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Bitcoin Trophy

Behind the Best Crypto Gift Idea: Bitcoin Trophy

Picking a gift for a loved one, mentor, employer or anyone couldn’t be better. If a cryptocurrency gift is what you are planning to buy, then go for the Bitcoin Trophy.

The Bitcoin trophy is a symbol of prestige and luxury. It gives credence to all players in the market. For holding, long or short selling and awaiting entry, it is a perfect item. The BT serves as a symbol of dreams. You are motivated to reach your trading goals. With the symbol in possession and the target pinned down, you are constantly reminded.

This picture-perfect item is built to last, with its durability features. An exquisite marble and gold finish on a solid metal is its appearance. A beautiful item for people of repute.

Opportunities to offer Bitcoin Trophy

There is always something to support, appreciate, or celebrate. This always offers opportunities to give gifts. Choosing a gift for certain personalities can be tasking. Just let them know they are valued without going overboard. The Bitcoin Trophy is an ideal item to achieve this.

Gift for mentors and top players

Joining the league of big players might just be easy with a gift like the Bitcoin trophy. You only need to engrave something extraordinary to show you possess a great mindset. A motivational quote, goodwill message or even a name can do the magic.

Motivating Partner support

Gifting a Bitcoin Trophy to your partner is the best way to show support. Nothing spices a relationship more than to know your lover cares and supports your activities. You can boost their morale times two with a presentation of a BT.

This singular act may be all the motivation they need to pursue their goals.

Amazing Giveaways

Everyone loves the concept of a giveaway. Since gifts are a way to show appreciation, gratitude and love, then give Bitcoin Trophy. Such an item will endear you in the heart of the received and invariably strengthen bonds. Look for opportunities to do give-aways and become the darling of everyone.

Special Holiday gift item

Christmas, Valentine, birthdays and other holidays are a perfect opportunity to give Bitcoin Trophy. No-fuss about what to give out, BT is glam.

Employee gifting idea

Corporate gifting is usually valuable to the recipient. Employees feel special and honoured at such gestures. As a way of appreciating the staff, give the Bitcoin trophy as one.

Note bosses don’t always expect gifts from subordinates. As an employee why not surprise your boss with a BT on any special gift exchanging event.

Client Appreciation gifts.

Ever consider how best to appreciate a long time and committed client? Why not customize a Bitcoin Trophy and let them know you are grateful for doing business with them? This will bring about a closer business relationship.

Inspirational Retirement gift

Trophies are treasures and a Bitcoin Trophy is no exception. BT is an appropriate gift for someone who is retiring from an organization. Engrave lovely words to summarize their service. You are sure to watch the retirement dab the tears in the eyes. A gift such as this will make leaving the company less painful.

The above is a round-up of a master list of opportunities to give Bitcoin Trophy. Ensure your giving is smart going forward. The BT offers an easy way to be thoughtful and impactful in your giving.  A perfect item for professional as well as personal gift presentation.

Years of knowledge in craftmanship

To-the-moon is South-Korea-based company regarded as the premium source for high-quality, custom-made Bitcoin trophies. They cater to all forms of stakeholders within the cryptocurrency spectrum; you don’t have to be a veteran trader to be the owner of our high-grade and luxurious trophy.

Their main objective is to cater satisfactorily to all Bitcoin and cryptocurrency lovers both home and abroad.

To-the-moon ships everywhere (if you are on the moon, let them know too!). After placing your orders, expect that your Bitcoin trophies will ship out within two business days. They also have a 100% happy return policy, and you may return any of their products within 14 days of the receiving date. They provide a money-back guaranteed.

Get your Bitcoin Trophy and become one of the few trophy hodlers on your journey to the moon.


5 Altcoins That Could Earn in the Future

Expert analysts frequently mention some cryptocurrencies in their comments that they think may gain value in the future. In this article, we will present information about 5 important cryptocurrencies that have also entered the lists of analysts and can earn in the future.


Dogecoin was listed on Coinbase Pro in June 2021. Now Premium traders can trade with it. With the reflection of this in the news, Dogecoin accelerated its price increase. Analysts stated that its future has been solidified with its entry into a global stock market with such a large trading volume

On the other hand, it is known that Elon Musk and DOGE developers will also work on a joint project that will increase Dogecoin’s transaction speed. Depending on all these developments, Dogecoin has entered among the cryptocurrencies that can add value in the future.


Analysts announced that SHIB Coin is the strongest meme cryptocurrency after Dogecoin. In addition, the project has a very large audience and the audience’s aim is to gain wealth. Analysts explain that the community can take advantage of all kinds of sources for the price increase and that SHIB Coin can increase. The cheapest priced coin listed on the Binance exchange is the SHIB coin. Therefore, SHIB may be the favorite of investors looking for cheap tokens in future bull trains.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Analysts state that BTC Coin can add value in the future despite all the negativities. Because the volume of transactions is so large and its effects are so high that they no longer think it can be a factor to bring it down. Analysts stated that although BTC hit the bottom, it was able to correct the price right after. On the other hand, they state that the only cryptocurrency strong enough to scare real currencies is BTC. That’s why they state that the name BTC is constantly mentioned in the regulation ideas of governments. According to analysts, BTC may still remain the leading crypto between 2021 and 2025.

Cardano (ADA) Coin

There were quite striking and positive developments for Cardano Coin in 2021. Its speed, the price increase was eye-catching. That’s why it started to be compared to ETH. In June 2021, Hoskinson made a statement and stated that they will add innovations to the Cardano network. It has been announced that the network will be renewed within the scope of a wider ecosystem, smart contracts, Pos consensus, low transaction fees, and second-to-second speed targets. Therefore, it is thought that ADA Coin can offer huge profits after updates.

Ethereum (ETH)

Analysts think that ETH may gain in value in the future. In May 2021, the waters began to settle in ETH, which was criticized for the increase in costs and low transaction speed. Because the former partner Hoskinson and Buterin met in the first week of June 2021.

Between the two, the ice melted. After the discussions ended, Buterin calmed the atmosphere by explaining that they would switch to Pos, but that the process would belong. Analysts stated that after these positive developments, ETH may go up in price and offer profits in the future.


When we look at cryptocurrencies that can offer profit in the future, we see that they all come to the fore with positive news. On the other hand, these assets are cryptocurrencies that analysts expect to gain in value in 2021 and 2022. These cryptocurrencies can be followed closely and evaluated for investment. Of course, it is useful for users who will invest, to follow the bottom prices first. There will definitely be buying opportunities in the crypto money markets, which follow a constantly fluctuating course.

Buy With Bitcoin

9 Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

For many people, cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoins, are a get-rich-quick scheme. They don’t fully understand the technology. But does it matter?

The price is going up, and there are hundreds of videos on YouTube telling you how you’re missing out on a gold mine.

Again, everyone is telling you to buy it, how to buy it, sell it, when to sell it, etc. But what comes after buying? I have them, and now I want to spend them.

But my local grocery store, car dealership, appliances store, tailor haven’t jumped on the crypto train. They still want to feel the money in their hands.

Now, this blog is precisely for people who find themselves in this bewilderment. Here, we won’t tell you how to buy cryptocurrencies. Rather, for a change, we will tell you how to spend it and what you can buy with these digital coins.




Let’s start with some hot drives. Buying a car is the first thing on nouveau-riche’s checklist. And you have all the wealth but in digital coins.

So, your route to getting your hands on your new car will slightly differ from those who are buying it with fiat cash.

Your starting point is the internet. Several online marketplaces link buyers (who want to spend cryptocurrencies) with sellers (who accept cryptocurrencies). For example, you can buy a car online from Autocoincars and pay for it with cryptocurrencies.

So start searching for the car of your dream. After you have found one, you can agree on a contract. The payment can be made in cryptocurrencies, or you can change it into fiat cash and pay for your car.




Here is the fact that you most definitely would be unaware of:

On May 22. 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz from Florida bought two large pizzas at Papa John’s and paid for them in Bitcoins. Guess what the cost was? 10,000 BTC.

Today, those two pizzas worth $372 million.It was the first commercial transaction of BTC with an actual company.

Even today, you can buy pizzas with Bitcoins. Domino’s offers gift cards that allow you to buy pizza and pay for it in four different cryptocurrencies: Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, and Litecoin.

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You can easily upgrade your wardrobe using Bitcoins. Several online clothing stores accept Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as payment. For example, Bitgear, an online clothing retail store, accepts Bitcoin.

Moreover, there are many other crypto-specific marketplaces where you can spend your crypto cash to buy everything from clothing to accessories.

Flight tickets

Flight tickets


Do you want to go on a comfortable vacation with your friends? Who doesn’t? Well, try paying for your flight tickets and hotel accommodation with Bitcoins.

Online ticket booking service Expedia and accept Bitcoins as payment. You can book flight tickets, find hotel accommodation and plan your perfect trip.

Airlines, too, accept cryptocurrencies. For example, Baltic Air is the world’s first airline to accept cryptocurrency.

Web services

Where better to put your cryptocurrency to use than buying web services? From VPN to cloud storage, if you have cryptocurrencies, you can have them all.

There are plenty of VPN options for you to choose from if you want to pay in cryptocurrency. Some notable VPNs like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Cyberghost, Surfsharkand, and ProtonVPN accept Bitcoin payments.

If you are looking for cloud storage, MEGA is your answer. It is a cloud storage software that accepts Bitcoin payments.




If you want a new timepiece and have cryptocurrency to pay for it, don’t worry. You are not out of options.

Just head to and choose from an extensive range of sleek and exquisite watches. Their range is so good; you would want to spend all your crypto cash then and there.




Yes, Bitcoin is digital gold, but you can also use it to buy real gold.

There are two online gold dealers, Bitgild and the European Mint, who allow you to buy the precious metal and then pay for it in Bitcoins.

It is as simple as grocery shopping, trust me. Just go to their websites, find the piece of your choice, pay in Bitcoins, and checkout.

The European Mint allows payments through BitPay, although they do charge a 1% handling fee. At Bitgild, you can pay from your Bitcoin wallet or use a third-party exchange to make the payment.

Not only gold, but they also have other precious metals like silver and platinum.




Have a knack for art? Now you can buy them with cryptocurrencies too.

Just this month, Sotheby’s, one of the world’s largest brokers of fine and decorative art, announced an auction titled “Love is in the Air” by Banksy.

What made this auction unprecedented was the announcement by Sotheby that they will accept Bitcoin and Ethereum payments for artworks sold in this auction.

Travel to Space

Have you gathered enough crypto wealth and now want to retire for good?

How about I say that you can plan your retirement in space? No, don’t be surprised. We kept this for last because we knew it would blow off your mind.

Space exploration is a hot industry these days, booming with players eyeing to rocket their way to Mars. One of them is Virgin Galactic by billionaire Richard Branson. He has already announced that his commercial space flight will accept payments in Bitcoins.

Final words

If you made big by investing in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies when the world dismissed them, now is your time to splurge.

Now you know where you can spend these digital coins. From burgers to a trip to Mars, if you have Bitcoins, you can be sure that there are enough takers for it.

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BitBoy Crypto

What do you know about BitBoy Crypto & Its Worth

The culture of making money through cryptocurrency has prevailed throughout the world. With each new day, there are breaking NEWS and Headlines hitting the print and digital media. All this discussion is based on what is new in the crypto market today? What are the current rates of multiple cryptocurrencies? OR What are the reviews published on a certain digital finance protocol? All these concerns have led to the development of a single full-fledged platform for Crypto News and Advice. The world knows this platform under the moniker of BitBoy Crypto.

What is BitBoy Crypto?

BitBoy Crypto is a one-shop stop that provides you access to the latest hot news related to cryptocurrency, project reviews, and trading advice with special reference to different cryptocurrencies. This is a top-notch YouTube channel that provides authentic and research-based information related to the crypto industry. This channel was initiated by Crypto expert Ben Armstrong in 2018 and he is based in the USA. He loves to call himself “BitBoy Crypto” and no doubt, he is a brilliant crypto guru. He also owns a website with the domain name His obsession with Bitcoin can be witnessed in the terms he picked for his business i.e; “Bit” Boy, “Bit” Squad

The popularity of this channel in the Crypto space, on various platforms especially YouTube, is of great importance. The primary purpose of this channel is to educate people who are interested in cryptocurrency. What are the Ins and Outs? Everything is covered in the video content.

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What can I find at BitBoy Crypto?

If you are a Crypto lover looking forward to investing your time, energy, brainpower, and funds in cryptocurrency, this channel is exclusively designed for you. It provides updated information and NEWS related to already launched and upcoming cryptocurrencies, their rates, potential, and benefits. You can also get your hands on important pieces of information like Reviews of different cryptocurrency tokens and coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. If you are interested in crypto trading or arbitrage, BitBoy Crypto has got important podcasts.

Why do I need BitBoy Crypto?

Whether you are a beginner in the crypto industry or a pro, the chances of failure are always there. This is because you may not be aware of the algorithms of this industry, the various marketplaces it is linked with, and the multiple types of tokens and coins it is offering. All of this creates a heavy mess inside the head making you confused on whether it would be a nice decision to invest in a particular cryptocurrency. A ray of sunshine crosses your mind triggering you to get expert advice like BitBoy crypto.

You listen to the podcasts, watch videos based on important knowledge of the crypto industry, cryptocurrencies, their current and future value in the market, which currency would be the best to invest in? Getting hands-on experience of his beneficial knowledge and unique skill set based on Blockchain, Decentralized Finance, and Crypto Trading will solve all your problems immediately. BitBoy crypto has adequate and precise knowledge of this industry, he analyses everything that is happening in the crypto industry and comments on it. In this way, he develops well-researched, far-fetched, and insightful video content for his followers. Millions of people have showered Ben with unlimited blessings and testimonials for his correct approach and reliable findings.

What makes Ben Armstrong so credible?

His knowledge of the crypto industry, his high-profile educational background, and his skills make everyone believe in him. He speaks from his experiences and that is what makes him credible. Moreover, his family also accompanies him by investing in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. This behavior makes him even reliable.

BitBoy Crypto Net Worth

BitBoy Crypto is a well-known Youtuber, a famous crypto identity, a high-performing commenter, a crypto blogger, and a public figure with 1.08 million subscribers on YouTube. He also runs a website blog where he shares the latest news articles about Cryptocurrency. He is considered the master of crypto professionals and he shares a very particular and heartfelt relation with Bitcoin. Although Ben Armstrong’s crypto net worth would be significantly appreciable yet it is unknown. His accurate net worth is not known yet but his digital services indicate that he is a billionaire with appropriate knowledge and skillset.

Golden Tip

You can also involve in crypto trading with BitBoy. For this, you will have to follow a few simple steps like getting yourself registered.

Take Away…

BitBoy crypto is a one-of-a-kind platform to provide authentic news and updates related to the crypto industry. You can take advantage of his knowledge from any digital media channel like Tiktok, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram as his social media presence is incredible. You can also have a look at BitBoy crypto deals and BitBoy crypto portfolio.

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AAVE Crypto

AAVE Crypto Introduction & Pricing

Cryptocurrency is considered the future of digital finance. The world has started realizing the value of Blockchain and Decentralized Finance protocols plus countless benefits associated with them. This is a fast-growing industry that introduces different types of tokens and coins more often. One of the prominent and high-performing cryptocurrencies that is hitting the market is Aave crypto. It is a type of cryptocurrency that finds its roots of foundation linked to Mr. Stani Kulechov. He has got great fame due to numerous tech-based successful projects related to the Crypto industry, Fintech space, EtHLend, and Blockchain.

Before learning interesting facts about aave crypto, let us dig deep into its details.

What is Aave Crypto?

Aave is a newly launched Decentralized Finance protocol based on Ethereum. It is a platform to lend cryptocurrencies. With the help of Aave, people can exchange crypto especially to earn interests. People who lend aave, get handsome interests on depositing it. On the other hand, people who are borrowing this crypto get liquid money that they can use to fulfill their requirements straight away. This system is, basically, designed to revolutionize the crypto industry with new features. Such features include earning interests, borrowing & lending crypto, and utilizing crypto assets in an efficient way.

Benefits of Aave Crypto

Aave crypto is an advanced form of crypto that offers multiple benefits for everyone who is interested in making money in the crypto industry.

Have a look at the benefits you are going to enjoy once you decide to invest in Aave crypto.

  • Legit, easy-to-use, and user-friendly
  • A universal protocol that offers open & quick access to everyone
  • Lending and Borrowing of cryptocurrency like never before with passive income earned in the form of interests
  • A hassle-free platform for users; no registration and documentation is required
  • Handsome returns in the form of interests on each time you decide to deposit aave
  • Nor friendly for the middleman i.e; it provides maximum benefits to direct users
  • Involvement of automatic system and smart contracts
  • Customer support services associated with Aave are Transparent
  • Aave is one-of-a-kind crypto that tops the market as the best lending protocol
  • If you choose to work with Aave, you would witness, along with the other community, that every activity can be traced on the blockchain
  • Open-source lending protocols, more secure, potentially lower risk
  • This protocol is non-custodial i.e; it gives you 100% ownership of your crypto assets. Moreover, there are no chances of foreign invasion and potential loss of your crypto balance
  • You can make money without trading on this protocol that is safe to use
  • Development of Aave Improvement Proposals, a responsive community-based ecosystem that suggests updates and mitigation of risks, is appreciated by aave users

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Interesting facts about Aave Crypto

  • Based on Ethereum
  • Founded by a well-known Blockchain scientist i.e; Stani Kulechov
  • Its market size ranges up to 5.5 Billion Dollars.
  • Top-ranked in the industry at 3rd position
  • Works ideally for institutional and retail clients

5-year plan for Aave Crypto Price Prediction

  • For the Year 2021 (Ascent)

The price of aave is supposed to hit 580$ in December, by the end of 2021. While intermediate values range from 260$ to 500$.

  • For the Year 2022 (Sky-high growth)

The price of aave is supposed to hit 1342$ in December, by the end of 2022. While intermediate values range from 670$ to 1300$.

  • For the Year 2023 (Decline)

The price of aave is supposed to hit 1307$ in December, by the end of 2023. While intermediate values range from 1300$ to 1100$.

  • For the Year 2024 (Major Decline)

The price of aave is supposed to hit 547$ in December, by the end of 2024. While intermediate values range from 1300$ to 650$.

  • For the Year 2025 (Greatest Decline)

The price of aave is supposed to hit 360$ in December, by the end of 2025. While intermediate values range from 450$ to 430$.

Risk Analysis of Aave Crypto

Aave crypto is based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is considered a considerable option to make up for the money loss. Aave can be earned by purchasing it in exchanges. However, there are always risk factors attached to cryptocurrencies. Similarly, in the case of aave crypto, chances of liquidity to run out are always there. As a result, investors who have deposited funds earlier are unable to withdraw them. This affects the whole business cycle. Such situations are more likely to occur when the ratio of borrowing is greater than that of depositing.

Aave crypto Price

The numerical values of Aave crypto differ slightly on various marketplaces. The price of aave crypto is 332.6 USD with a 2.87% price change after 24 hours, out of which the lower value is 305 USD and the higher one is 338 USD. The trading volume 24h is approximately 18% that equals 419254223 USD and the market cap is 0.12%. Market Dominance of aave is 0.26% and it ranks on the 28th position in the market

What is the future of Aave Crypto?

No doubt, the future of Aave crypto is bright enough. That’s why a number of people are now investing in this cryptocurrency. If we talk about the estimated outreach of the entire crypto market, we would learn that the market capitalization of the whole crypto market is expected to be almost 5 trillion dollars. While the growth rate would be increased by 400%. With special reference to aave crypto, its price will become 500 USD in the following year. However, by 2024, the price value of aave would be 1000 US Dollars. By 2032, the growth of aave would be 2k USD.

Final Thoughts

For any Defi protocol to relish success, certain requirements need to be met. That’s where Aave crypto dominates and inspires everyone to get their hands on it.

Although shortcomings are there, still aave crypto is believed to be a handsome opportunity for investments due to its high-end advantages such as safety, reliability, and profitability. For individuals who are just stepping into the aave market, are offered lavish add-ons like increased interest rates. We can conclude that Aave, in most cases, is supposed to provide benefits only.

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Join the EggPlant Community

What is Eggplant

Throughout the pandemic, global economies surged money printing to levels never seen before. Moreover, centralized exchanges and media sources collaborated to manipulate markets and filter you out of trading.

Seeing the inherent issues in conventional financial institutions, centralized markets, and governments, Eggplant plans to stay true to the mission of crypto. It aims to be the next step for cryptocurrencies.

Inspired by PancakeSwap, the Eggplant is an upcoming deflationary and Decentralized exchange established on the Binance Smart Chain. Following the emergence of cryptocurrencies over the last year, the Eggplant exchange aspires to introduce swaps, high APR liquidity pools, Hodling rewards, among others.

How is Eggplant Different from other Tokens?

With almost 10,000 unique cryptocurrencies listed on the market, there’s an abundance of projects. Given the increasing saturation of the market, smart chains have been spammed with millions of redundant tokens.

Many of these tokens aren’t secure, fail to provide utility, and have no promise. However, many people quickly invest in these tokens to surge the price and capitalize on the opportunity.

In reality, many of these redundant tokens have no concrete plan to thrive in the crypto space; their success is based on short-term hype. Successful projects such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cardano, and Polkadot have surged and held their price because these projects provide a lot of value to the crypto ecosystem.

Similarly, we at Eggplant have gone the unconventional route by not holding any ICOs or whitelists, which would attract unnecessary pumps and dumps. Our team behind the Eggplant exchange opted for a fair launch. We aim to take small steps without advocating major shilling and pump fests. We strongly believe in keeping our growth organic and robust.

We believe our utility will be our strength. Noting larger platforms like Robinhood pulling the rug from millions of investors in times of high volatility has motivated us to provide a viable, trustworthy, and sustainable solution.

The Eggplant exchange is a highly decentralized exchange established on top of a robust community that vows not to pull the rug in times of peril.


Eggplant ($EGGPLANT) is the native token of our platform. Eggplant features a unique deflationary design that exponentially decreases the total supply with every transaction made. The tokenomics of the project is relatively simple.

Being a decentralized project, Eggplant is powered by its robust community and volunteers. The Eggplant project has no founder or development wallets; however, 7.5% of the tokens are reserved for financing the marketing and developmental aspects of the project.

The Eggplant project plans to start with a 100 Trillion total token supply; however, 50% of the tokens will be burned indefinitely, leaving about 50 Trillion tokens for the open market. As mentioned, 7.5% of the total supply is reserved for marketing and development. We will list 42.5% Of the total supply in PancakeSwap’s liquidity pool.

Additionally, to mitigate instances of market manipulation, we’ve set a 1% max transaction amount to avoid large transactions, and potential rug pulls.

For a more detailed Tokenomics, you can refer to the information below:

  • Token ticker: $EGGPLANT
  • Contract address: 0x1583fFE1720027500ba6b284B1b1e9755d43e479
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000,000,000
  • Token Burn: 50,000,000,000,000 (increasing from tx fees)
  • Marketing/Development: 7,500,000,000,000
  • PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool: 42,500,000,000,000
  • Circulating Supply: 50,000,000,000,000 (decreasing from tx fees)
  • There is a 4.5% transaction fee which is distributed as follows:
  • — 2% is redistributed to all holders
  • — 2% is added to PancakeSwap’s Liquidity Pool
  • — 0.5% is sent to the burn address, meaning these are out of circulation forever, thus increasing the initial 50% burned amount.


The Eggplant project is currently planning to roll out its native token in the second quarter of this year. Fortunately, our project has successfully been listed on Coingecko and PancakeSwap. We plan to get verified by BscScan and run our social media marketing campaign on different platforms. Moreover, we’re actively looking to expand our team and finally launch our Eggplant decentralized exchange, Liquidity pools, and staking feature at the end of this Quarter.

For more details, take a look at our Road Map below.

Q2 2021:

– Eggplant token creation

– List on PancakeSwap (live on pancake swap)

– Get listed on Coingecko (already listed)

– Get verified on BscScan

– Start social media marketing campaign

– Team expansion

– Launch Eggplant DEX

– Launch Liquidity pools

– Launch staking feature to reward holders

Q3 2021:

– Exchange listing

– List on CoinMarketCap

– Continued viral marketing campaigns

– Potential partnership announcements

– Launch of Synthetic assets trading via Band Protocol

– Community building

Q4 2021:

– Implement extra unique features for users

– Lifestyle brand creation

Learn more here:

Best Bitcoin Wallets

The Best Bitcoin Wallets For Android In The Future

A cryptocurrency wallet is a place where you keep your cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency wallets can be physical or virtual. Nowadays, people are very much interested in dealing with cryptocurrencies because of the profits they are getting. The best way is to HODL these assets and make money with time. Many people have transformed themselves into filthy rich personalities. Therefore, there are Bitcoin millionaires and billionaires. Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency, and in this article, we will look at the top Bitcoin wallets for android in the future.  

Top Bitcoin Wallets For Android 

1. Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X is a hardware crypto wallet. It always remains the top choice among traders and investors all over the world because the wallet is available offline. Things are generally not secure when they are online. So, the idea is to keep your private keys away from all sorts of cyber threats. Ledger Nano X also comes up with Defi functionality, which you do not find with other crypto wallets. The crypto wallet is expensive but if you do not want to compromise regarding any aspect, choose it over others. You will get the best security. 

2. Trezor Model T

Trezor Model T is a piece of innovation that is available as an open-source. Because of its open-source feature, it has support for more than 1600 coins. So, if you are keeping the new cryptocurrencies other than the popular ones, look for Trezor Model T. This is also a hardware wallet introduced by SatoshiLabs. Trezor Model T has the passphrase and the PIN feature to offer security. Even if the wallet is open-source, you get a premium feeling while HODLing your virtual assets. Besides Bitcoin, Trezor Model T has support for other assets like Cardano, XRP, and many others. 

3. Exodus

Now, this is a software-based wallet and is mostly for desktop. However, when other companies introduced wallets for android and IOS, it turned the wallet from software to an app. The user interface is pretty easy to use. The company has really worked a lot on making intuitive UI for all the crypto users out there. Exodus is one of the rarest Bitcoin wallets that allows you to exchange from one crypto to another without any need to sign up. If you want to exchange cryptocurrencies in parts, Exodus has also support for more than one cryptocurrency.

4. Wasabi

Wasabi is also an open-source Bitcoin wallet. A feature that makes Wasabi unique is that you can take benefit from a marquee that mixes up more than one crypto transactions and convert them into a single transaction. With this, the wallet makes sure your transaction with someone or with the exchange remains undetectable. This is achieved with the help of Coinjoin. Although there are complex features with Wasabi, the UI is still simple and easy to use. The crypto wallet is not that intuitive, and you have to go through the whole documentation to learn things. 

5. Electrum

Electrum is a Bitcoin wallet that works well with all types of operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. This is the only crypto wallet that connects to the server in order to store or manage your cryptocurrencies. The crypto wallet uses a random seed that changes every time. This random seed is of 12 digits, and it offers top-level security. Your transactions get verified by the servers. Your keys can also be restored from these servers. There is an option to encrypt your wallet during the setup process. However, if you do not perform encryption during the setup process, you should not worry.   

How To Choose Your Crypto Wallet?

There are hundreds of crypto wallets available in the market, but the point is how to choose the best Bitcoin wallet for android or any other device. Some are expensive, while others are open-source. If you want to reach the best decision, join a crypto platform as soon as possible. A crypto platform performs consistent analysis on these crypto wallets and then introduces the top picks before you. You do not need to find any other source. Hardware wallets keep your cryptos offline, so they are expensive and quite secure. You can also trust software wallets. They are open source, cheaper, and reliable.  


We have seen the top Bitcoin wallets for android, IOS and other platforms. Cryptocurrencies are getting popular. People are HODLing them, and when they start earning profits, they stick to this only option. Crypto wallets allow you to keep a track of your assets while you exchange them with some individual or a platform. It is always good to stay updated with the latest crypto news. Staying updated will let you know which one is at the top at a particular time. Eventually, the more you follow a crypto platform, the better you get in the crypto world. 

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New Gem Invictus IVCx – New Cryptocurrency

1 invictus = Revolution – https://Invictus.Gold

Get Invictus and take your chance to define your future!

“Be a pioneer and join us in the beginning of a huge future with Invictus coin and token.”

Invictus is a Token (IVCx) and Open-Source-, Peer-to-Peer- (IVC), community-guided decentralized crypto currency, that gives you the possibility to save your capital in a non-government controlled currency, to invest, and to even achieve a significant investment interest. That means that everybody, who has Invictus (IVC) in his wallet, gets earnings for his credits, to keep the security of the network.

Start your Financial Freedom

Increase your Financial Freedom with a maximum limit of 80 million coins that moves within a Token and Open-Source-Platform, which gives you the possibility to combine on a social and financial level with a secure, protected, and strong community of investors and like-minded people.

IVC Diamond brings you more Freedom

IVC Diamond

On top of having IVC and IVCx, you will have the opportunity to access IVC Diamond (IVCD) which has a total of 5 million coins and you can have one of the assets which would help you have economic backing during a large economic crash and global inflation.

Be part of Invictus and get an Airdrop once you share the revolution

To be able to create the Invictus community, we’re going to give a surprise airdrop to all users who help us promote IVCx by sharing it on social media, as well as being on the list to receive a second Airdrop once we launch the IVC and IVC Diamond Open-Source-Code

Ready to read our road map?

  1. Website – COMPLETED
  2. IVCx Listing on PancakeSwap – COMPLETED
  3. Four million tokens Airdrop – IN PROGRESS
  4. Open-Source-, Peer-to-Peer- (IVC) – IN PROGRESS
  5. IVC Diamond Source Code – IN PROGRESS
  6. Listing on second exchange – IN PROGRESS

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Bitcoin Competitors Could Make Gains

3 Reasons Bitcoin Competitors Could Make Gains Through Poker

Those with an interest in cryptocurrency have long kept an eye out for altcoins that could conceivably challenge the supremacy of Bitcoin. Somewhat surprisingly given the extent to which the crypto market is still developing though, we really haven’t seen a serious short-term competitor emerge.

One way that people tend to look for potential challengers is by identifying features in altcoins that have the potential to make them preferable to Bitcoins in the eyes of consumers. This in fact was the basis for our discussion on the potential of DigiCoin to exceed Bitcoin in the long run. In that post, it was pointed out that features like greater speed than Bitcoin, greater scarcity than DOGE, and 100% customer satisfaction could set DigiCoin apart. And that may well be the case! It’s not illogical to assume that the field of cryptocurrencies is so large that one of them with user-friendly features will ultimately rise to outstrip Bitcoin.

In addition to favorable features though, cryptocurrencies also need opportunities to shine. And that’s where poker comes into our discussion. Save for sudden adoption by major retailers or other large companies, there are surprisingly few areas in which one could reasonably expect cryptocurrency to break through in a meaningful way. In poker though, there have long been whispers of crypto adoption, either through online platforms or at real-life tournaments. And there are a few reasons to expect this could represent a major leap forward specifically for a Bitcoin competitor.

Competitors Are More Convenient

For all its dominance, Bitcoin has a lot of issues. For some, it’s too expensive to invest in already. For others, the energy consumption behind Bitcoin is a problem. But perhaps the biggest barrier to Bitcoin’s actual use as a currency is that it’s somewhat inconvenient to use. The method of using it isn’t difficult. But the fact that day-to-day transactions require tiny fractions of Bitcoin can be off-putting to some.

Consider for instance that a $10 lunch, as of this writing, would cost 0.00018 BTC as of this writing. Or, more relevant to the poker discussion, a $25 buy-in to an online tournament would run you about 0.00046 BTC. These are simply inconvenient numbers to deal with, and may keep some poker platforms or tournament entities from ever embracing Bitcoin. But they could still embrace the crypto concept more generally, providing an opening for a given altcoin to break through as a more useful, player-friendly option.

The Legalization Issue

The point above speaks to why an altcoin, and not Bitcoin, could become a preferred option in poker. Even this, however, would likely be a fairly small development at first. It might be a single online poker provider, or one event on a pro poker circuit, embracing the altcoin in question. What might just help to make all of this a bigger deal, however, is the potential for cryptocurrency’s entry into poker to more or less bypass the legalization issue.

There have actually been discussions about cryptocurrency and poker legalization of late, with the basic idea being that because cryptocurrency isn’t legal, government tender, people may be able to use it for poker betting where they aren’t permitted to use ordinary money. It’s something of an unsettled issue at the moment, but if it’s determined that crypto poker is allowed — and if an altcoin has already made its way into the poker world — there could be a significant boom in attention. It’s not an exaggeration to say that millions of poker players, both online and in person, could swiftly gain interest in playing the game via the altcoin in question.

Snowballing Publicity

One of the most interesting things about Bitcoin is that to some extent it’s more of a trend than anything else. Its gains are often sudden, and seem to reflect passion and excitement among investors rather than sound financial projection or logic. Some investors openly admit to a lack of understanding regarding the leading cryptocurrency. And yet there it sits atop the crypto charts by a wide margin — one of the trendiest assets in the world.

We’re not suggesting that would happen with a given altcoin that took the lead in the world of poker. But there would likely be a kind of snowballing publicity. An altcoin proving itself as useful currency in the wide world of poker might just have the potential to enter other areas of the gaming industry, and perhaps other markets altogether. It’s a reasonable path toward functional appeal rather than investment appeal.

Whether or not this scenario ultimately plays out, it’s interesting to consider. We spend a lot of time comparing the features of different altcoins as we seek for good investments or potential Bitcoin competitors. But opportunity matters also, and poker represents a big one that isn’t talked about enough.

DigiCoin will Exceed Bitcoin

5 Reasons Why DigiCoin will Exceed Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is a magic pool that provides equal opportunities to everyone to mine and earn as much as one can. Millions of people all over the world have digitized their capital to make money online via crypto. Bitcoin has always been ranked at the top of the Cryptocurrency Industry. Due to its scarcity and higher value, not everyone can invest in it. Tackling this problem to find possible solutions that would provide benefits to everyone, certain other cryptocurrencies previously launched in the market, are performing much better. For example; the surprising comeback of DigiCoin in the market is noteworthy. This write-up has got interesting facts and figures that would enable you to master the crypto world without having to invest in Bitcoins.

1)  15x Faster than BTC

The upward potential of DGC is truly one-of-a-kind to produce hundreds of millionaires overnight, it just takes the right shot at the right time. Why everyone is going nuts over DGC lies in the reason that this is the most advanced cryptocurrency that is going to revolutionize the whole crypto market in near future. The whole heated discussion is revolving around DigitalCoin claiming to be the next generation’s blockchain because its transactions are 15X faster than Bitcoin and 4X faster than LTC, which is fantastic. DigiCoin was launched in 2013, now it has made significant progress in the crypto marketplace. If you want to explore more about DigitalCoin get helpful information about DGC here.

2)  3500x Scarcer than DOGE

Seems like the Crypto industry works on the principles of Scarcity – the more a currency is scarce, the higher its value will be. In such a case, a luxury-grade cryptocurrency hits the crypto market and shakes the records of Bitcoin. DGC is a universal digital currency more scarce than DOGE, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Comparing its scarcity with the DogeCoin, it turns out to be 3500x more scarce than DOGE, that’s a major suppression!

3)  100% Customer Satisfaction

This is so far the most important point to predict the future of any cryptocurrency. The more user-friendly experience a business offers, the more it is likely to flourish. The case with Bitcoin is, it is not accessible for the majority. DigitalCoin has a coinbase where the customer can keep the track of his DGC. Working with DigitalCoin is quite easy. You are supposed to purchase your favorite digital wallet, buy DGC, mine, and earn straight away. The process is kept very smooth to facilitate all buyers. Moreover, the transactions are faster than any other cryptocurrency to provide maximum user-related benefits.

4)  Ticket for Investors

The currency that offers maximum benefits to its investors always tops. The same is the case with DigitalCoin that trades for 3 to 4 cents and has a circulation of only 37 million tokens in the market. The massive growth of DGC has been reported to be around 2000% which is more than meets the eye.

5)  Survival of the Fittest

As a matter of fact, this is the universal law of nature that, what strives to survive manages to do so. Similarly, DigiCoin has been struggling for over a decade to cope with the challenges of the market. Ultimately, its uncountable efforts have led it where it deserves to be. As it has surpassed Litecoins and BitCoin in many ways, it is the new king of the Crypto world.

Final Thoughts

Have you wondered why the relation between DigiCoin and BTC is always on the top of all search engines? This is because DGC was originally designed to deal with the flaws of BTC and LTC. And now we can see this coming because the ongoing success story of DGC can be witnessed by most of us!

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