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Mind Music Coin?

The founders of Mind Music Coin intended to utilise music and cryptocurrency to raise awareness about mental health, and they succeeded. Every day, millions of people across the world suffer from one or more elements of poor mental health in some way, and the number is growing. Mind Music aims to contribute to the #breakingthestigma movement and the #breakingthestigma movement in general by bringing people together for an incredibly important and long-overdue conversation about mental health.

Mark Hamilton Story behind the project

The Coronavirus shutdown in March 2020 left Mark Hamilton’s music event organisation unable to function, and he was forced to cope with a slew of issues that began to have a detrimental effect on his psychological well-being. However, rather than doing concerts to assist himself, Mark has returned to his first love: music production. This has allowed him to manage his mental health while dealing with the consequences of Coronavirus on his livelihood as well as coping with the effects of Coronavirus on his mental health. Talking about his problems with old friends and other professional musicians, Mark discovered that they were all dealing with their own issues, and that many people all over the world were dealing with mental health issues as a result of being locked down, losing their jobs or businesses, and being compelled to adjust to a new way of life that could last for years after the Coronavirus had been eradicated from the planet. Among Mark’s ambitions was the creation of a music project that would raise awareness about mental illness and help to remove the stigma associated with it, while also recognising the brilliance of great artists who had struggled with mental illness.

Mark wants to reach as many people as possible with this initiative since music is not a source of income for him at this point in his life. Through this campaign, we want to draw public attention to the hidden mental illness pandemic that has claimed the lives of many artists and other people throughout history. A number of songs by artists who died much too young, either by suicide or as a result of drug addiction, are performed by Mark in cover versions. In the end, he wants to demonstrate to individuals suffering from mental illness that they are not alone and that there is a huge network of people who are ready to help them in their recovery.

Progress On Mind Music Coin

This is fantastic news, particularly given the fact that we have already started working on the project. Almost everything from our initial project, which consisted of 12 songs, has been recorded and made accessible for listeners to download from our website. We intend to record a total of 9-13 more songs in order to finish the first album and release it. According to the artist, all proceeds from the record will be given to suicide prevention and mental health organisations. We have high hopes for this project’s long-term viability and success for the benefit of all parties engaged in it. With such a large number of artists from all over the globe, we want to establish future cooperation ties with them during the conference.


The total quantity of the Mind Music Coin is 1,000,000,000,000,000, plus a 10% TXN tax. The mind music fund will be funded with 4% of the total. The marketing budget is set at 3%, with a 1% auto liquidity. Also set to 1% is the reflection and burn. This currency is Rug-Proof and devoid of scams. Any leftover tokens will be coupled with the BNB raised during the presale and locked into liquidity in perpetuity. There are no team tokens, therefore the development team cannot dump! After the launch, ownership will be given up.

Road Map of Mind Music Coin

It is anticipated that the cost of producing, releasing, and properly promoting our debut album will be about $40,000. Any money collected in excess of what is required for the Mind Music fund will be sent to coin holders and supporters as a thank you for their support. If there are any money left over after the initiative has paid all of its expenses, they will be used to buy and burn Mind Music Currency in order to enhance the value of the coin for its holders. The initiative, if it is considered successful, would result in a series of live music concerts to generate money, which will be staged in different places across Europe in 2022. (As well as covid permitting.) Every Mind Music Coin wallet holding at least 100b of the cryptocurrency will be eligible to get a FREE ticket to one or more events of their choice.

The recording of the album will be completed by the Mind music team in October or November of 2021. The vinyl and CD releases will take place in December/January 2022, with 100% of the proceeds going to charity. Mind music will begin a series of live shows across Europe in May or August of 2022. The team will determine whether or not to upgrade to Mind music 2.0 in November 2022.Presale
The Mystery House Launchpad will be utilised to handle the event’s presale, which will take place on March 1. Customers will be able to purchase tickets for the presale beginning at 20:00 UTC on Saturday, July 24, 2018. On Sunday, July 25th, at 20:00 UTC, the actual token will be made available to the general public for the first time. We will provide instructions on how to purchase presale tokens on our website and telegram channel as soon as they become accessible.

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Telegram – https://t.me/mindmusicbsc

Website – https://mindmusic.finance

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