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Neuer Capital Review- Diversify Your Crypto Investments With

Are you thinking of delving into the trading market? Even though there are a ton of financial instruments that can be traded, lately cryptocurrency has become the top choice of traders. There is no doubt that they are highly volatile, but this volatility can be used for earning high profits as well. This is exactly what people are doing these days, which has made it one of the most trending trading instruments currently. The market started with Bitcoin but has now expanded rapidly and there are more than 5,000 cryptocurrency coins that exist. While some may not last for long in the market, others have also gained popularity because of their success.

The point is that the cryptocurrency market has opportunities to offer to everyone and you can also jump the bandwagon if you want to make some profits. But, in order to do that, you have to find a crypto broker first. Even that is not big of an issue because with the surge in demand for cryptocurrencies, the number of crypto brokers in the market has also gone up. There are numerous cryptocurrency brokers offering their services and you can easily find one that works for you. However, you should be careful in your selection because the crypto market is also a hotspot for scammers.

Some of these scammers have gone as far as creating fake brokerages and you don’t want to be tricked by any such broker. One of the crypto brokers that you will find in the market is Neuer Capital. This broker was only recently launched by Expand Solutions Ltd., which has its headquarters in the Republic of Seychelles. It may not have a lot of experience in the market and yet, it has attracted a huge number of traders to its platform. Why is this the case? Neuer Capital has succeeded in appealing to the masses because of the combination of services it provides.

Offering CFDs on cryptocurrencies, Neuer Capital has come up with ideal trading conditions, an efficient platform and extensive crypto offerings that have helped it stand out from its competitors. Read on to find more about what this broker can provide:

  • The opportunity to diversify your portfolio

As mentioned earlier, the cryptocurrency market is now huge. It all began in 2009 with Bitcoin, but within a decade, the market has grown beyond anyone’s expectations. In fact, it is now worth billions and has given huge returns to investors. While most people start with Bitcoin when they decide to trade cryptocurrencies, it is important to remember that there are other options out there as well.

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With Neuer Capital, you get a chance to trade an array of cryptocurrencies. If you only want to stick with the leading options like Bitcoin and Ethereum, you can do so, but you can also diversify your crypto portfolio by investing in numerous others. These include NEM, Qtum, Binance Coin, Litecoin and plenty more.

  • No need to install a trading platform

One of the most difficult task for traders is having to install a broker’s trading platform. It is a big hassle for them and is also inconvenient because it ties them down to one device. Moreover, the platform’s performance also depends on the device they use. This is not the case with Neuer Capital’s trading platform because they have developed a web-based platform. This can be accessed through the browser and doesn’t need any downloads or installation. It can deliver a smooth trading experience because it doesn’t depend on any device.

The platform is equipped with advanced charting tools, price alerts, and even crypto trading signals. You can also check the latest market news without any hassle. Execution is also quick and immediate, allowing you to benefit from even the smallest movements in the market. Along with this trading platform, the broker has also provided mobile apps for iOS and Android, which allow trading on the go. Hence, you can enjoy a great deal of flexibility with these apps and have control of your trading account 24/7. This ensures that you don’t miss any opportunities and can keep up with the market.

  • Not have to worry about security of funds or information

The security of your funds and your sensitive data is of extremely crucial, particularly in times like these when identity theft and scams have become a common occurrence. Neuer Capital has not disregarded security when it comes to their trading platform. They have ensured that all clients can trade without constantly worrying about their money or data being compromised. Account segregation is practiced for preventing any misappropriation or discrepancy. Top investment banks have been used for maintaining these accounts.

Neuer Capital also uses top notch encryption for protecting all information or communications made on their platform. Other than that, the broker has implemented the KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies for checking the identity of everyone who signs up with them in order to ensure they are all legitimate profiles.

  • Get access to great resources and support

Neuer Capital has turned out to be a well-rounded broker for all cryptocurrency traders because it has put in an effort to add excellent learning and training resources for their clients. There is an educational academy on its website that provides basic and in-depth courses for learning purposes, along with e-books. There is also a glossary that can be helpful and a whole section dedicated to analysis, which can assist traders in improving their crypto trading strategies. Along with education, webinars from experts and professionals are also available for guidance.

There is also an FAQ section developed by Neuer Capital where the broker answers common questions to assist its clients. They can also get in touch with their representatives through an online form, email or phone, whichever seems comfortable to them.

Final Thoughts

Opting for Neuer Capital gives every cryptocurrency trader, whether they are a newbie or a seasoned trader, a wonderful opportunity to diversify their crypto investment portfolio for maximum profits.

Get Your Money Back from a Scam

How to Get Your Money Back from a Scam – Show Them the Power

If you want to get your money back from the scam, you have to show them authority, power, and strength. There are hundreds and thousands of online scammers that are scamming people from around the world in many ways. At times, they act like brokers that provide you with a trading platform for trading, and at other times, they just threaten you to give them your money. As much benefit as there is to online trading, you can’t ignore that it is quite risky as well. In 2020, you will find a fake broker or scammer in every three brokers you research.

So, when you lose your money to a scam, you have to find a way to get it back. It will be a very difficult task, but it is not impossible at all. You can get proper help in this endeavor and there is no reason why you will not get your money back. Keep on reading to find out the secret to getting your money back from the scam. But first, let’s talk about why online scammers do not return your money easily.

Why Online Scammers Are Stubborn

If you have been active in the online world, you must have seen that people are complaining about losing their money on various platforms but they never get their money back. They have to quiet down at one point and forget about their money. The biggest reason they don’t get their money back from the scam is that the scammers are not scared of anyone. Most traders choose the path of quietness when they are scammed by someone online. What is the path of quietness? Well, they think that they should move and focus on other things rather than spending time in trying to get the lost money back.

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This attitude has turned online scammers into lions. They think they are the kings of the online world and they can do whatever they want to do. You can notice this from their stubborn attitude. There are many forums where people are calling them scams but they never stop scamming more people every day. So, if you want to turn things around, the first thing you will have to do is to change. You will have to change your mentality of letting go and moving on. If you have lost your hard-earned money, you need to get it back immediately. To do that, you will have to show them that you have power. How will you show them that? Let’s find out.

The Way to Show Them Your Power

Here are some ways you can use to show the online scammer that you have power and strength. If you are successful with that, they will definitely return your money because they don’t want to be exposed in front of the public and government for their illegal activities. Let’s look at these methods of showing power to the scammers.

· Have a Team of Lawyers on Your Side

The first thing you have to show them is a team of lawyers on your side. Lawyers are the people who know law well and they can catch these thieves in the act pretty easily. However, the biggest problem is that hiring lawyers is not easy. They cost a lot of money and a person who is fighting for a few thousand dollars does not have enough money to afford these lawyers. That’s the reason so many people choose to stay quiet even when they have lost thousands of dollars. However, if you can find a way to have lawyers on your side, you can definitely make a huge difference.

· Display a Huge Network of Connections

Show the scammer that you have a big network of influential personalities and companies through which you can get to the scammer. If the scammer is located in a different country, you have to send them this message that they are not far from you. You must assert this message otherwise you will not be able to make any difference at all. Of course, you now have to think how you can do this. This is not an easy job.

· Disturb All the Stakeholders

When you have lost your money, you have to show the people involved in the scam that you are angry. How can you do that? Well, you can do that by calling every bank and payment processor who was involved in the transaction. When you call them and they call the scammer for its illegal activity, the scammer gets the message that you are ringing people’s phones and making them pick up the phone. But can you do that? Here’s the answer.

Money-Back Is the Answer

Now, you don’t have to do everything that has been mentioned above. Of course, you can’t afford a team of lawyers on your side if you are only fighting for a few thousand dollars. In addition to that, you can’t call the banks and payment processors and make them pick up your phone. Even if they pick the phone, they will forget about you as soon as you put the phone down. The answer to all these problems is Money-Back will work on your behalf to ring the phones, call the banks, and scare the scammer by showing its reach. The company knows many online brokers who are involved in illegal activities.

Once the scammer finds out that someone knows about it, they are instantly on the table of negotiation. You can make a huge difference by having Money-Back on your side. You just have to decide when.

Bottom Line

Gone are the days when you thought that you could not get your money back from the scam. Gone are the days when scammers thought they were powerful and people they scammed had no power. Now that you have a company like Money-Back, you can feel the power back in your hand. You can catch the scammer and make them pay every penny that they have stolen from you in the name of trading.

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Algorithmic Trading Software

Find the Right Algorithmic Trading Software For Passive Income

Passive Income

Algorithmic trading software is the key to success in the trading business. If you are not using any then it is time to get one. Almost 70-80 percent of online trades are done using algorithmic trading software. The benefits of it go beyond automation. That’s why you will find multiple trading software available in the market. However, in order to maximize profits, you need to pick the right one. But how would you know which one is right? Well, in this guide we will discuss in detail how you can pick just the right kind of software for your trade.

What is algorithmic trading software?

Algorithms have many uses in the present world. In simple terms, an algorithm is a set of instructions based on a strategy. Algorithms follow those instructions. Subsequently, algorithmic trading software is computer programs. They follow the predefined strategy for the execution of trade orders.

Algorithmic software identifies the trade opportunity with the potential of profit. It executes trade to maximize earnings. The process takes only milliseconds to complete. At this fast pace, traders using the software have a huge advantage over those who are themselves reading charts and making trades.

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Reasons for Using Automated Trading Software:

Here are the benefits attached to automated trade:

  1. Speed:

Algorithmic trade is way beyond the speed of a human being. Software is quick to catch signals and executed trade accordingly. Additionally, good software will analyze multiple indicators at the same time. As a result, options for profitable trade increase. Moreover, the software is especially beneficial in scalping strategy where traders try to make maximum successful, small trades.

  1. Accuracy:

The factor of human error is always present when you are trading manually. For instance, you may accidentally enter the wrong stop loss figure. However, the algorithmic trading software will never make such a mistake. Therefore the level of accuracy is high with its use.

  1. Emotionless Trade:

Software, as you know, doesn’t have emotion. While humans have plenty of them. In the trading business, where the market is volatile, emotions can rise to fights. Humans are more likely to make wrong decisions in such situations. On the other hand, automated software will go on with its predesigned strategy. It will not get off track or worried as a result of a few failures. Consequently, one consistent strategy will bring fruits in the long run.

  1. Backtesting:

In manual trading, traders don’t have the leverage to know whether a certain strategy will work or not. Nevertheless, best automated trading software provide this opportunity. You can run the software on past data to see the response. That way you can know exactly how effective the software would have been. Afterward, you can make trading live.

  1. Reduced Cost:

Monitoring the markets takes time and money. Traders have to sit in front of computers all the time observing market swings. But, with software monitoring is done automatically. Additionally, transaction cost reduces. Hence algorithmic trade saves both cash and time.

  1. Increased Efficiency:

All of the above-mentioned processes increase the efficiency of trading. Every time you run the software live, it brings you results. It is both time-saving and cost-saving method of trading. Furthermore, you can trade 24/7 without physically being in front of the computer during that time. Hence new traders should give the algorithmic trading platforms a shot.

Picking the Algorithmic trading Software:

Every trader has unique needs according to their approach towards trade. Some want to make the living out of it while for others it is a side hustle. You should know your category. Subsequently, you will be able to pick the software that caters to your needs.

Traders have two options:

  1. Build a Software
  2. Purchasing one from market

Building a trading Software:

Building software has its own benefits. You can customize it according to your needs. However, it demands skills. You should have a strong grasp of programming languages for building software. It will require time and effort. As you are building it for yourself so only you can identify bugs in it. Run it as a test for multiple times. Eliminate loopholes and build a strategy into it. Without strategy automated trading software is worthless.

Succinctly put, you should weigh the pros and cons of building algorithmic trading software before opting for this option.

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Purchasing Software:

Sofware are good if they do exactly what you want them to do. Otherwise, risk factor is also high with algo trading. Here we will jot down some key features that you should look for in trading software:

  1. Know your Psyche:

Experts say that the biggest enemies of traders are traders themselves. The reason for that is impulsiveness and impatient behavior which comes naturally with few bad trades. To this end, you should know that haste makes waste. Millionaire traders fascinate everyone but they didn’t earn all their wealth overnight. So, you too should be disciplined enough to go with one strategy for a long time. Moreover, pick an algorithmic software that suits your trading strategy.

Master your own psychology. Know whether you will go for bog profits only or intent to make small successes. Algorithmic software should assist you in this and not go counter to your plan. Therefore trader’s psyche is an important consideration in picking the right software.

  1. Pick the trading strategy:

Now that you know what kind of trader you are, pick a strategy for yourself. The algorithmic trading software should run with that strategy. For instance, if you want to buy the dip and hold then algo software should do the same without you constantly monitoring it. Do research on strategies. Grab ones that are little known but work like magic. However, once you have selected a software based on a particular strategy then stick to it. The frequent change of plan can cause harm to your overall capital. Therefore, patiently wait for profits to start rolling in.

  1. Customization Feature:

The ready-made software from the market are complete packages in themselves. Nevertheless, traders want room for customization. Software builders may not have encountered certain issues that users do. Therefore, customization can solve these newfound problems. Additionally, this feature gives a personalized feel to the software. For example, the moving average (MA an indicator) cross over number can be customized by users to see where the trading market is going.

Another configuration tool is leverage for coding into the software. You can write programs using C++ or Python. While buying the algorithmic trading software look for the extent of customization it offers. Best algo software have a high degree of customization.

  1. User Experience:

The trader will have to eventually interact with the software for starting the trade. Better representation of data makes it easier to analyze different factors. For example, trading indicators are shown in the form of graphical charts. An understandable pattern and easier navigation through different points yield better results. Hence don’t underestimate the importance of visual appeal of software. Choose the one with an excellent User interface and user experience.

  1. Difficulty:

A complex and difficult to understand software will increase your problems. Remember, the best automated trading software is supposed to amplify your earning. So, it should do so by a simple and transparent process. Read the manual of software and run the trial version to get hands-on experience with it.

  1. Backtesting Feature:

This feature is a way to assess the performance of a particular strategy. With the help of the backtesting feature, users run the strategy over the historical data to see how the software would behave. However, you need to have historical data for this to work. Subsequently, you can see the profit margin. Backtesting gives you a chance to manage risk prior to running software on actual real-time data. There are two types of backtesting, event-based and research-based. Choose an algorithmic trading platform that is compatible with both.

  1. Cost:

The price of algorithmic trading software is different based on their functionalities. You have highly-priced software as well as free of charge software. However, as a trader, you should pick cost-effective yet efficient software. Don’t compromise on quality. For instance, digiebot is excellent automated trading software. It may seem costly but its services are worth subscribing to. The point is, spend your money on software that works for you.

  1. The Reviews:

Last but not the least important consideration for choosing the best algorithmic trading software are reviews. Reviews make it easy for you to make a decision. People who have used the software before you can identify the loopholes, bugs, or any other problems. It gives you a heads up on what to expect. Some software providers like digiebot have customer reviews listed on their site. However, you can research the best algorithmic trading software reviews through search engines as well as social media.


Choosing the right algorithmic trading software is difficult. But, once you have made the right call then it is all good for you. So, know exactly what you want. Look closely through the services sections of the software. Do complete research, count your capital, and go for the software with best reviews. Nevertheless, keep monitoring the performance. The ‘set and forget’ strategy can be detrimental. Hence work smartly to increase the flow of your passive income.

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Trailingcrypto – Best Tool/Bot to Trade Cryptocurrency on all Exchanges

All the platforms like Trailingcrypto share common features. These include configuring a trade with buy and sell order with the help of laddering or trailing to facilitate with a better price, a dashboard for profitability and monitoring of the trades, and last but not least the notification when orders are filled. However, so far among the different trading bots, Trailingcrypto is the best cryptocurrency trading platform in every manner. Let us have a brief look at how it is the best platform among the available ones in the market:


Trailingcrypto beats the rest of the platforms when it is about pricing. At this point of time, this is completely free of cost with all the premium features until it gets into the Beta phase. After this, it will amuse the users with a limited free version of the number of open orders. It is followed by a premium version for unrestricted access.

Supported order types

Unlike its competitors, Trailingcrypto meets all the requirements of the day trader as well as long term trader. This includes the stop-loss, limit market, take profit and stop by with a limit/trailing/limit, OSO, OCO, trailing stop sell/buy, cyclic OSO for HODL, etc.

User Interface

Color combination of the trailingcrypto is not the best however pretty much unique. Its UI is least cluttered and shows only the required elements by the traders. The panels are collapsible and the best part is the order form and market charts both residing side by side. It becomes really handy during the process of trading.


Trading view for charting is used by Trailingcrypto. This makes it dependent on the TradingView in order to access the market charts. It does not provide support against every exchange. It enables the users to keep the historical data point of the market and then uses it to render the charts.


Trailingcrypto sends the notification via emails however they are claiming they will soon be in a position to add telegram notifications support.


The platform is pretty much stable hence there should not be anything wrong with this feature.

Learning curve

The simplicity of the platform is its strength. It is composed of a single-page having order form, order history, charts, analytics, and wallet balance. It makes use of the standard market terminology making it to be understood easily.

Customer support

TrailingCrypto is at the top of the list among such platforms when it is about providing customer support. It is an important aspect of any trader. It would not be wrong to say that its customer support is super prompt. They not only solve the issue but accommodate the customer’s features request as much as possible.

Hence it does not matter if you are looking for the platform for the purpose of cryptocurrency trading, stop loss, trading bot for any cryptocurrency like Bitcoin Trailingcrypto will be at your service. It is one of the best traders on all the exchanges. Explore more about the same by accessing

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