Will Bitcoin Value CRASH Between 25th December & 1st Jan 2021?

Bitcoin Value CRASH

Will Bitcoin Value CRASH Between 25th December & 1st Jan 2021?

Bitcoin has remained the largest in the crypto-trading. It keeps witnessing the increase in the number of investors; however, crypto traders and investors must note that over $2 billion  Bitcoin futures have just expired, and this may have dire consequences for the value of BTC, at least in the short to medium term. Does this mean you should sell before then? Read on, dear reader, read-on…

Why The Risk of a Late 2020 BTC Value Crash?

The answer is a simple one. 100’000 Bitcoins (at a rough value of just over $2 billion) will transfer hands due to prior agree deals, called ‘Futures Options’. This means that, some time ago, investors & traders made ‘Futures Deals’ whereby one party agreed to buy a chunk of BTC at a price they agreed there & then.

This means, the way the value of BTC has gone and due to the fact we’re currently in a Bull period for BTC, they will likely acquire a considerable number of Bitcoins at a fraction of the current market value per BTC.

Will The Sell?

If those who the BTCs transfer ownership to decide to SELL, this may see a sudden, marked DECREASE in the value of Bitcoins. Why? Simple, a sudden influx of BTCs being sold on the market.

Will this happen between Christmas & the New Year? Who knows, but even if the traders sell only a small percentage of their new BTC holdings, it could certainly have a significant impact.

Should You Sell NOW?

Ahhhh we can’t advise you of this! It boils to how much risk you are happy with, and how long-term you invest.

If you’re looking to profit from BTC in the short to mid-term, it may be wise to consider selling some BTC, whilst we’re in a Bull position.

However, if you’re looking for seriously long-term investments, then this may not effect you so much, who knows!

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