoin facility

Bitcoin sellers mention details such as their name, payment methods, payment window (a few hours), price, and trading limits (lower and upper). Additionally, they can mention terms and conditions for the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) trading deal. Besides that, crypto sellers can share their WhatsApp numbers to resolve any queries faced by buyers.

Multi-layer security measures

A LocalBitcoins clone script implements several security steps for both buyers and sellers. It comprises measures like end-to-end encryption, login guard mechanism, OTP based verification, and two-factor authentication.

Provision of 24×7 technical assistance

Investors can approach the Help Centre for sorting out issues related to escrow protection, order processing, and payment execution. Cryptopreneurs can offer round the clock technical support via email, live chat, phone, and Twitter.

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How do buyers and sellers process payments on the LocalBitcoins Clone PHP Script?

Crypto traders and sellers can execute peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions with ease on the LocalBitcoins clone script. They can utilize a wide variety of payment methods.  They can choose Immediate Payment Service (IMPS), M-Pesa, National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT), Paytm, Revolut, Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), and Unified Payments Interface (UPI).

What are the different cryptocurrencies and stablecoins accepted for buying Bitcoin?

Generally, traders can utilize various cryptos for purchasing Bitcoin (BTC). They can process transactions through Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Dogecoin, Ethereum,  Litecoin, Ripple, and Stellar.

Investors can protect themselves from fluctuations in the market by paying through stablecoins. They can execute payments via Tether (USDT), and USD Coin (USDC).

What are the various sources of revenue of a LocalBitcoins exchange clone script?

Buying and selling Bitcoin (BTC) is completely free on a LocalBitcoins clone script. Entrepreneurs mint revenue by imposing advertisement fees on buyers and sellers. Further, owners of the LocalBitcoins clone PHP script will earn sending fees.  It is paid by the traders when they transfer Bitcoin to other digital wallets. They pay the required amount directly from their LocalBitcoins wallet.

Besides that, the transaction fees for executing buy and sell orders vary depending on the level of congestion on the blockchain network.  Cryptopreneurs also pocket deposit fees when users receive Bitcoins to their LocalBitcoins digital wallet.

The total cost to develop the LocalBitcoins clone App

The total cost of creating the LocalBitcoins exchange clone script relies on multiple factors.  Generally, it depends on the choice of basic and premium features, cross-platform compatibility, the level of customization demanded by the entrepreneur, hourly/weekly charges paid to the front-end and back-end developers, the tech stack used, and the time allocated.

Further, entrepreneurs must incur more expenditure for our premium post-deployment services. We assist in fixing bugs and security loopholes, issuing software updates, maintenance of the P2P trading solutions, technical support, and third-party API integration.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, LocalBitcoins is a fully secure crypto trading platform. It is highly credible when compared to centralized exchanges affected by data breaches, hacking, and phishing attacks. Moreover, many traders in Kenya, Nigeria, and Venezuela are buying Bitcoin due to the decrease in the value of their fiat currency.

Besides that, the daily trading volume of Bitcoin (BTC) is $21.83 billion as per CoinMarketCap. Above all, the crypto sector has a gigantic market capitalization of $1.42 trillion.

Importantly, the LocalBitcoins P2P trading platform will focus on strengthening its business operations across Asia, Middle East, and North Africa in the future. Hence, entrepreneurs can disrupt the global cryptocurrency industry now by obtaining the LocalBitcoins clone script. They can contact a trustworthy app development company to witness spectacular results in a quick time.

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Mind Music Coin


Mind Music Coin?

The founders of Mind Music Coin intended to utilise music and cryptocurrency to raise awareness about mental health, and they succeeded. Every day, millions of people across the world suffer from one or more elements of poor mental health in some way, and the number is growing. Mind Music aims to contribute to the #breakingthestigma movement and the #breakingthestigma movement in general by bringing people together for an incredibly important and long-overdue conversation about mental health.

Mark Hamilton Story behind the project

The Coronavirus shutdown in March 2020 left Mark Hamilton’s music event organisation unable to function, and he was forced to cope with a slew of issues that began to have a detrimental effect on his psychological well-being. However, rather than doing concerts to assist himself, Mark has returned to his first love: music production. This has allowed him to manage his mental health while dealing with the consequences of Coronavirus on his livelihood as well as coping with the effects of Coronavirus on his mental health. Talking about his problems with old friends and other professional musicians, Mark discovered that they were all dealing with their own issues, and that many people all over the world were dealing with mental health issues as a result of being locked down, losing their jobs or businesses, and being compelled to adjust to a new way of life that could last for years after the Coronavirus had been eradicated from the planet. Among Mark’s ambitions was the creation of a music project that would raise awareness about mental illness and help to remove the stigma associated with it, while also recognising the brilliance of great artists who had struggled with mental illness.

Mark wants to reach as many people as possible with this initiative since music is not a source of income for him at this point in his life. Through this campaign, we want to draw public attention to the hidden mental illness pandemic that has claimed the lives of many artists and other people throughout history. A number of songs by artists who died much too young, either by suicide or as a result of drug addiction, are performed by Mark in cover versions. In the end, he wants to demonstrate to individuals suffering from mental illness that they are not alone and that there is a huge network of people who are ready to help them in their recovery.

Progress On Mind Music Coin

This is fantastic news, particularly given the fact that we have already started working on the project. Almost everything from our initial project, which consisted of 12 songs, has been recorded and made accessible for listeners to download from our website. We intend to record a total of 9-13 more songs in order to finish the first album and release it. According to the artist, all proceeds from the record will be given to suicide prevention and mental health organisations. We have high hopes for this project’s long-term viability and success for the benefit of all parties engaged in it. With such a large number of artists from all over the globe, we want to establish future cooperation ties with them during the conference.


The total quantity of the Mind Music Coin is 1,000,000,000,000,000, plus a 10% TXN tax. The mind music fund will be funded with 4% of the total. The marketing budget is set at 3%, with a 1% auto liquidity. Also set to 1% is the reflection and burn. This currency is Rug-Proof and devoid of scams. Any leftover tokens will be coupled with the BNB raised during the presale and locked into liquidity in perpetuity. There are no team tokens, therefore the development team cannot dump! After the launch, ownership will be given up.

Road Map of Mind Music Coin

It is anticipated that the cost of producing, releasing, and properly promoting our debut album will be about $40,000. Any money collected in excess of what is required for the Mind Music fund will be sent to coin holders and supporters as a thank you for their support. If there are any money left over after the initiative has paid all of its expenses, they will be used to buy and burn Mind Music Currency in order to enhance the value of the coin for its holders. The initiative, if it is considered successful, would result in a series of live music concerts to generate money, which will be staged in different places across Europe in 2022. (As well as covid permitting.) Every Mind Music Coin wallet holding at least 100b of the cryptocurrency will be eligible to get a FREE ticket to one or more events of their choice.

The recording of the album will be completed by the Mind music team in October or November of 2021. The vinyl and CD releases will take place in December/January 2022, with 100% of the proceeds going to charity. Mind music will begin a series of live shows across Europe in May or August of 2022. The team will determine whether or not to upgrade to Mind music 2.0 in November 2022.Presale
The Mystery House Launchpad will be utilised to handle the event’s presale, which will take place on March 1. Customers will be able to purchase tickets for the presale beginning at 20:00 UTC on Saturday, July 24, 2018. On Sunday, July 25th, at 20:00 UTC, the actual token will be made available to the general public for the first time. We will provide instructions on how to purchase presale tokens on our website and telegram channel as soon as they become accessible.

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XXXToken – A Leading Currency of Adult Entertainment Industry

XXXToken is a digital currency developed for the worldwide adult content business on the Internet. A new era is dawning, and the adult content sector is embracing Blockchain. is your website that has gathered together the most popular adult entertainment websites from across the globe. XXXToken is a decentralized initiative intended to be utilised by anybody on the internet, similar to Adult Content, with a 100% anonymous team!

The New DeFI Coin Is Supported by A Unique Concept and Tokenomics. Holders are rewarded on a regular basis. $XXX Has Been Dubbed “The Next Big Thing” By Investors!! Here’s what you should be aware of: Everyone Loves XXX, Strongest Tokenomics in the Crypto Space, Committed and Dedicated Project Team

We strongly encourage you to join the group and check it out since gems like this don’t come around very frequently. Join us in the countdown to the presale and get Limited Edition Founders NFTs! $XXX Token is gaining traction quickly, and we recommend that you join the group and conduct some study before it takes off.

What is driving thousands of new investors towards $XXX Token?

These are a few of the forthcoming $XXX events that have a real-world application: Contract Renunciation upon presale completion, Random NFT drops (Only 50K will be minted!! ), Ambassadors App, our own DEX for staking your NFTs, and Explicit Content Tapping It’s a new currency that’s being introduced with the goal of being utilised in the adult market. Opening a merchant account in the XXX sector is difficult. The majority of businesses are unwilling to deal with them. So, why haven’t they switched to a blockchain solution with a secure payment wallet that contains their own currency that can be used to support the adult entertainment industry?

In the next 18 months, we expect it to be a huge use case. We’re trying to build a payment processing system using our money. There are less costs, a faster processing time, and no chargebacks for businesses. XXXToken is a cryptocurrency payment processor that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The aim is to build an economic and technical infrastructure for the porn industry. To bring the core benefits of blockchain, such as privacy, security, economic efficiency, and self-sovereign identity, to the porn industry. The XXXToken will be the only payment mechanism for viewing your favourite pornographic material on our web platform. Using our native XXXToken, you’ll be able to buy videos/images, tip your favorite artists, send private messages, and make 1on1 video/audio calls on our content sharing platform.

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