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DeFi and DApps

All About DeFi and DApps with Special Reference to TVL

The world is evolving at a faster pace. Things are getting digitized and it has become mandatory to design a comeback that supports all the departments of our lives. Financial freedom and wealth protection are some of our primary needs in this regard. Decentralized Finance is the gateway to achieving financial freedom in the new era because of its user-friendly approach. It helps you in leading a self-dependent life without any hassle. DeFi apps and blockchain projects are focused on redefining currencies by revolutionizing banking and trading systems on the whole.

This process is multidimensional and involves different aspects and factors. One of the basic concepts that must be considered is TVL – Total Value Locked utilized as a reference point by various decentralized finance tracking sites. TVL refers to the primary supply that is associated with a DeFi platform. More often, it has been observed that the total value locked ratio is inversely related to the worth of an asset. The statement holds correct while considering the theoretical dimension of the process. However, in practical life, it is not true all of the time.

DeFi Coins 2021

The path of Blockchain technology employs NFT & DeFi coins like different types of cryptocurrencies as an effective & super-quick way to address concerns related to the protection of wealth. Admirers of digital finance are interested in building assets with no interference by third parties such as banks and Govt. This scenario leads to the build-up of an entirely democratic ecosystem that supports no centralized institutions.

Crypto trading has got immense popularity around the globe. It involves buying and selling non-fungible tokens like DeFi crypto coins at various exchanges. For example; BTC, AAVE, UNI, LINK, SNX, ZRX, WBTC, COMP, DAI are readily available on the Ethereum platform. The right strategy along with a skillset leads to massive success even overnight, thus transforming the dream of making money online into reality. Uniswap is a prominent element in the crypto space that seems to top the DeFi market system.

Dapps and their Protocols in the crypto world

The open-source protocols or applications that do not fall under a single authority are called decentralized applications represented as dApps. These are built and operated on top of widespread blockchain systems, peer-to-peer networks, and computing systems. These systems mainly involve Bitcoin and Ethereum. Stats on the Crypto app tracker show that a total of 3k dapps are currently operating on the ETH blockchain. Dapps represent Blockchain Total Value Locked.

Mainly, dapps are of three types. Type 1 possesses its Blockchain such as ETH and BTC. Type 2 dapps such as Augur and Omni have tokens and tend to utilize the Blockchain of type 1 dapps. Type 3 dapps depend on the protocols of Type 2. The example is SAFE. DeFi and dApps are connected in such a way that the latter is based on a blockchain network. Collectively they can be called DeFi dApps that refer to web services based on blockchain networks. These applications help with services like borrowing, lending, and many more just like centralized platforms.

Dapps serve various purposes including creating updated software that are secure and are based on innovative ideas. Using these applications developers can develop tools to support online businesses and marketplaces.

Unlike conventional applications, dapps are resistant to security invaders, bugs, and potential harms. One could utilize security and privacy protocols of decentralized applications that contribute towards developing a risk-free ecosystem. Decentralized applications such as ETH ensure to provide free services. BTC could be termed as the first dapp but the popularity of ETH has taken it to the next level. The overall networking system, no downtime, data integrity,  contracts, and user-friendly approaches of Ethereum make it the desirable platform in this regard.

DeFi Locked TVL

Several Decentralized Finance industries are in operation and there is a need to sort the best ones out. For this purpose, one of the most commonly used and effective metrics is defi locked tvl. It signifies the growth and ranking of a DeFi application on various chains like Ethereum, Multi-chain, Binance, Polygon, Terra, PolyNetwork, Solana, Stacks, etc. One-day exchange and seven-day exchange data are also shown there. One can get easy access to all the statistics related to TVL in BTC and ETH.

This platform provides thorough information about the Protocols, Assets, Dexes, Lending, Yield, Indexes, Options, Insurance, and Staking. In this way, it helps investors and traders choose wisely based on authentic statistical data, thus reducing the risk to a significant extent. As a result, the chances of generating increased revenues are added up.

One might confuse the TVL indicated on a DeFi site with outstanding loans but this is not the case. Secured assets are locked assets – that is all. By having a look at the total locked value, the health and yield of a crypto market can be estimated. Before diving into crypto space, a user is concerned with the supply of the DeFi crypto, its current value (price), and the maximum supply that it could provide.

Considering Dapps, they can do everything a normal mobile or web application can perform. From keeping records to maintaining security, they have got it covered. Also, they can not be censored like centralized systems and their codes can be witnessed by anyone not merely just developers. Dapps serve the users with innumerable benefits and rewards. We can say that BTC is also a decentralized application that possesses a blockchain of its own as well.

How to harvest the maximum benefit out of TVL?

It is always safe when the prerequisites have been fulfilled already. While relying on cryptocurrency, the homework would include careful and accurate statistical analysis and calculations. An ideal way to estimate the current market cap is to multiply the values of market price with the current supply. To calculate the ratio of Total Value Locked, divide the previous answer by the total locked value of the service.

Considering all the ins and outs of DeFi crypto and TVL, we can visualize the data properly and enter the crypto space like a pro.

lock liquidity

The Best way to Lock Liquidity in the Crypto space

In the crypto industry and in fact, in any financial industry, the liquidity of the asset is of utmost importance. For crypto, it simply indicates the ability to convert the crypto tokens to fiat currency like dollars. Without liquidity, the cryptocurrency token will hold no value.

However, due to the transparent and decentralized nature of the crypto space, the liquidity can easily be withdrawn by the token owners. Liquidity rug pulls have become a common scam in the digital world of Cryptocurrencies, and have caused considerable loss to investors. This write-up discusses an effective platform that can avoid such scams in the most effortless and accessible way!

Why use liquidity lock for crypto tokens?

Like other industries, the crypto marketplaces also have ins and outs. “Rug Pulling” is common and is a type of crypto scam in which malicious crypto developers defraud investors. They do this by running away with all the liquidity pool funds from DEX like UniSwap or PancakeSwap.  This is now a common crypto “exit scam” because the so-called crypto developers launch a platform, offer enticing benefits to users, raise investments, and then leave with liquidity, leaving buyers bankrupt.

Owing to these scams, the concept of liquidity lock is introduced in the crypto space. However, this used to be a very costly and difficult process due to the lack of a good liquidity locking platform. Not anymore, In this article, we review Mudra Liquidity Locker, a simple tool to Lock Liquidity, that is also extremely economical and low-cost. With Mudra Locker, token developers can lock liquidity for their BSC/ BEP-20 tokens and provide confidence to their investors that they are not scammers who would withdraw their funds.

How does it work?

Liquidity is locked when the Liquidity Pool Tokens are sent to Mudra Locker smart contract for a fixed time interval. The locker time-lock contract secures your LP tokens. Since developers do not have the ownership to withdraw them, they can no longer hoodwink the token buyers. The token owners would typically disclose the lock duration to assure all the investors.

Benefits of using Mudra Liquidity Locker

The benefits of using the Mudra liquidity locking platform, especially in 2021, are unbelievable!

  • Trust development in the community

When your assets are secure, the community believes and invests in you. You can then reach the maximum potential of your business growth. Token owners can share the Mudra lock certificate with the investors and gain their trust.

  • No risk of scams for investors

Chances of scams significantly reduce the funding appetite of investors. They become skeptical of dealing with your tokens. With the Mudra Lock Liquidity platform as an investor, you can feel safe and freely invest in a new BSC token.

  • Cost-effective solution

No longer token owners need to shell out a bomb to secure the LP tokens. Mudra Locker offers the lowest charges in the world to lock liquidity.

  • Best-in-class features

No need to deal with legacy platforms with clunky UI, Mudra locker has the most intuitive interface and lock features. Using Mudra Locker, you can lock your liquidity within seconds and with no help required. There is extensive documentation and how-to videos available in case you need help.

  • Trustworthy service provider

The reputation of Mudra in the crypto market on Binance Smart Chain says it all. Mudra has innovative tools for BSC blockchain. You can research and find legit tokens from scams and shit coins using the Mudra Research tool. Mudra also offers its own BEP-20 token creator, which has anti-whale mechanics and honeypot-free source code. 500+ developers and 20K+ investors using this platform.

  • Independent platform

Mudra is an LP Coin Liquidity Locker platform that is not owned by a token developer or an organization. It does not have any vested interests. Due to an unbiased approach, there are no risks of scamming and hidden agenda of promoting a utility token.

Final Thoughts

Using a Liquidity Locker is mandatory, especially today when scammers are flooding the crypto space with shitcoins and scam coins. For token developers, choosing a platform like Mudra Locker would help differentiate your token as a legit project and would make it a crypto gem. For investors, it provides the much-needed assurance and protection against losing all their money.

Building A Crypto Website

Step By Step Process of Building A Crypto Website

Creating a Crypto website is not as easy as you think. It’s not like magic. But if you already have the proper knowledge of technology, blockchain, and coding, it will be easier for you. You first need to understand what a cryptocurrency website is and why you need to create this website.

If you rank the top 5 businesses in the world right now, the cryptocurrency business will be at the top.

What is a Crypto Website?

A crypto exchange website is an online marketplace where you can buy, sell, deposit, and withdraw cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etherium, ERC20 Token, etc. No physical activity is required for this exchange. It is entirely online-based.

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency right now. So many people even create separate Bitcoin sites for only trading Bitcoin. And ERC20 token is now the most demanding one.

Why do you need a Crypto Exchange Website?

The world is evolving day by day. The demand for cryptocurrencies is also increasing over time. People are more interested in cryptocurrency now than ever before. Why wouldn’t they?

Cryptocurrency Exchange websites help people to make money in a short period of time. Furthermore, cryptocurrency exchange software refers to an online platform where traders can complete the trading process with more security and success. Here traders can buy, sell, deposit, and withdraw using cryptocurrency trading platforms like Bitcoin, Etherium, ERC20, etc. Trades can get a commission for each transaction.

At the same time, people can also create their own currency and market value for that currency. So, if you want to do something on your own, this is a really great opportunity.

How does the Crypto system work?

To trade cryptocurrencies, you first need to choose a secure system where you can exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, or ECR20 tokens with other currencies. There will be three prominent roles in this system. These are given below:

  • Admin

  • Buyer

  • Seller

Admin is the central part of the cryptocurrency exchange system. Buyers and sellers are traders. Here the admin will keep both businesses active. Through the admin panel, both buyers and sellers will trade with each other.

That’s how the cryptocurrency exchange system works. Admin is the main person here who will monitor every activity. There is no additional pressure on the admin.

Admin is the only person who can make more profit than the traders. He/she(admin) can earn money for each transaction by getting commissions and fees.

In addition, he will not be involved in any complex transactions, nor will he have to look at the value of the currency, nor will he be liable for any loss of money. No cryptocurrency exchange website guarantees traders about their transactions.

Step by step process of Building a Crypto Website:

You must follow some steps to create a crypto exchange website. In general, the most basic part of creating a website is to start coding or buy PHP scripts. You can buy any cryptocurrency investment software online. But you have to go a long way in creating a crypto exchange website. Now, I am going to explain the whole process step by step.

Acquiring knowledge

Gaining knowledge is very important to start or create anything. Before making a crypto website, you first need to know blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Also, you need to have a basic idea of what is needed to build the system and how the system will work.

Know Your Competitor

For every business start-up, getting to know your competitors is the first and most important step. So, to start a Crypto exchange website, it would be best to do some research on existing websites. From this research, you will learn how they got to where they are now, what problems they faced, and how they overcame them. The research will help you make an initial plan for your website.

Analyze The Marketplace

The cryptocurrency exchange business is not legal worldwide. These are being traded illegally in many countries. However, many of them make some rules to control transactions. So, you need to determine your marketplace and learn about the law through professionals.

Otherwise, you could face hefty fines, or you could end up in jail.

So, to avoid this kind of situation, you need to understand the law and then get a license from every region that wants to work on your website.

So, with these things in mind, you need to choose your market carefully.

Develop Your Website

After analyzing all the legal issues, you are now at the main stage of developing your own cryptocurrency website. You have to build an eye-catchy and secure website. Safety and functionality are the most important part of development. Since your website will contain sensitive information such as credit card information, the website will also be at the center of a wide range of money.

Apart from that, in recent years, many exchange websites have faced the problem of hacking. Therefore, two-step verification, encrypted databases, captchas, etc. will help you strengthen security.

You have to make sure that your site has all the important elements that a crypto trading website needs. Like frontend(website), backend(admin panel), customer panel(From where the customer will maintain their trading), exchange system, wallet system, Email and SMS gateway system, payment gateway system, etc.

Make Partnership with A Bank

You need a bank or other payment processor to exchange money with cryptocurrency. You can create a partnership with a bank to launch your crypto website. Remember that most banks do not currently allow cryptocurrencies. However, some banks allow them. So, look for one of them and open an account for cryptocurrency exchange.

Before opening an account, make sure that the account can do such transactions and their transactions are faster than usual.

Follow Marketing Strategy

It is good to follow marketing strategies before launching your website. In the marketing department, using social media is the most effective and beneficial. So, try to create accounts on all popular social media and write blogs and articles about your Crypto website.

Your success rate depends mainly on how you attract your potential customers.

That’s how you can easily create a Cryptocurrency Exchange -website.


Finally, we came to the last point. I hope you enjoyed this blog. If you are a new member to the crypto world, this blog will help you get an idea about cryptocurrency. Eager to learn more about cryptocurrency? Okay, you can see this blog here.


Crypto Pump Finder

Crypto Pump Finder – Revolutionizing Crypto Trading with Instant Price Alerts

Get the best price for your shitcoins

The potential to make money online using cryptocurrency is increasing day by day. However, the fact that fluctuations in the online crypto market are also exceeding day by day. The game revolves around either 0 or 100, indicating that luck will act as the deciding factor.

Its market capitalization estimates the dominance of a crypto token in the crypto industry. If the market cap of a cryptocurrency is more significant, it is more likely to get a higher rank, value, and price and vice versa.

Are you holding crypto tokens with a small market cap? It depicts how much you are struggling with the process of marketing your shitcoins. It is hard to stick to the chart all day long and wait for the right time to sell the coin balance. To cope with this condition, a super-quick solution is devised that addresses all such problems in the crypto world with better efficiency.

Crypto Pump Finder – Making Trading Easier like never before

Crypto Pump Finder is a world-class instant alerts service tool that aims to promote the trade of crypto coins with a smaller market cap. It is achieved by introducing exchange tools outside the crypto exchanges. It helps you get rid of the annoying process of staying in touch with the charts. We can say that Crypto Pump Finder is the need of the hour. A user is supposed to connect his device to Crypto Pump Finder, pump regularly, and receive regular alerts. These alerts are related to the current price value of any big or small token of your choice that is present on the BSC or Ethereum.

✅ Buy new tokens carelessly

✅ Sell new tokens effortlessly using Crypto Pump Finder

✅ Ethereum or BSC instant price alerts

Pump and Earn

It is recommended to pump your coins regularly as it helps the user win $Crypto – the official token of Crypto Pump Finder that has genuine applications in the crypto marketplace of Crypto Pump Finder. The token type is ERC20, and it was released on May 30, 2021, on the BNB platform by Creampye. It is a Binance Smart Chain coin, and it can be purchased using other currencies as well. The $Crypto balance is directly proportional to the number of alerts you will receive via phone no, email, etc. The more the $Crypto, the more the number of alerts focused on the price, chart indicators, and the volume can be created. In this way, a user can work hard to travel one mile extra in order to enhance the efficiency of the process.

Reality-based Alerts

While using Crypto Pump Finder, there is no chance of any guesswork because it would lead to making wrong decisions which is not acceptable, particularly in crypto trading. The alerts provided by Crypto Pump Finder are based on reality, and the price of each cryptocurrency is shown in a realistic timeframe. In this way, trading becomes easier to conduct. A user learns about the right time to invest in a cryptocurrency and the right time to sell it out to make money out of it. However, Crypto Pump Finder is just a source of alerts or signals that could be interpreted as guidance. It helps to make your life easier by flattening the process of trading. However, it does not take responsibility for your decisions.

$CRYPTO – Statistical Survey

As of June 12, 2021, the number of transfers is equivalent to 3600+, and the number of holders is 490+. However, the rest of the facts and figures have not been predicted yet.

Say NO to Bots

In trading, either crypto, futures, options, or forex, the use of automated bots is pretty common. In many cases, these bots do not possess any significant value. Having a real-life backup is essential. Crypto Pump Finder provides this service. It helps the users to jump into the trade at the right time when they can harvest maximum benefits. In this way, the use of bots becomes a secondary concern, not primary. At the same time, the signals or price alerts provided by Crypto Pump Finder are considered more reliable.

Trading and Risk Minimization

The concept of trading is always accompanied by risk. If proper decisions are not taken at the right time, this risk may convert into potential losses. This is the reason why the tool Crypto Pump Finder is devised, and $CRYPTO currency is launched. This platform works to provide reliable and instant updates in the form of price alerts regarding the pricing of various cryptocurrencies on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. These signals help the crypto token holder to learn about the ideal time to trade his assets. Thus, the goals of trading are achieved with risk minimization and profit maximization.

Highly Responsive Solid Community

The ecosystem developed by Crypto Pump Finder is highly responsive, responsible, and efficient. Whenever a user needs help, mentors are always there to guide. The presence of this service on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, Instagram,  and Telegram makes it even more reliable, user-friendly, and efficient.

Save Time, Money, and Energy

Crypto Pump Finder helps you get yourself out of the trouble of staring at the price chart all the time just to have an idea about the right time of trading. It sends price alerts right on your smartphone, so you get notified about the current price value of the digital asset you have stocked. In this way, much of your time is saved.

When you know when to invest, it becomes a good luck charm for you to earn money by making the right decisions at the right time. In this way, you save money by not falling prey to potential losses that are very common in the digital world of trading.

When you get the right direction and the correct roadmap to follow, you save much of your energy by protecting yourself from energy dissipation in engaging in irrelevant stuff.

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Become a Trader

6 Golden Rules to Become a Trader

Investors want to be proficient in trading and be able to make the right decisions in their trading positions.

For this, it is necessary to know the rules that a trader cares about and follows. In this article, we will provide information about the 6 rules necessary to become a trader and make more accurate investments.

Performing Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Before investing to become a trader, technical and fundamental analysis should be done about the preferred cryptocurrency. By making these analyzes, traders catch high probability price values for the future. In this context, they turn their investment positions into areas with the highest probability of making a profit. For technical analysis, the trend directions on the charts and the downward-upward lines should be checked. Cryptocurrency exchanges or analysts offer many opportunities for investors in this regard. You can examine the charts with the trend direction and decline lines published on a weekly, daily or monthly basis. When these are examined, if the ongoing downtrend of the selected cryptocurrency is seen, it is necessary not to insist on continuing the sale. On the other hand, supply and demand should be examined. If there is a high buying demand for the cryptocurrency, the price will increase, If the sales are increasing, it should be known that the price will decrease in the short term. However, a person who catches these details can progress to become a trader.

Following the Current Cryptocurrency News

One of the most important items in the concept of fundamental analysis we are talking about is crypto news tracking. Because positive or negative news can change cryptocurrency prices. It is not possible for a person who does not follow these news to become a trader. Not knowing the details about the agenda can lead to losses with a wrong move.

To give an example, Bitcoin recently broke a record by moving to the level of $ 60,000. During this time, everyone was very happy and there was an extremely optimistic atmosphere in the market. There were no issues with the market, with the trend direction. Everything showed that the increase could continue. However, later on, a statement came from Elon Musk and the news that Tesla would no longer accept BTC as a payment tool was reflected in the press. The news of this distant move from the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer caused BTC prices to drop to 30 thousand dollars. Those who did not follow the news that day and took investment positions, thinking that everything was great, suffered great losses. As you can see, only technical analysis is not always reliable. Even if the technical data is good, a news may break the market. The bitcoin trader should not overlook this.

Being Aware of the Features of the Project

A trader should know what cryptocurrency he-she is investing in. By what we mean, it is an expression that includes all of the subjects such as its purposes, advantages, disadvantages, in which areas it is used. Because the qualities of crypto money can be found very useful by investors and this can lead to an increase.

When we consider 2021, we see that now Pow mining has become quite obsolete. Everyone’s talking about the Pos consensus, and Ethereum started a 7-year program to move on to it. Because Pos supports coin production with less energy, protects our world and has an environmentalist model. Therefore, instead of the new generation pos consensus cryptocurrencies, which are the most preferred by corporate companies, Investing in an asset that is about to melt away can be damaging. As can be seen from this example, tracking qualifications is extremely important to become a trader.

Knowing the Bull and Bear Markets

To become a trader, it is also important to know some technical terms of the market. Suppose you are reading a very important market news and the phrase “bull market has started!” If you do not know its meaning, unfortunately, you will not be able to get an investment position accordingly. Therefore, it would be right to engage in research at the earliest and learn the market terms.

The bull market is a very active period. There are investors called market bulls, and these will cause the prices of cryptocurrencies to increase after a while with their buying demands. On the contrary, if you see that the bear market has started everywhere, you should know that there are price decreases in the market and that the months are on sale. Traders pay attention to these points as well.

Don’t Panic Selling

One of the most important characteristics of a trader is to suppress her-his panic. If a coin is in a downtrend, it won’t go to a sell order within seconds. He-She follows the market and handles all the items we have given in the top headings in the fastest way. In this context, it decides to buy or sell or remains stable. A panic sale without any analysis or news may disappoint the investor if there is a price increase.

Utilizing Areas to Minimize Losses

How skilled a Trader is at trading, Taking advantage of the blessings of the cryptocurrency world is just as adept. One of these blessings is known as staking. Statable and promising altcoins are locked online in wallets, allowing them to earn new coins at a certain maturity. Traders who acquire them can return to their deposits by taking advantage of their savings in case of a loss. It is necessary to be a trader to not only think about instant trading but also the future.


Being a trader requires attention to many details. The most important of these are the follow-up of current crypto money news and fundamental analysis. On the other hand, it is important to manage risks well and make alternative plans. By taking these into account, you can gain experience in investment within a certain period of time. One of the important things is to never invest money that will hurt you. Players who play with big money get much more stressed and can make wrong decisions.

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Buy With Bitcoin

9 Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

For many people, cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoins, are a get-rich-quick scheme. They don’t fully understand the technology. But does it matter?

The price is going up, and there are hundreds of videos on YouTube telling you how you’re missing out on a gold mine.

Again, everyone is telling you to buy it, how to buy it, sell it, when to sell it, etc. But what comes after buying? I have them, and now I want to spend them.

But my local grocery store, car dealership, appliances store, tailor haven’t jumped on the crypto train. They still want to feel the money in their hands.

Now, this blog is precisely for people who find themselves in this bewilderment. Here, we won’t tell you how to buy cryptocurrencies. Rather, for a change, we will tell you how to spend it and what you can buy with these digital coins.




Let’s start with some hot drives. Buying a car is the first thing on nouveau-riche’s checklist. And you have all the wealth but in digital coins.

So, your route to getting your hands on your new car will slightly differ from those who are buying it with fiat cash.

Your starting point is the internet. Several online marketplaces link buyers (who want to spend cryptocurrencies) with sellers (who accept cryptocurrencies). For example, you can buy a car online from Autocoincars and pay for it with cryptocurrencies.

So start searching for the car of your dream. After you have found one, you can agree on a contract. The payment can be made in cryptocurrencies, or you can change it into fiat cash and pay for your car.




Here is the fact that you most definitely would be unaware of:

On May 22. 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz from Florida bought two large pizzas at Papa John’s and paid for them in Bitcoins. Guess what the cost was? 10,000 BTC.

Today, those two pizzas worth $372 million.It was the first commercial transaction of BTC with an actual company.

Even today, you can buy pizzas with Bitcoins. Domino’s offers gift cards that allow you to buy pizza and pay for it in four different cryptocurrencies: Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, and Litecoin.

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You can easily upgrade your wardrobe using Bitcoins. Several online clothing stores accept Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as payment. For example, Bitgear, an online clothing retail store, accepts Bitcoin.

Moreover, there are many other crypto-specific marketplaces where you can spend your crypto cash to buy everything from clothing to accessories.

Flight tickets

Flight tickets


Do you want to go on a comfortable vacation with your friends? Who doesn’t? Well, try paying for your flight tickets and hotel accommodation with Bitcoins.

Online ticket booking service Expedia and accept Bitcoins as payment. You can book flight tickets, find hotel accommodation and plan your perfect trip.

Airlines, too, accept cryptocurrencies. For example, Baltic Air is the world’s first airline to accept cryptocurrency.

Web services

Where better to put your cryptocurrency to use than buying web services? From VPN to cloud storage, if you have cryptocurrencies, you can have them all.

There are plenty of VPN options for you to choose from if you want to pay in cryptocurrency. Some notable VPNs like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Cyberghost, Surfsharkand, and ProtonVPN accept Bitcoin payments.

If you are looking for cloud storage, MEGA is your answer. It is a cloud storage software that accepts Bitcoin payments.




If you want a new timepiece and have cryptocurrency to pay for it, don’t worry. You are not out of options.

Just head to and choose from an extensive range of sleek and exquisite watches. Their range is so good; you would want to spend all your crypto cash then and there.




Yes, Bitcoin is digital gold, but you can also use it to buy real gold.

There are two online gold dealers, Bitgild and the European Mint, who allow you to buy the precious metal and then pay for it in Bitcoins.

It is as simple as grocery shopping, trust me. Just go to their websites, find the piece of your choice, pay in Bitcoins, and checkout.

The European Mint allows payments through BitPay, although they do charge a 1% handling fee. At Bitgild, you can pay from your Bitcoin wallet or use a third-party exchange to make the payment.

Not only gold, but they also have other precious metals like silver and platinum.




Have a knack for art? Now you can buy them with cryptocurrencies too.

Just this month, Sotheby’s, one of the world’s largest brokers of fine and decorative art, announced an auction titled “Love is in the Air” by Banksy.

What made this auction unprecedented was the announcement by Sotheby that they will accept Bitcoin and Ethereum payments for artworks sold in this auction.

Travel to Space

Have you gathered enough crypto wealth and now want to retire for good?

How about I say that you can plan your retirement in space? No, don’t be surprised. We kept this for last because we knew it would blow off your mind.

Space exploration is a hot industry these days, booming with players eyeing to rocket their way to Mars. One of them is Virgin Galactic by billionaire Richard Branson. He has already announced that his commercial space flight will accept payments in Bitcoins.

Final words

If you made big by investing in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies when the world dismissed them, now is your time to splurge.

Now you know where you can spend these digital coins. From burgers to a trip to Mars, if you have Bitcoins, you can be sure that there are enough takers for it.

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Crypto Crash

Crypto Crash: Why Cryptocurrencies Crash Every day?

The Crypto industry is a fast-growing business that has made people believe in Blockchain technology, Decentralized Finance, and Financial freedom like never before. Every day people are investing in various cryptocurrencies, conducting crypto trade, and following crypto news to stay up-to-date about crypto marketplaces. Crypto arbitrage is also there and crypto fans are keeping a sharp eye on every news from the crypto industry to avail the chance of high-paying arbitrage.

The fact that blessings do not last forever can not be neglected. Similarly, in the case of the crypto industry, there are many pitfalls. One of them has been adversely affecting the crypto world for the past few days. This unfortunate mishap is called a “Crypto crash”. Within the same time frame, the crypto crash today has affected the price value of Bitcoin and Ethereum by 30%. Dogecoin has suffered a loss of 40%.

Background Knowledge

Elin Musk suggested that Bitcoin won’t be used as a currency to pay for electric carmakers. This decision was not easy to digest, for crypto lords.

The real bone-breaking experience in the history of the crypto industry was when China pulled its hands from cryptocurrency announcing that digital currencies can not replace real tangible currencies and they must not be given equal importance. Immediately after China released this statement on media channels as a piece of burning news, a crypto crash occurred. Within 24 hours, almost 30% of the price of each top-rated cryptocurrency had declined.

Crypto Crash Today: Why?

Different reasons are suggested on various digital media channels. Just like the Chief Executive Officer of Tesla company claimed that these crashes have happened due to environmental problems. To save the atmosphere from the harmful effects of smoke resulting from Crypto mining could have left a bad impact on the environment. This is the reason why a crypto crash occurred.

The decision of the Chinese Government to negate the use of digital currency as original currency has also led to this disaster. China has banned digital finance since 2019 to avoid cases of money laundering out of the country. To address why the crypto crash happened, let us tell you two important things.

First of all, this is not the first time that cryptocurrency has fallen prey to crypto cash. It has occurred before too in 2018 and 2019 and the price value of Bitcoin becomes stabilized after some period.

Crypto Crash, Bitcoin Mining, and Pollution

At first, it may look awkward to someone but it is a universal truth. Bitcoin mining releases tons of atmosphere polluting carbon and harmful gases in the atmosphere. As a result, the environment becomes polluted and feels polluted causing a bad impact on our health. To help balance this pollution, it is mandatory to limit Bitcoin mining.

The immediate impact of the crypto crash

This crash has resulted in heated discussions among crypto buyers, sellers, traders, marketers, and investors. People who had just started their career in the crypto industry are badly discouraged by these unfortunate crypto crashes. Encountering such a disheartening situation, many people have lost their belief in the crypto industry anymore. On the other hand, a significant population of individuals is planning to invest in cryptocurrency.

Should I buy Cryptocurrency after the Crash crash today?

Yes! You can buy any of your favorite cryptocurrencies even after the crash. The crash thing is all temporary. Sooner or later, the prices of cryptocurrencies will be recovered. That’s why it is a golden chance to invest in digital currencies after the crypto crash today only if you have the basic knowledge of earning through cryptocurrency. Investors who have a high crypto balance are suggested to hold it for as long as required. The price of some cryptocurrencies will be recovered soon while for many currencies this price will take time to get back to its initial value. Therefore, the users are asked to hold their digital assets carefully until they receive the optimum value for them.

How much time will crypto crash last?

The Crypto crash is supposed to be temporary and soon the crypto industry will be restored to its original condition. It is not the first time that crypto cash has shaken the crypto industry. Rather, this has happened several times. This crypto crash has hit many cryptocurrencies including BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. The only coin that can withstand this harsh crypto crash is Coinbase.

Final Thoughts

Investing in the crypto industry has always been quite risky. Apart from the sky-high prices that many people can not afford to pay, the chances of money loss are always there. Therefore, one who is willing to invest in crypto marketplaces must grab their favorite cryptocurrencies right now because today they are available at cheap prices due to the crypto crash. You can go for Bitcoins, Dogecoins, and Ethereum.

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Apex Legends Crypto

Apex Legends Crypto: New Legend

Online games are a source of entertainment and people of all age groups love to play high-end games in their leisure time. Crypto apex is one of such delightful games that are popular worldwide due to their unique appearance on screen, mind-blowing features, and eye-catching graphics. It is a hero battle royale game based on creative ideas such as powerful fictional characters that flaunt action to mesmerize their fans.

Apex legends Crypto

Apex legends is a luxury-grade game available for free on electronic media. It is compatible with Xbox, Play stations, and MS windows. This legendary game supports the introduction of amazing characters, sometimes. Such a case happened when a legend called “crypto” was added to the game in Season THREE as a playable character. The interesting fact about apex legends crypto also known as Tae Joon Park is, you can unlock it with the help of digital finance only such as Apex Coins or Legend Tokens. Or else, you will have to purchase the champion edition of this digital masterpiece.

About Crypto Apex: The Legend

Numerous qualities and characteristics of Crypto make him a favorite anime character. His heartfelt story includes deprivation from his identity and attempts of murder. All of this made his life miserable that triggers the emotions of the audience making them feel connected to him. He is a corporate spy who serves as Surveillance Expert.

Apex Crypto abilities: Why unlock him?

Crypto is a mastermind hacker and his encryption skills are accurate. Crypto has been blessed with fantastic superpowers like Invisibility, Passive Neurolink, Tactical Surveillance Drone, and Ultimate Drone EMP. All of them are interconnected with each other and work to boost each other’s potential. The unbelievable skills, technical knowledge, enlightenment, and situational analysis of Crypto enable him to work for his cause i.e; taking revenge from his opponents who tried to murder him. He has got magical drones to keep a sharp eye on his enemy.

The Drone of Crypto makes him capable of foreseeing his enemies from a distance as far as 200 meters. As a result, the damage from surprise attacks can be avoided. It is one of the most brilliant facilities provided to Crypto.

If you are wondering why Crypto is gifted with so much brainpower, remember that this game is all about analysis of the situation, proper planning, and management BEFORE jumping into a battle. Once the fight gets started, all the other superpowers are of secondary importance and they can not work to protect Crypto.

Apex legends Crypto is considered better than Octane. While playing Crypto, you can have 2x fun by holding and playing the character: Crypto, and his flying aerial vehicle.

Imperfections of Apex legends Crypto

Heroes are not without flaws. No doubt, Crypto is good enough in the game but despite his sovereignty, he has got lagging points as well. The magical energies and powers of Crypto are confined. When he is driving the aircraft, he is susceptible to massive assaults. As a result, all his mental & physical abilities plus superpowers fail to protect him.

Need of Situational Awareness in Crypto Apex

All the undying powers of Crypto fail to save him when he is riding his drone. The only ability that works best for him, in such times, is situational awareness. He is pro at it and he, in coordination with his team, can spot points where enemy squads are hiding with the help of Surveillance Drone tactical. He analyzes the situation and develops plans cautiously. In this way, he wins the mission.

To overcome an outburst of fire thrown from the enemy’s side, Crypto takes help from the Ultimate feature of his drone. As a result, the pace of enemies is badly affected while many of them are killed because this EMP covers a large area to target opponents.

Crypto Apex Tricks and Strategies

Although Crypto is quite vulnerable to enemy attacks while driving the aerial drone. Still, he has designed amazing strategies to cope up with his shortcomings and combat with opponents. He finds nearby clusters of his people making a team that overtakes the rivals. Crypto uses its private drone to accomplish this task.

  • Communication

To maximize the potential of Crypto, communication is of utmost importance. Since Crypto is the opening batsman of the battle in his team, his words are of great importance. What he instructs, the team is supposed to follow through. Therefore, after highlighting the localities of the enemy, developing a verbal bond with the team is quite important. Crypto will communicate his strategies to his teammates making them able to fight the enemy effectively and efficiently.

  • Switching between Character and the Drone

Crypto manages to launch his drone on the target site. In this way, the chances of winning are greatly increased. Moreover, the player is supposed to switch the operating power between the character and the drone to save the team and to make the victory guaranteed.

  • Drone protection

The drone of Crypto, in Crypto apex, is normally not likely to be hit easily. However, it is not that stable as well. A great strategy to protect the drone and Crypto is to cover it up with some ultra-protective layer. In this way, while Crypto is sitting susceptible to enemy attack, there are no chances of death of the legend. Moreover, it is not recommended to take time for the vehicle to cool down when the enemy is surrounding the legend, it would result in the killing of the main lead: Crypto.

  • Double-check enemy destruction

After highlighting and pinpointing the enemies, it is better to make the companions alert about the enemy posts. So, there are no chances of escape for opponents.

Which one to focus on; Team or Drone?

During the battle, it is always better to primarily focus more on your folks when they need your assistance. The secondary position is won by the drone. This is worthless to save the aerial drone and lose your team. As a result, the enemy will attack you easily and you will lose the game. Moreover, once the drone is destroyed, it will take hardly 40 seconds to be recovered. Therefore, more focus should be invested in attacking the enemy while providing full support to your team.


The thrill of the Crypto apex is beyond the scope of any write-up. We have provided helpful guidelines and tips that would make your gaming experience playful, adventurous, and more effective.

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Crystal Ball

How to Stay Safe from BSC Scams with Crystal Ball

With hundreds of coins launching on the Binance Smart chain protocol every day, the investors looking for the next 100x coin end up losing their hard-earned money in most cases. It’s the same story repeating all over again and again; a cute animal or some brand with “safe” in it, advertising itself as the new SafeMoon or as an “easy 100x”.

Unfortunately, the newcomers to crypto will eat the bait. Most of the investors don’t know the presales/launches are orchestrated by the developers, who own a big percentage of the stock, and who will sell their coins in the first minutes. It’s a cruel world in the DeFI space and it’s putting all the decentralized crypto projects in a bad light.

Crystal Ball Token ($CRSTBA) is here to help! People were screaming for a scam checker for a long time and the developers at Crystal Ball have listened. A simple rug pull checker can be in handy but it won’t tell you if your investment is safe or you better throw that money out the window.

The devs behind Crystal Ball have developed a scam checker that will scan the history of the addresses who are involved in a project. They do that by analyzing multiple blockchains, all the decentralized exchanges, in case the scammers swap their loot into privacy coins and the BSC charts.

They have a clever way of incentivizing people to hold their tokens. To use their service you’ll have to hold $CRSTBA tokens. If you hold 0.1 BNB worth of $CRSTBA tokens you are allowed to do one search each day, holding the equivalent of 1 BNB will get you 10 searches and so on.

Crystal Ball is a hyper-deflationary coin. There is a 17% tax on transactions: 9% is auto-locked to liquidity, 6% goes to holders, 1% is burned and 1% goes to the costs of running the Crystal Ball scanner. This project looks interesting and could take off real fast based on their tokenomics. Filtering out the scams is a dream come true for anyone.

All the people participating in their presale will get a sniper bot for free. They have a video showing you how to use it on their website. It’s no rocket science, actually pretty easy. For more information on this project check out their official website at


Crypto Arbitrage VIP

Crypto Arbitrage VIP: Briefly Explained

The growing industry of Cryptocurrency offers handsome add-ons to the users frequently. Crypto experts tend to utilize these free or premium delights to generate significant profits and reach the maximum potential of their business growth in this ever-growing industry. This trend has given rise to amazing mechanisms like Crypto Arbitrage and Crypto Arbitrage bots. To harvest the benefits out of this process, we need to consider these terms in detail. After learning about how things work in Crypto Arbitrage VIP, you will be able to accomplish your finance-based goals by taking accurate decisions.

What is Crypto Arbitrage? How is it related to cryptocurrency?

The concept of arbitrage has always been circulating in the markets, both physical and digital. The latter one is relatively newer because it is related to high-end technological advancement. Arbitrage is defined as purchasing assets at a cost lower than that of the official market price and selling at comparatively elevated prices in another market. You may sell it anywhere by just making a smart move of hunting a marketplace where it can be sold at a greater price difference.

Arbitrage and Cryptocurrency

Crypto Arbitrage as the name implies, is trading of Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, keeping in view the price difference among different markets. Here Cryptocurrency is the asset so it is termed crypto arbitrage.  Just like a normal trading process of any type of asset happening out there in all the markets, the industry of cryptocurrency also possesses trading exchanges. An exchange is a platform where the process of Buying and Selling i.e; Trading takes place.

Different Cryptocurrency markets have designed some sets of trading rules that are suitable and profitable for them. In such a case, 100% synchronization is impossible as it leads to an overall difference in the price of crypto tokens and coins at each exchange from the market price. The crypto dealers and vendors can exploit this gap to yield fantastic gains.

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Features of Crypto Arbitrage VIP

  • Legal Crypto Trading
  • No registration required
  • Doubles Bitcoins of investors
  • Payment within 24 hours
  • Submission of Bitcoin address to receive 2x payments in the form of Bitcoins

Triangular Crypto Arbitrage

The term is self-explanatory i.e; it involves three types of crypto assets. Traders tend to utilize their price difference across a single or myriad exchange availing the most suitable arbitrage opportunity. Triangular Crypto Arbitrage is considered of great importance regarding boosting the overall efficiency of the markets. It also tends to enhance liquidity because of the involvement of middlemen.

Does Location matter while using Crypto Arbitrage?

Are you wondering if there is any constraint based on the location regarding Crypto Arbitrage and its utilization? No worries! There is no such limitation and a person sitting anywhere in the world may utilize internet access to get his hands on brilliant deals of crypto arbitrage from around the world. It is available in all the countries.

Why use Crypto Arbitrage?

  • Quick building of Assets; No other digital field claims to provide instant profits worth millions overnight, depending on just a smart decision and good luck charm
  • High-profit margins; You can earn as per your potential
  • Hassle-free process; You don’t have to abide by a lot of instructions and follow multiple steps to accomplish the task
  • No infrastructure required; A digital business without physical infrastructure is no less than a money-saving plus making machine
  • The margin of earning with lower investments; you can start off with one Bitcoin as well depending on your budget and affordability

What is an Arbitrage opportunity? How does it work?

Like availing and ignoring opportunities in real life, crypto arbitrage is based on looking at various crypto marketplaces to place a bid. The user switches to the dealer who offers the highest paying investment by spending the lowest cost. The profit follows through. This is called an arbitrage opportunity and it is totally dependent on the choice of the crypto asset holder to whom he wants to sell his asset. You can calculate the arbitrage opportunity by visualizing how bid & asked prices are correlating in the whole process and their overlap. The formula for exploiting the price difference is also applied here.

Profitability of Crypto Arbitrage

The potential of crypto arbitrage depends on utilizing the Right Time to take the Right Decision that converts exceedingly. Arbitrage opportunities are short-lived so one has to be quite active in the marketplace to take the decision immediately and get paid faster. How much profit an individual is likely to earn depends on the gap between the exchanges. Sometimes this gap becomes greater and sometimes little. The extreme fame crypto arbitrage has gained is pretty worthwhile. However, one may keep in mind that the risk of losing the opportunity is always there no matter how efficient you’re.

Is Crypto Arbitrage Legit?

One must think of crypto arbitrage as an illegal means of earning profits. However, it is not so. Not at all! Crypto Arbitrage is quite legal and just like other types of asset-based trading, it is based on the trading of Cryptocurrency. The profit margin may vary from 5 to 20% depending on the market condition offering differences in pricing.

Risk analysis of Crypto Arbitrage

Crypto arbitrage is portrayed as a quick-fixer of the financial crisis because it claims to provide promising results in short time spans. Easier said than done, things do not always work as efficiently and easily as they seem. Similarly, in the crypto industry, arbitrage is dependent on several factors. Only experts, those who are well aware of the exact mechanisms and algorithms of crypto arbitrage, become successful in building multi-million worth assets.

Crypto Arbitrage bots

One of the factors or tools to truly master the field of crypto markets is the use of crypto arbitrage bots. A bot is a digital program or software that processes the data for crypto arbitrage across all the marketplaces. It then conducts the trade automatically exploiting the price difference offered. Bots don’t sell crypto balance, rather they work like dealers.

Is it legal to use bots in crypto arbitrage?

Business tools are legal as they are used to assess things in a better way. Similarly, bots are used in crypto arbitrage to estimate the profit margins, making the user learn about the most profitable points. Therefore, it is legal. Keep in mind while making a purchase because fraud sellers are everywhere.

Why use Crypto Arbitrage Bots?

  • Time-saving
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Efficient in work
  • Better than humans in terms of data analysis and impulses
  • Risk minimization
  • Profit maximization
  • 24/7 functionality
  • Deal with multiple crypto markets simultaneously

5 Best Crypto Arbitrage Bots

Several cryptocurrency bots are available in the market for free and at reasonable prices as well. You may opt for any of them depending upon your budget, skill set, and requirements. These top-notch bots include cloud-based Cryptohopper bot, 3Commas that comes along with premium tools, Binance exclusive Zignaly bot, CryptoTrader for coding experts, and Shrimpy that offers both free and premium packages.

While getting your hands on one, do not forget to consider its security, reliability, profitability, cost, and convenience.

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