EZDSK – 5 Reasons That Have Made It My Choice as a Broker


EZDSK – 5 Reasons That Have Made It My Choice as a Broker

When you are looking for an online broker to trade with, you are actually collecting reasons to sign up with one. With so many brokers out there, picking one can be a hard task. I know that because I have been through it all. However, I think that after doing all the research and learning the hard way, I am in a position to tell you which broker to pick and why to sign up with it. So, for me, I have been most impressed by EZDSK. I don’t say that this is the broker you should sign up with right now.

However, I will only tell you the reasons that have made me love this broker and let you make your mind up. So, here’s the EZDSK review that you have been looking for.

5 Reasons EZDSK Might Be Better than Other Brokers

1. Security and Ethical Trading

I could have broken this one down into two separate reasons, however, I want to make things simple and plain for you. So, when it comes to security, the first thing you have to worry about is the sensitive information you provide to the broker while signing up. You provide the broker with your utility bill, banking, and personal information at the time of signing up. You want to protect this information at any cost. EZDSK does that for you with its SSL certificates and the highest protocols of encryption in place. In addition to that, the broker maintains segregated funds for all of its traders.

I also admire the fact that EZDSK is involved in ethical trading only. The broker does not make you sign up on a trading platform on which you will not feel comfortable. Through AML and KYC policies, the broker has made sure that you sign up on a trading platform that’s safe for you in every respect.

2. Education and Training

Despite being the most important thing for traders, most of the online brokers continue to forget about the importance of online education. You see, there are more new traders in the world looking to trade today than those who have been trading for years. The brokers have to respond to this trend by providing their traders with proper educational material. I have seen many brokers with some good training material, but I think the training material and course from EZDSK is the most detailed and intelligently designed.

It provides you with one-on-one training, which is something you will rarely find with online brokers. It also has pro-level webinars included in its training so you can learn from the best trading experts in real time and ask them questions. It also provides you with all the videos and ebooks you need for learning at your own pace.

3. Multiple Cryptocurrency Trading

So, if I am someone who seeks a different market with a lot of value in the future, why will I limit myself with the assets I trade? I found this to be the case with many online brokers. When you sign up with them, they tell you a lot of great things about cryptocurrency trading. It is as though you can’t find an online resource that’s better than them in providing you with cryptocurrency trading. However, once you sign up with them, they make you trade either Bitcoin or Ethereum. These are the largest cryptocurrencies in the world right now, but do you really want to be stuck with just two crypto assets?

Of course, that’s not the case with me. I want freedom and I want choices. When I trade cryptocurrencies, I want to have choices in front of me so I can pick the best one for me. That’s what I get from EZDSK. This broker provides me with options like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and even Dash so I can trade the way I want.

4. A Trading Platform That Works

The trading platform from this broker just works. It is there for you on any device of your choice. You can use the same trading platform on your computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone without any compatibility issues. In addition to that, I loved how easy it was for me to use this trading platform. There are many other out there that you will get from other brokers, but none like the one I got from EZDSK. This trading platform is easy to use and simple to integrate into your lifestyle. It provides you with many different chart styles and a lot of indicators right there on your screen.

I also have to admire the fact that I don’t have to download anything to use this trading platform. I open it just like I open any other website and use it freely.

5. Customer Service

Once you have been satisfied with all the other elements and features, you have to look at the customer support and service from your broker. If there is any lacking in this department, you can say goodbye to the broker because lack of customer support will bite you at the time you need it. I have to tell you that the representatives from this company really know how to talk. They provide you with all the information you need on the phone. You can even send an email to get a response within 24 hours of your query. If you are looking to talk to a representative on the phone, you will have them available to help you 24/6.

You get the same level of customer support regardless of the account type you sign up with.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the five reasons that have made me laud this broker for its efforts. There might be many others like it, and I can tell you that I have tested them all. However, this broker is doing many things right. From security to my experience of trading, I don’t have any complaints with it. I only hope that the broker gets even better with time. As of now with the current features, I have described the broker to you and I hope it will make it easy for you to pick the right one.

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