Trailingcrypto – Best Tool/Bot to Trade Cryptocurrency on all Exchanges


Trailingcrypto – Best Tool/Bot to Trade Cryptocurrency on all Exchanges

All the platforms like Trailingcrypto share common features. These include configuring a trade with buy and sell order with the help of laddering or trailing to facilitate with a better price, a dashboard for profitability and monitoring of the trades, and last but not least the notification when orders are filled. However, so far among the different trading bots, Trailingcrypto is the best cryptocurrency trading platform in every manner. Let us have a brief look at how it is the best platform among the available ones in the market:


Trailingcrypto beats the rest of the platforms when it is about pricing. At this point of time, this is completely free of cost with all the premium features until it gets into the Beta phase. After this, it will amuse the users with a limited free version of the number of open orders. It is followed by a premium version for unrestricted access.

Supported order types

Unlike its competitors, Trailingcrypto meets all the requirements of the day trader as well as long term trader. This includes the stop-loss, limit market, take profit and stop by with a limit/trailing/limit, OSO, OCO, trailing stop sell/buy, cyclic OSO for HODL, etc.

User Interface

Color combination of the trailingcrypto is not the best however pretty much unique. Its UI is least cluttered and shows only the required elements by the traders. The panels are collapsible and the best part is the order form and market charts both residing side by side. It becomes really handy during the process of trading.


Trading view for charting is used by Trailingcrypto. This makes it dependent on the TradingView in order to access the market charts. It does not provide support against every exchange. It enables the users to keep the historical data point of the market and then uses it to render the charts.


Trailingcrypto sends the notification via emails however they are claiming they will soon be in a position to add telegram notifications support.


The platform is pretty much stable hence there should not be anything wrong with this feature.

Learning curve

The simplicity of the platform is its strength. It is composed of a single-page having order form, order history, charts, analytics, and wallet balance. It makes use of the standard market terminology making it to be understood easily.

Customer support

TrailingCrypto is at the top of the list among such platforms when it is about providing customer support. It is an important aspect of any trader. It would not be wrong to say that its customer support is super prompt. They not only solve the issue but accommodate the customer’s features request as much as possible.

Hence it does not matter if you are looking for the platform for the purpose of cryptocurrency trading, stop loss, trading bot for any cryptocurrency like Bitcoin Trailingcrypto will be at your service. It is one of the best traders on all the exchanges. Explore more about the same by accessing

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