Top 3 NFT Releases in September 2022

NFT Releases

Top 3 NFT Releases in September 2022

The market as a whole has faced a massive cooling in the last 6-8 months or so. Similar to the internet boom of the late 1990s (and following crash), We expect there to be a fundamental shift in how NFTs are built, marketed, and minted. There is a lot of untouched potential within the functionality of smart contracts. We expect collections who creatively utilize these technologies to do the best moving forward. We unfortunately believe the days of the 10,000 hype-beast collections selling out are in the rear view mirror.

That being said, we have researched and found 3 NFT collections that are dropping in August / September that do a fantastic job of utilizing smart contract technology and have real underlying utility. These are the types of collections we expect to hold and grow their value moving forward. Today, we will be breaking down our Top 3 NFT releases for August & September 2022.

Collection #1: Techera Syndicate

This is a limited-edition 99-piece collection being produced by Techera Solutions. Techera Solutions is an End-to-End NFT development agency that has completed and launched NFT projects for individuals, small businesses, and large enterprises.

We have never seen a collection that offers what Techera Syndicate does.

Each of the 99 NFT Holders will work together to create, develop, and launch a community-run NFT collection.

The 99 NFT holders will receive all profits and ongoing royalties from the collection sales. Holders will gain access to exclusive chat & video rooms as well as VIP metaverse locations where individuals can talk, brainstorm, and vote on important decisions about their collection. Once the collection is launched all holders will split all profits from the launch and ongoing royalties.

So how does it work? From now until November, Techera Solutions will be minting on a rolling basis. There are no discord promotions, refer friend promos, etc.

Although access to mint a NFT is exclusive it is also fair and simple.

There are two questions on their minting page. Answer these questions to your best ability. Techera Solutions will review these answers on an ongoing basis and invite their favorite responses to mint an NFT.

As you can see, Techera Syndicate is quite unique from other NFT collections. We expect the limited-edition quantity, high-utility, and community driven nature to lead to an increase of value for these NFTs on the secondary market which is quite rare in the current market conditions.

Collection #2: Isekai Meta

Isekai Meta is a Filipino-led project by Sayres, with co-founders Waps, Chev, and Frankied. The rest of the team comprises nine hand-picked individuals from different locations. You can be assured that you are in good hands with this team.

There are a few things right off the bat that really stick out with this collection. The first being, there are over 500 hand drawn traits. This is more traits than 99% of the collections I have seen to date.

The art is incredible and heavily influenced by pop culture, lo-fi aesthetics, and Japanese anime/manga.

Isekai Meta is  partnered with Studio 9 Lives, a full-service Animation, Illustration, & Design Company. This allows them to turn their art and imagery into an immersive video based reality.

Go to their website and you can see the feel, design, and art is something really special.

These are currently selling on OpenSea with a floor price of 0.4 ETH which we would not be surprised to see go up.

Collection #3: Souls of Nature

Souls of nature brings together social-impact and immersive meta experiences. Their entire collection is built on the Unreal engine to allow for high-end technologies to integrate with it. There will be a total of 9,271 NFTs generated. All of them will include both visible and non-visible traits.

Souls of Nature is an online game that is still in development but you can currently play a demo online.

Metazooie is the creative and developmental force behind Souls of Nature.

The goal of Souls of Nature is to not only create a top level, immersive game but also to lessen NFTs environmental impact overall. A percentage of the profits from the mint will be donated to protect endangered animals and their habitats around the world.

While playing the Souls of Nature game, NFT holders  will grow and nurture their unique animal NFT, while earning free crypto – the project’s goal is to be an ‘experience to earn’ game where players are re-born into an animal soul and complete missions to help the environment both virtually and in real life.

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