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Best Cryptocurrency Investment

Why is Best Cryptocurrency Investment Site has grown to become the most successful and largest cryptocurrency investment website. This was just meant to be a review, all we wanted to do was find out if works, and we earned so much profit during the test. It was amazing. We know our audience is anxious to know what we found out while testing the features of

How Reliable is

On a scale of 10, we can confidently state that is 10/10 regarding reliability and the potential of earning a profit after investing. We arrived at this conclusion based on the results of our tests. One thing that stands out regarding the auto trading robot is that it is so easy to use.

The cryptocurrency market is always packed with traders who want to sell off or buy cryptocurrency. The veterans in the market attribute the intense market activities to the acceptance of cryptocurrency by so many big brands in the retail and manufacturing sector

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Vocos Token

Vocos Token and its Ecosystem

Vocos is a Latin word that means “to invite and come together. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency that aims to digitalize physical land records by using blockchain technology and aims that it should be accessible to everyone in the world. It also wants to bring transformation and innovation in the future. Vocos token can transform your investments into a business. It adds to seek value and wants to be beneficial for its holders all around the world. It will end up building tech valley which is promised.

 Why Choose Vocos Token?

It will be a good option for you due to many reasons which define this valuable token. Which includes;

  • This token has around 1900 holders even before its launch on CMC it means a lot.
  • It’s a new token and expectedly its price will reach from $10 to 100 in 2022. It is recommended to invest in it because its price can reach up to $100 next month.
  • It welcomes you if you care about your holders. It will help you get a better image in front of your holders.
  • It cannot promise you about a complete salary but yes its devs paid well in Vocos world.
  • If you work in it you can request holidays and parental leaves at any time.
  • You can work from anywhere if you are connected with this decentralized platform.

Other than this it also welcomes pros to help them present better things in front of people. If you have expertise that can help Vocos token grows then apply for it without any hesitation.

vocos logo

 Vocos Token Projects

Currently, Vocos is working on great projects using green tech. Green technology or clean technology is kind of an application for one or more than one of green chemistry or environmental science. Its ultimate aim is to prevent the environment from pollution and produce machinery that should be environmentally friendly. It aims to conserve natural environment. It prevents the negative impact of humans on the environment. This token is also working on projects that include;

  • BlockChain

Vocos is working through BlockChain technology and invites customers to get the advantage from it’s technological features and this technology helps its holders get their payments on time and many more features.

  • Tech magazine

Tech magazines on Vocos will inform you about its pricing and helps you get more information about crypto world. Vocos also include this project to enable its holders to be tuned about their token and help them in trading in crypto.

  • Online trading (e-commerce)

This token is also helpful for online traders. It can help them make online transactions easily and effectively. Many traders choose cryptocurrencies to make their payments or receive from anyone. This token can also help them make it easy and effective payments in no time.

  • Freelancing

Vocos token is also beneficial for freelancers who sell or buy services online. This makes it easy for them to make frequent transactions and sell or buy their services.

These projects can help its users learn digital ways of earning money and enable them to earn a reasonable amount weekly or monthly. This can also help la you become an entrepreneur or launch your products using different platforms. Although Vocos token is new become very popular in no time because of its positive aim to be beneficial for its holders.

Bottom Lines

Vocos is a new cryptocurrency that is top-rated in the crypto world at the moment. It is gaining popularity due to the above-mentioned features and due to the projects, it is working on. Its price is expected to reach $100 next month which is a sign of its rapidly growing value in the crypto world. You can invest in it and more expectedly it will help you achieve your financial goals.

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Winox strives to create an open crypto ecosystem wherein users can derive great utility from the Winox token through play-to-earn games, staking, or simply “hodling” the token. The ICO of the project is all set to launch, giving investors the perfect investment opportunity.

After observing the crypto world for years, the Winox team has developed crypto products offering investors what they want. Winox’s five core members established the software company SUUSOFT in 2017, expanded into a company of twenty skilled professionals and part-time engineers by 2020, and have been growing ever since. Winox’s team endeavors to create high-quality blockchain and crypto products solutions to serve the crypto community. Here’s everything you need to know about Winox, whose ICO is just around the corner.

Use Winox Earn Crypto!

The Winox ecosystem’s Winox Token is a BEP-20 utility token with a total supply of 500 million Winox. The Winox cryptocurrency empowers its holders and offers several incentives and rewards.

The Winox token helps users earn rewards by:

  • Staking the Winox Token: Users can stake the Winox token to earn regular rewards.
  • Exchanging or Interacting with the Winox token: Holders of the Winox token will earn incentives by participating in content and projects generated by the Winox community.
  • Participating in various P2E (Play To Earn) games on the Winox platform: One can also play their favorite games and get to earn cryptocurrency in return.

Utilities for Winox Token Holders – How it Works

Winox’s mission is to build a utility ecosystem for Winox token holders and progressively introduce it to real-life proportions. The Winox store application currently provides the following utilities:

  • Free Membership of the Clytie Shop App.
  • Buying, Selling, Exchanging, and Upgrading NFTs on its NFT marketplace.
  • Fee payments for exchanging and staking Winox on the exchange.

The Winox token for NFT games and NFT markets aims to increase value, creating a sustained, robust, ever-evolving ecosystem.

Winox is committed to building a one-of-a-kind utility token with a wide range of characteristics that can be owned and smartly utilized by everyone. With the tagline “Use Winox Earn Crypto,” the platform established the Winox token.

The Winox token is designed to provide rewards with play-to-earn games in terms of utility and rewards and simultaneously concentrates on the present and emerging NFT industry.

Winox Has Two Primary Goals

The objective of Winox Token is to provide creative and innovative approaches to match the incentives among players and developers. The Winox token is intended to achieve two key goals:

  1. Rewards and More Rewards: To encourage gamers to engage with Winox while incentivizing users to keep their tokens for further benefits.
  2. Community Treasury: Complete Decentralization of Winox in the future with the operational community treasury.

Winox does not keep all of its revenues; instead, it distributes them to the community through its Community Treasury. The Winox Community Treasury will collect funds from a multitude of different sources, including 4% each from the Clytie Shop, Winox NFT marketplace, the Winox C-World game, and a portion of the breeding fee and Winox’s staking incentives.

The community treasury will grow with portions from land sales, tournaments, licensing, and more. Once the ecosystem has grown fully decentralized, Winox stakers will ultimately govern the treasury.

Final Words

Winox is among the most anticipated platforms in the crypto world, with its distinctive features of the Winox community treasury and Winox token and a robust incentive system via staking and play-to-earn games. Winox’s objective is to provide excellent and innovative consulting and development services for information technology projects in various industries making Winox’s blockchain platform a crown jewel. Winox delivers a robust ecosystem for buying, selling, and trading NFTs, along with its Winox Clytie shop application for a blockchain platform that is cutting-edge, secure, and user-friendly. And with its ICO around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to get involved with the project and reap incredible returns in the forthcoming future.

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Arcade – Crypto games all at one place

A library for all crypto-related games.

Gamers, this is an exciting era, especially as we are growing daily in the crypto scene and are being built everywhere, so the time is now, to bring them all to one place.

The product of a group of developers passion for playing games and generating wealth in the cryptocurrency space. The team’s goal for Arcade is to become the leader in the Game-Fi industry by bridging gamers and developers around the world, providing them thé platform to share each other’s experiences and creations, all while improving the Arcade ecosystem.
Launching the platform for developers to create their own games using Arcade’s Api built for them, will give the developers the opportunity to create anything they want through Arcade.

Arcade gaming

The founding principle of Fair to Play gaming.

The Arcade team firmly believes that gaming should be enjoyable and accessible to everyone, without the need to spend additional funding just to be on equal footing with higher-paying players.
In essence, Arcade will always strive to provide a platform where players compete on an equal level playing field, giving each participant equal opportunities to participate.

Arcades’ first flagship game is currently in development, which is aimed to be released in the first quarter of 2022. The game takes inspiration from the loved, retro games we all played in our youth, with the Arcade dog as the protagonist.
Our hero will progress through a personal adventure, created by their love for gaming, and encounter fun power-ups and unique monsters. More details about the game will be released as the game launch date draws closer. Here’s a little sneak peak!

gamefi crypto

First game “Farm Mode”

Arcade is building their first game called “Farm Mode”, where you can stake (your converted ArcadeTokens to Starshard) and start taking care of your precious plants and upgrade your character, together with a “Story Mode”.

They are also creating other multiple games on the Arcade platform, which are still under wraps.

In addition, the team also plans to onboard more and more play-to-earn games into the Arcade ecosystem. An NFT Marketplace is also currently in development, where people can buy and sell NFT in-game items related to the Arcade Universe.


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Ethanim’s metaverse blockchain infrastructure launch event in Tokyo Japan

Since the release of the whitepaper in December 2020, Ethanim will formally hold a launch event in Tokyo, Japan on February 8 to exhibit Ethanim’s design idea, technical architecture, and ecosystem development strategy in depth. Many Japanese specialists from the game, animation, and blockchain industries, as well as financial organizations, will be invited to attend the event.

Ethanim's metaverse blockchain infrastructure launch

The launch event will focus on the decentralized application of metaverse, introducing new innovations to the metaverse industry through blockchain’s trusted computing technology.

As blockchain technology advances, new applications emerge in a variety of forms. NFTs provide a unique valuation for digital artworks, resulting in verified ownership. This significant development permits value confirmation and network transmission. The main Metaverse gradually emerges.

The Real Metaverse, on the other hand, demands complete decentralization in Metaverse-related apps, which are now represented by traditional blockchain games. Given their inability to conduct intricate calculations required by massive gaming apps, these games are really implemented on a centralized server, with just tokens and NFTs distributed on the blockchain. The apps, on the other hand, govern the distribution of these tokens and NFTs. In such circumstances, gamers may suffer significant asset losses or be deprived of all assets, as game producers have the ability to change rules at their whim, or even disappear from public view when games are shut down.

Ethanim's metaverse blockchain infrastructure launch 1

Trusted Computing as Framework

Ethanim, which was created exclusively for Metaverse apps, presents a completely new concept that is highlighted by a self-developed blockchain. Nodes attain consensus in nearly no time when powered by this decade-old trusted computing method, independent of node quantity, processing complexity, or other factors. This structure not only enables for the concurrent deployment and operation of multiple decentralized huge apps, but it also encourages large-scale concurrent users on a single decentralized app. TPS is no longer the blockchain’s Achilles’ heel.

Ethanim's metaverse blockchain infrastructure launch 2

Furthermore, using the snapshot replication technique, Ethanim distributes data exactly as it appears at a given point in time. Any member of the community can restore apps to any state at any time, even if developers change app rules or even supersede apps. In the guise of DAO, Ethanim adds immortality to the Metaverse, ensuring that user activity data, digital assets, and virtual identities are never lost.

Multi-dimensional Exchange of Operations and Assets

With its total decentralization philosophy, Ethanim inspires a slew of new ideas. Novel versions of Metaverse game apps continue to emerge now that users have the ability to customize them as they see fit. Where assets are compatible, virtual avatars can migrate between versions. In the updated edition, for example, additional skills such as diving and flying can be added to a walking avatar.

On various apps, NFTs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own set of functionalities. A gaming avatar, for example, may either appear as a profile photo or be sold as a commodity.

Initially, the Ethanim system was developed, updated, and governed by the Ethanim Foundation, an independent non-profit organization. As the cause advances, power will be increasingly devolved to community levels, with the ultimate goal of joint governance by all community members.

Since the mid-1900s human society has been ushering in the first stage of digital civilization, characterized by computers and the internet. Then from the last half-century, digital society has progressed toward a higher existence — the Metaverse.

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A Detailed Introduction to LALA LAND

Anyone reading this is lucky enough to catch the next gem in the crypto sphere in its early stages. If many of us could go back in time, we would jump right into the Bitcoin bandwagon, no questions asked. Here is your chance to catch the next Bitcoin early on its initial tracks.

It’s no secret that the world has changed a lot within the last decade, more than several decades before combined. There is no arguing that much of this evolution is attributed to new technologies, particularly Blockchain.

That is not to say that AI, IoT, AR, and VR have not played a significant role in transforming our world into its digital version. We are simply acknowledging that Blockchain is right at the forefront of the 4th industrial revolution. It holds the digital world together and provides the security we need to build trust in this digital world.

In this article, we will talk about an exciting Crypto project that could potentially change the world of finance as we know it. Let’s dive right in.


  1. What is LALA LAND?

Simply put, LALA Land is a Blockchain platform that combines NFTs, Gaming (Metaverse), and DeFi. It is combining these three fields by creating a DeFi solution, an NFT marketplace, and a game for NFTs. All of these are not just global and very relevant but they are quite timely.

Whether you are a digital creator, a seller, a buyer, a gamer, or just a digital investor LALA land has got you covered. For the creators, buyers, and sellers, the NFT marketplace is the perfect place to be. The DeFi tools help enthusiasts and investors to make the most of the digital space. And lastly, the gaming structure allows players and other game lovers to earn from what they enjoy the most.

The above functions can best be summarized as follows:

  • An independent and open NFT ecosystem for users to get familiar with the Blockchain and the DeFi space
  • An NFT marketplace, allows NFT enthusiasts to engage in the full NFT lifecycle, allowing anyone to issue NFTs, participate in marketplace auctions, and trade NFTs
  • An NFT ecosystem that allows users to participate in NFT games.
  1. Why was it created?

LALA Land was birthed to create a more favorable, more consistent, and healthier NFT environment. The team had a goal to develop an NFT ecosystem based on Binance Smart Chain; this not only increases scalability and reliability but also minimizes the gas fees.

Thanks to the recent increase in the number of projects, use cases, and applications on the Binance Smart Chain, LALA is guaranteed popularity. The project team strongly believes that its community holds the potential to solve a manifold of the world’s problems. With proper tools, communities can come together, take matters into their own hands and tackle their issues more effectively.

  • Vision – LALA’s vision is to create the number one ecosystem for DeFi, NFT games, and valuable NFT Assets. The team is utilizing innovation, advanced technology, and a high level of team expertise to create a highly successful NFT ecosystem. They want to be at the forefront of the next level in NFT transformation.
  • Mission – LALA is aimed at becoming the ‘internet’ of the NFT space by bridging DeFi, the NFT marketplace, and the gaming world.
  1. LALA Land Ecosystem

The LALA land ecosystem aims to maximize the value of NFTs, Gaming, and the Metaverse. The ultimate target is to give token holders the authority to vote, explore, and enjoy different features in the LALA ecosystem.

The goals can best be broken down as follows:

  • Building a global and decentralized community where the gaming model is a play-to-earn system that allows players to play competitively to earn in-game rewards
  • Reserve high yielding assets such as crypto, NFTs, and in-game assets
  • Allow the community to participate in different project developments based on voting
  • Coordinating with gamers, the community, and developers to work on Metaverse games and to mint NFTs.
  1. What makes up the LALA Ecosystem?

Generally, the LALA Land ecosystem is comprised of DeFi (Decentralized Finance), Gaming and Gamblingas well as Metaverse (NFT). This section is going to be giving a detailed account of each category:

  • DeFi

The LALA Land DeFi structure is designed to give holders yields to earn LALA tokens by staking LP tokens. LALA land yields APR is calculated using LP rewards APR earned through providing liquidity and also by staking LP tokens.

The team also intends to have a Decentralized exchange that will allow users to trade in-game items. They are also working on lending platforms that will allow users to take out loans on their virtual land.

In summary, the DeFi feature on the LALA land ecosystem will accord users with the following privileges.

  • Trading and swapping tokens on the DeFi Swap function
  • High-yield vaults that rely on aggregation strategies
  • Staking and farming to receive rewards in LALA tokens during the minting period and the LALA-BNB liquidity pools
  • Lending and borrowing functionality to earn high-yields and magnify returns by leveraging on lender funds
  • LALA land gives you access to the best NFT projects and DeFi projects in the industry to help raise funds to launch genuine and innovative projects.
  • Gaming

LALA Land users and holders can play single-player and multiplayer games on the LALA land ecosystem. The ecosystem is directly connected to the players’ wallets, making instant reward payments. This is to say that winners get rewards directly delivered to their wallets.

All these games can be played from the BSC wallet browser and players can use the LALA tokens to participate (we’ll talk about that in a bit). The team is currently working on 2 single-player games. Soon the team will launch multiplayer online games which will allow multiple users to connect and play.

The LALA token supply is designed to offer a satisfactory value of rewards. Every individual involved with LALA tokens, NFT’s and other in-game rewards can earn rewards by:

  1. Registering and referring users to the LALA Land ecosystem
  2. Playing games
  • Holding NFTs
  1. Participating in voting and governance


  • Metaverse

The Metaverse on LALA land is a next-generation triple-A sandbox experience built from the base of the LALA land foundation and ecosystem. By holding LALA tokens, you will get a chance to buy shares in the streets of Metaverse. That means you will be able to buy land, buildings and manage your NFTs properties.

In the LALA Land City, you will be able to find the NFT drops and rewards that are the competition. After beating the opponent, you will get to choose to either recruit him as your NFT or kill/destroy the NFT and no one will ever be able to obtain it again. If you are lucky enough you can manage to get something really special and rare. Every NFT will become harder to obtain overtime, there will be only a limited supply of NFTs. By that time, they will become even rarer as most of them will be captured.

The LALA Token

Name: LALA Land

Symbol: LALA

Protocol: BEP20

Decimal: 5

Initial Supply: 300,000,000 LALA

Burn Mechanics: Tokens will be burnt for keeping the supply of 300M

As its name suggests, LALA Token is the native token on the LALA platform. It acts as a utility token on the platform. It is designed to play an essential role in the functionality of the ecosystem. It is built to give access to participants on the LALA platform and allow them to issue NFTs sell-play games and so a lot more on the platforms.

It will also act as a means to facilitate economic incentives to all LALA token holders, which is important in the contribution and maintenance of the LALA platform and the entire ecosystem.

Token money

Figure: Token money (Source TechRadar)

Each member of the ecosystem, therefore, gets benefits based on the corresponding amount of LALA tokens they hold. If LALA token is absent, they are exempted from gaining such incentives and cannot participate in different activities on the Platform or provide services to the ecosystem. There would be many additional rewards to users based on the actual involvement and contribution to the entire ecosystem and the LALA platform.

With the LALA token, new projects can be promoted and sold on the LALA platform. For this to be possible, the new projects must meet the required standards in terms of projects quality, the authenticity of the project and team, and financial requirements. Also, the project purchases a certain amount of LALA token and locks 50% of it for 1 year and 50% burn. This amount would be determined by the voting decision of the community. If there is a breach in the contract by the project, the locked token would be distributed back to holders participating in the project.

Since the LALA token is a utility token, it would have the following use cases:

  1. Governance

The LALA token would give token holders the right to vote on the different parameters and projects on the ecosystem. This is in a bid to achieve our ultimate goal of making the community the exclusive decision engine of the ecosystem. The functions of token holders would include voting rights for:

  • Initiatives on the ecosystem
  • Development of new functions
  • Liquidity pool rewards distribution
  • Gaming rules
  • And other applications

To have the governing right token holders need to hold a certain amount of LALA tokens to gain such voting rights.

  1. NFT marketplace

The NFT marketplace is a complete suite that allows token holders to have access to all the functionalities of NFTs. With the LALA token, users can carry out

  • NFT mining for gaming
  • Staking of LALA token
  • Participate in NFT auctions
  • Trade NFTs
  • Buy NFTs
  1. Decentralized Finance; DeFi

What makes LALA Land a Great project?

Blockchain has completely revolutionized the Financial industry; from DeFi applications to NFTs, to Cryptocurrencies. Other than the financial industry, Blockchain has impacted so many other industries. Here is why LALA the Land Blockchain project holds such great potential.

  • NFTs

Today we are seeing NFTs making the headlines daily and creating overnight millionaires thus gaining more recognition. They are becoming the latest investment trend crowned by digital assets and gaming assets.

  • DeFi

Similarly, DeFi has also taken the world of Cryptocurrency by storm; exhibiting extreme growth. Its value today exceeds $100 billion yet it continues to skyrocket. Even with this tremendous growth, DeFi remains an attractive trend with a lot of room for innovation.

  • The gaming Industry/Market

Trust and popularity in the old gaming model where only big influencers earnmoney are decreasing. The fairness, transparency, and much more opportunitiesare the signature features of Blockchain technology, it may provide an excellentsolution to the challenges of online gaming and with the NFTs, it is like leveragetrading. Blockchain itself is a large and rapidly growing industry. The future is the play2earn model where anybody can benefit from playing the game thanks to Blockchain. Blockchain allows for skill monetization through currencies and digital assets with open market dynamics.

  • Combining NFT, gaming, and DeFi

Game monetization models are exhausted and Blockchain technology together with NFTs and DeFi features will bring new wind, infinite possibilities, and much higher engagement to the digital world. There is a clear change from the free2play model where there are very low monetization possibilities.

Combining NFT, Gaming, and DeFi initiates great growth potential and a new horizon for cryptocurrency. Both NFT and DeFi create astonishing innovations with an enormous promise of democratization, new business models, and global markets with a global approach, which is all driven by the basic premise of decentralization. The integration of NFTs and DeFi opens up new horizons and potentially strong growth for Cryptocurrencies. The NFT movement is the resolving power of the DeFi movement, along with the ability to provide platforms and means of transactions for all tokens. Presently, most NFTs are more of digital artworks; the opportunities NFT pose to today’s community are unending and yet untapped to the fullest.

PadLock Token

PadLock Token – Decentralized communications and security solutions

The PadLock is the first communication tool that protects your information through blockchain. It is the first tool that offers its users security and reliability with their calls, messaging projects, and emails through blockchain technology. This tool is trying to develop through security DApps to implement single decentralized communication based on a blockchain network. You can communicate, send files, and speak without the need for corporate servers within the platform. Additionally, PadLock provides your security and there will be no information leakage and request about cumbersome requirements emails to be able to log in or telephone numbers.

How Your Personal Data Is Secure On PadLock

In recent years technology has evolved very much and the hacking of profiles and leakage of personal data become regular. For many people, it is difficult to secure their data but it is not for PadLock, since blockchain technology allows encryption about all the information that is shared, managed, and stored through the system. Many platforms offer encryption or encryption services but here you need to know that their services are more vulnerable than you expect. You need to use this PadLock tool because,

  • Every day people and companies are defenseless in terms of the loss of data that can be appeared with just one click.
  • One of the most beneficial things that PadLock blockchain offers is the solution of combining accessibility with conjunctional security.
  • It also has its end-to-end encryption that is another feature that is important since there are more activities and transactions of any kind that that that will safely be protected authentically with full documentation and protection.
  • It has also focused on making cryptography techniques between blockchain and smart contracts that is a reality.

How Does It work?

Its main technology is modern and works on the principles of decentralization and it offers great security, privacy, and protection. With these protocols of this tool the risk of losing data losing to a high percentage and at the same time it allows solving problems from any threat, security, and transparency. A PadLock is a unique concept of working on decentralized communication platforms with security and software applications. These software applications ensure to deliver the data with security to the owners. It is considered to be an advantage that connects the world without the need for intermediaries.

PadLock Tokens

This is a platform that works through smart contracts. PadLock token is executed through Binance smart chain. With the decentralized exchange of tokens with BSC then the process will be way too fast with almost no fees. To work peer-to-peer BSC serves in PadLock Apps without any decentralized body for backup and it is guaranteeing the security of data and property at the same time.

Features Of PadLock

The blockchain token just like other famous coins in the world based on blockchain technology. Among the functions of PadLock DApps, we can see that it ranges from

  • Messaging
  • Video calls
  • Voice calls
  • File transfers
  • Email communications.

In the case of blockchain technology,it contains advantages over conventional technologies since it can be worked or divided with various applications in various fields. We can create business models using the blockchain technology of PadLock DApps. It can also improve help us in sectors like health and even promote projects for entertainments and more. Also for entrepreneurs PadLock provides a kind of additional security.


Today there is no platform like PadLock that has many features. The platform aims to organize works thinking about the upcoming generations and future and provide its online communication services so that they should use systems through decentralized applications creating an incentive or work that not only be a simple theory but has its executed plants in a short period. So rush to this platform and ensure your personal data’s security and jeep up your privacy.

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10 Bucks Crypto

10 Bucks Crypto Review

10 bucks crypto is a new project introduced by Sebastian in September 2021. Where he tells us that he bought 10$ Crypto on daily basis.He further add that he had come to know about blockchain in 2014 when he started mining bitcoin. When he bought bitcoin at that time bitcoin was Worth 300 to 400$. Moreover, he started buying cryptocurrencies in 2017, and still he is buying. Sebastian also sells shitcoins and he holds all coins that have serious projects before them. 10 bucks crypto is the new project that he had started in September 2021.

How To Buy 10 Bucks Crypto?

To buy cryptocurrencies you should have a wallet on an online app that will hold your currency and you can sell it when its prices increase in the market. Generally, on your application, you create an exchange account. After that, you can exchange your real money to buy 10 bucks of crypto every day. As Sebastian is involved in this project then he will guide and share his experience with you. You can buy any cryptocurrency like bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. The coin base option will also be suitable for beginners. It will be user-friendly for newbies who want to be a part of the Sebastian project.

How To Sell Crypto For Cash?

You will find two main avenues to convert bitcoin into cash and send it to your bank account. The first option is to find a third-party broker. These third parties ( include debit cards and ATMs). So if you want to be a part of the Sebastian project and want to buy 10 bucks on daily basis then you must consider a broker for safe trade. An experienced broker can help you reduce the risk of losing your money. A broker can also suggest some places whether you should trade in that specific atmosphere or not. You buy crypto when its price comes down and sell it out when you see rice in its price. Sebastian had started its trading in the blockchain market and later invested on many platforms and comes up with the project which he had started in September 2021. Crypto tips include selling out shitcoins and keeping the coins that will get a high value in the future. What can be the crypto coins we should invest in? These include:


It is one of the commonly known cryptocurrencies and gaining value day by day. You can call it a digital currency or virtual currency. It is completely virtual money. You may call it an online version of cash. Bitcoin is transferable. You can send bitcoin to your account or the account of some other people. Its price varies from time to time but in November 2021 it has attained its price reach up to $68,790.


Generally, Ethereum is an open software platform that allows users to build decentralized applications. Like bitcoin Ethereum works through a blockchain network while bitcoin has the ownership of the currency.


It is also a native cryptocurrency for products like ripple labs. Its products are mostly used for product remittance that works more like a SWIFT. It is a kind of service for international money and transfer of security used by a network of banks and financial authorities.

Bottom Lines

Sebastian is an individual who started with the project with 10 bucks crypto in September 2021. He begins with investing in blockchain and later on in many trading platforms and comes up with the idea to buy 10 bucks of crypto every day. Moreover, he added that he will guide us later by experiencing it and will be the first to start this project. He said that bitcoin was worth 300 to 400$ when he bought it first. So be the part of Sebastian project if you want to experience adventure trading.

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CLY token

What is the CLY token? Everything you need to know?

Clytie is the best reward crypto platform. CLY token is a utility token of Clytie platform, and It can be used as a payment method for marketplaces, services, user voting system, staking, etc., internal currency in the games and tasks of Clytie platform with low exchange fee, and as a reward for those who contribute to the development of Clytie platform. Clytie is Partnered with more than 700+ brands, including Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, and 150+ countries worldwide with a wide range of products. You can shop anywhere and any product and get crypto cashback with just one click. Clytie platform recently launched Clytie app both on App store as well on Play store. So, If you want to shop using cryptocurrency, you can use Clytie. It’s fully secure and 100% free for all users, and you’ll get discounts and rewards on almost any product, whether it’s on Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress. You only need to install the Clytie app and start your shopping experience with cryptocurrency.

Let’s take a look at the Features of Clytie tokens


Clytie Token comes with many features, and We have broken down some of the key features:

Shop and Get CashBack

It is a core feature of the CLY token.  You can shop anywhere using it and get Cashback in the form of cryptocurrency. There are many brands partnered with Clytie that will offer you discounts on products when you pay them using CLY Token. So, make sure to start your shopping experience with crypto cashback. You can get Up to 30% of Cashback on your Purchase on Clytie App.

And even more amazing is the Membership feature. Users can level up their membership to get rewards up to x3.5. Each level will need to hold a corresponding amount of CLY for copper, silver, titanium, gold, and platinum levels.


Membership is another key feature of the CLY token that, with that, you can get up to 80% rewards in each level. At Each level, you need to hold a corresponding amount of CLY for bronze, silver, titanium, gold, and platinum levels. So, If you are interested in getting more CashBack on spending, you should Subscribe to Clytie membership and get extra benefits. 



There are many games and tasks available in Clytie that allow users to earn rewards in the form of cash or cryptocurrency. You can complete these games and tasks to get rewards, which can then be used for shopping or withdrawn with cash or crypto. So, if you are Pro Gamer and love exploring new things, you can make your time worth it by playing games and completing tasks on the Clytie app, earning CLY tokens and cash.


CLY token allows users to stake their tokens to earn passive income as a Binance Smart Chain token; Clytie will be listed on PancakeSwap, where users will be able to stake their tokens to earn passive income. 

NFT marketplace

Clytie developers are  going to work on an NFT marketplace where users can buy, sell and trade their unique digital assets using CLY token. This will allow users to get more value out of their tokens by being able to use them for transactions on the marketplace. In addition, Clytie users will be able to create their own NFTs, which will be available for sale on the Clytie NFT marketplace. Developers are also working on integrating Clytie in-game items Buy sell. With this feature, users will be able to buy, sell their in-game items using CLY Token. This part will be developed in the future, you can now check out whitepaper to see more.

What is CLY Token?

Clytie, which is Symbolized as “CLY,” is the native token of the Clytie ecosystem and will be used as a utility token. The token has a fixed Supply of 5,000,000,000 CLY, and Private-Sale round 2 is Ongoing, and CLY token is available at a massive discount and if you are interested in acquiring CLY token, then Visit 

Official Website 





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ANJI Revolution

The ANJI Revolution has begun: A sophisticated protocol that merges CeFi mechanisms with DeFi solutions.

What is ANJI?

ANJI is a security token built to reward holders for the growth of AnjiEco. While ANJI is currently on Binance Smart Chain, it is designed to be multi-chain and layer fluid. Holders will receive the native token of the blockchain (BNB for Binance Smart Chain) from fees paid on AnjiEco’s current and future products, as well as a portion of each transaction of ANJI. Through the protocol, ANJI then also generates contributions to causes to make the world a better place.

So what exactly will you be able to do with ANJI?

ANJI sets a new precedent with the world’s first smart contract dividends protocol. Holders can claim their BNB rewards through our platform AnjiSwap. One can freely claim and use as they wish, reinvest and purchase more ANJI with a 50% reduced swap fee, or donate to the AnjiPool, which will support an NGO at the end of the given month.

The rewards are generated in many ways, and not only with the swap fee of ANJI. AnjiSwap, with its own router, connects investors to liquidity pools. In doing so, each transaction fee is rewarded to ANJI holders in real-time. Effectively you become a Shareholder in the ecosystem. All rewards are given in real-time, preventing possible reward pool manipulation that often occurs in other reward-focused tokens.

What is this ecosystem?

AnjiEco is an ever-expanding community of tokens and applications that can use the instruments within the ecosystem. AnjiSwap already lowers the learning curve and connects tokens to potential investors more directly and effectively.

AnjiEco Links: