MCXVII: The Best Charity Coin


MCXVII: The Best Charity Coin

About MCXVII coin

MCXVII is a charity token created for community building and charitable contributions. The goal of the designer of this token is to assist in eradicating homelessness and assisting orphans, veterans, and individuals struggling with mental health issues on an international level. Our hopes are to create strong and self-sustaining communities. MCXVII coin is built on BSC which inherits valuable technologies of the blockchain industry. It has an exceptionally low cost as compared to other charity tokens. MCXVII has rewards for the investor and donates 10% of every investment to a non-profit organization.


Although MCXVII is a newly launched coin, the author has been working with non-profit organizations for over 30 years and serving people in marginalized communities to enhance their quality of life. In short, investing in MCXVII means

investing in humanity. By investing in MCXVII, you will be supporting numerous people who will receive much-needed assistance and be given a chance to thrive. All MCXVII tokens are protected under the Binance chain. Although this coin is new its value is endless. The coin is limited to 10B and is backed by precious gemstones and billions of dollars in patented technology; Thus, creating sustainability for years to come.

Why Invest in MCXVII Charity Coin

MCXVII has a low burn rate, rewards for investors,s and endless value potential. If you are enthusiastic about investing wisely while positively impacting the lives of others, then MCXVII is the best platform to invest in. The aim is to spread awareness about meeting the needs of our community and establishing ways to achieve it. Your investment will make an impact in the following areas:

  • Education
  • Assistance for homeless people
  • Veterans
  • Building communities
  • Children
  • Supporting Programs for Mental Health

MCXVII is a valuable investment to serve people as well as create financial security and stability for the future as its value will increase over time.

Where It Stands Currently

MCXVII will be listed in the top exchanges. MCXVII has partnered with several organizations to increase the value and demand for the token. By investing in the MCXVII tokens, you will provide communities with an additional avenues to assist communities that are unable to afford basic needs.

Future Aims of MCXVII coin

MCXVII was launched to build more self-sustaining communities. However, its aim is to attain the value which other crypto tokens have in the market.


MCXVII is using blockchain services to build its mobile application and different software so that it is user-friendly. The current investment is less than a penny! With valuable assets backing this coin, this price will only last for a brief time.

MCXVII Coin Governance and Protection

All the community members,’ relationships and activities are recorded and traced to generate community credit of governance. MCXVII tokens are protected by the Binance chain. You will also receive recognition within the MCXVII community due to your participation. This token is built on the Binance Smart Chain, which has its protecting features and inherits the best features of the blockchain industry. By building itself on the BSC, MCXVII has increased its value in the market. As an investor/donor, you are also able to monitor the destination of your funds collected from you as a donation.

How MCXVII focuses on privacy?

MCXVII places importance on the privacy of your investment. MCXVII does not believe in the pseudo-anonymity of blockchain links and networks. High security has been written in the smart contract to ensure against hacking and to keep an eye on the protection of your account. MCXVII author is managing a highly effective plan to increase its coin’s value and community empowerment.

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