Knight Dogecoin – A Unique Meme Coin

Knight Dogecoin

Knight Dogecoin – A Unique Meme Coin

About Knight Dogecoin

Knight Doge is a coin on the BSC network. It is a unique meme coin, a decentralized token that aims to serve its community around. It also unites Gaming and NFT staking. Besides this, by combining Knight Doge token buyback and redistributed among members as a reward. You will get Dogecoin automatically in your wallet after an hour if you simply buy and hold $KNIGHTDOGE. Also, you should earn raindrops for future benefits and upcoming generations.

Where Dogecoin Stands currently

This could be created for hysterical reasons that have become the most popular crypto coin today. Dogecoin started as a joke but now worlds known business personalities Elon musk and Slim Jim have invested in it. It is valued at $0.1923 last month, a big achievement for something that was just created for a fun purpose. Elon musk holds three coins and the Knight Dogecoin is one of them. It is now at the top 10 list market caps. As rapidly it is growing like a giant it is predicted that its value will hit the price value of $0.4984 by the half of 2022 and 1$ in 2026.3.67B Dogecoinis held by an anonymous whale. It stands among the top crypto coins in today’s world.

Dogecoin features

It has numerous features and benefits that’s why the biggest investors in the world are investing in it. It has gain popularity within a short period other than the crypto coins that took years. Let’s discuss some of the unique features that helped this coin to rank itself among the top 10 coins in the world.

  • It is 100% audited and legal.
  • They will never abandon the projects and never let the investor’s investment gets in the loss.
  • This coin doesn’t have a developer token and it sold all its coins on Dxsale so liquidity is locked hundred percent.
  • 10% of buy and sell is redistributed to the investors but for this minimum of two million tokens is required.
  • I need to add that 5% of the tokens are reserved for Elon Musk to maintain price stability. It also reduces a kind of risk because this percent can save the token in unprecedented times.

Holding of Elon Musk In Dogecoin

Five percent of the Dogecoin will be reserved for Elon Musk to hold. This must be given appropriately and well in time otherwise the bunch will be locked forever. Elon’s owned five 5% of Dogecoin also helps in the price stability of coins in the market. He is considered to be the king of Dogecoin because he invented it when it was considered a joke and he help this coin to attain market value among the top 10 market coins.

Where Knight Dogecoin will stand in the future?

At its beginning when Dogecoin was created people find it a joke but with time this coin gained value in the market rapidly and now it stands in the top 10 market coins. Elon musk helped a lot this coin to gain value. Now future of its investors is bright. As rapidly it is emerging as a giant in the world of crypto coins then it is predicted that it will gain value to$0.4984 in the middle of 2022 and $1 till 2026. With its increasing market value, numerous businesses men will invest in it in the future. Undoubtedly it has a bright future because the richest personals in the world are holding its token.

Bottom Lines

The aim to introduce Dogecoin was to accomplish numerous purposes. At its beginning, it was considered a joke by its name. But with the flow of time, it had attracted investors like Elon Musk and Slim Jim towards itself and gain value in the market. Still, its value is increasing in the market so it is the best time to invest in it because it will gain a high value in the future. It is also safe to invest in Dogecoin because 100% percent legal and audited.

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