Viblos – Next-Generation Tokenized Social Interaction Platform


Viblos – Next-Generation Tokenized Social Interaction Platform

Think about a Social Interaction Platform that gives you money for watching videos; sounds interesting? A network of connections that is free and democratic with no authoritative body. Moreover, a place where investors, traders, and business people are generating wealth through NFTs. Other people are working on the token of value and value for content to take rewards of social interaction and wealth creation.

| Viblos provides you with a fun, interactive, and easy way to make money, socialize and become wealthy. Let’s explore a bit further!

Since the verge of success of the internet, what made the internet valuable was freedom. As we know, whether it is about privacy, advertisement, or an authoritative system, the mass users don’t like it. The advent of social media is evolving side by side with the growing sense of freedom. Social interaction is all about liberty, and that’s what makes it unique.

Viblos is changing the course of history and being committed to the spirit of blockchain, making a decentralized interaction system. It means to sit through unnecessary advertisements without your consent which means elected authority and free speech.

Another aspect of social interaction platform is it allows you to make money with little effort. Who doesn’t need to do bone-breaking content marketing and wait for several thousand likes or watch hours to get any profit? It’s simple: watch videos and make money.

Moreover, For our quality content creators, we share and monetize your content easily. And allowing our customers to play in a safe, secure, and transparent environment. You can earn our tokens, fiat money, or any other cryptocurrency, whichever you like.

Why would you care?

The core belief and the idea of the company are based on the Tokenized Social Interaction Platform. Our passion for decentralization motivates us to make user-centric policies. We value the time of our customers. Your interactions with the platform are not in vain; it’s all monetized. And if you are a content creator, make tokens for your content are provided.

An uninterrupted and fast environment with no advertisement is all that you want. Also, this is what we provide. You can run the deactivated version and have fun. Whenever you decide to earn money, you can watch advertisements and earn. Viblos Ecosystem has everything, helping you in increasing your sales through promotions and marketing. The tokenized social system is the way forward to the future of social interaction.

It’s not only our effort we get advertisement, but it’s also because of the users. We share advertisement money with the users, and that is how we can generate revenue for everyone.

Content creation

Any dedicated content creator makes something and wants to have a spotlight and earn. That’s what makes viblos unique; your art. Our policy is to provide total freedom in the authority of your content. You can delete anything anytime you want. Your content is in your hands. You can keep it private or choose people, groups, or public to have a spotlight on you. Unsubscribe anytime you want. It’s liberty that makes our relationship stronger.

Also, it’s up to you to watch content created by other people and make money. Our model allows you to run or close advertisements of your will and enjoy the platform in any way you want.

What makes us unique?

We strive to create a perfect decentralized social interaction. We value the privacy of our users and give you the utmost control. P2P information exchange makes it all very special. We guarantee to monetize your content without your heart-wrenching efforts. Moreover, exploring entertaining and informative content by other people allows you to learn as well as earn. We are the ones who keep the users above everything else.

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