Global CTB Scam Check – Making the Right Choice for Trading Success

Global CTB Scam Check

Global CTB Scam Check – Making the Right Choice for Trading Success

Over the years, the financial industry has undergone a number of changes, some quite prominent while others are not that significant. The internet has brought about drastic changes in almost every industry and the same applies to finance as well. Online trading, is perhaps, the biggest change that has occurred in the market in the last couple of decades. There was a time when people couldn’t have fathomed trading thousands of instruments straight from their home, but now it has become a reality. Even with no experience and skills, you can start trading and you don’t need a hefty investment either.

This fact has also appealed to thousands of people around the world and they have dipped their toes in it for taking advantage of its great potential. If you are also interested in entering this lucrative space, there is one prerequisite that you should know about; a broker. That’s right, you have to find an online broker in order to become a trader because they will give you access to the financial markets. How else will you trade then? It is true that the number of online brokers has increased tenfold in the last few years and there are lots of choices you can check out.

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t forget that no two brokers are equal, just like no two traders are the same. Just because one trader finds a broker reliable doesn’t mean that you will share their opinion. You have to do your own research into the broker before making your decision.

Global CTB is also one broker you will find on your list of possibilities and you should check it out thoroughly before you sign up or reject it.

Is Global CTB Scam or legit? Global CTB is certainly NOT a scam, this we have personally checked through trading with the broker, buy what exactly should you look at? Some of the vital features to check out are:

  • The trading platform provided by Global CTB

The most crucial aspect of a brokerage is its trading platform because this is the software that makes all trading possible. Without a platform, you cannot connect to the market or make any trade. No two brokers will offer you the same platform, so you need to check what option you will have with your chosen broker. Global CTB’s team has developed a web-based platform that doesn’t have to be downloaded or installed on any device.

It boasts cross-device functionality since it is accessed through the web browser and is integrated with various useful tools like price alerts, custom indicators, charting tools, market news and one-click trading. You can use it on your mobile for quick and timely trading or on your PC when you don’t need flexibility.

  • The security features incorporated by Global CTB

While the internet has made our lives easier, it doesn’t come without its share of problems. The online world is pervaded with cybercriminals, which means you have to be careful when putting your money or your personal information out there. Thus, when you have to choose a broker, you should ensure that their security features are not lacking in any way and they have taken steps to protect their clients. When it comes to security at Global CTB, you will first find the implementation of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, which is designed to keep all sensitive information safe from outsiders and third-parties.

In addition, Global CTB is a regulated broker and so they verify anyone signing up on their platform to create a secure trading environment. They are in compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies to accomplish this goal. Under these policies, traders are asked to submit documents, such as a National ID card and a utility bill to confirm their identity and address. As for protecting your deposits, the broker maintains segregated accounts i.e. keeps them separate from their own accounts and utilize them only for your trading activities.

  • The registration and account opening at Global CTB

To trade with a broker, you have to complete the registration process and open an account with them. This also applies to Global CTB if you want to use their services. You will find registration straightforward and easy because only one form has to be completed and it takes only a couple of minutes to do so, as the details are basic. As far as the accounts are concerned, six options have been added, which are:

  • Basic: $250 deposit and 30% welcome bonus
  • Beginner: $10,000 deposit and 40% welcome bonus
  • Medium: $25,000 deposit and 60% welcome bonus
  • Advanced: $50,000 deposit and 70% welcome bonus
  • Pro: $100,000 deposit and 80% welcome bonus
  • VIP: Special requirements to be fulfilled

With these options, Global CTB is capable of catering to different kinds of traders, whether they are newbies, intermediate traders or professionals. It offers account managers in these accounts, with their level of expertise varying, depending on the account type. Customer support, price alerts, webinars and educational resources and daily market review are just some of the features that the broker has introduced for its clients.

  • The deposits and withdrawals on Global CTB

Maintaining an account with Global CTB means that you will have to deposit your capital to start trading and eventually, you will have profits to withdraw. You have to look at their payment methods to decide which to use. The broker is offering debit and credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard, for those who are looking for easy solutions. Bank wire transfers are also a secure option that can be used. You have to use the same method for deposits and withdrawals, as per AML policies, and the account/card should also be in your own name as third-party names accounts cannot be used. No charges are applied to deposits or withdrawals, but a minimum limit of $100 is set for the latter.

Final Decision

Along with these features, Global CTB has also added educational resources, kept trading costs under control and introduced customer support options for facilitating traders. This can make them a reliable choice for achieving trading success without having to deal with any hassles. For more info about Global CTB visit the following website.

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