How to Stay Safe from BSC Scams with Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball

How to Stay Safe from BSC Scams with Crystal Ball

With hundreds of coins launching on the Binance Smart chain protocol every day, the investors looking for the next 100x coin end up losing their hard-earned money in most cases. It’s the same story repeating all over again and again; a cute animal or some brand with “safe” in it, advertising itself as the new SafeMoon or as an “easy 100x”.

Unfortunately, the newcomers to crypto will eat the bait. Most of the investors don’t know the presales/launches are orchestrated by the developers, who own a big percentage of the stock, and who will sell their coins in the first minutes. It’s a cruel world in the DeFI space and it’s putting all the decentralized crypto projects in a bad light.

Crystal Ball Token ($CRSTBA) is here to help! People were screaming for a scam checker for a long time and the developers at Crystal Ball have listened. A simple rug pull checker can be in handy but it won’t tell you if your investment is safe or you better throw that money out the window.

The devs behind Crystal Ball have developed a scam checker that will scan the history of the addresses who are involved in a project. They do that by analyzing multiple blockchains, all the decentralized exchanges, in case the scammers swap their loot into privacy coins and the BSC charts.

They have a clever way of incentivizing people to hold their tokens. To use their service you’ll have to hold $CRSTBA tokens. If you hold 0.1 BNB worth of $CRSTBA tokens you are allowed to do one search each day, holding the equivalent of 1 BNB will get you 10 searches and so on.

Crystal Ball is a hyper-deflationary coin. There is a 17% tax on transactions: 9% is auto-locked to liquidity, 6% goes to holders, 1% is burned and 1% goes to the costs of running the Crystal Ball scanner. This project looks interesting and could take off real fast based on their tokenomics. Filtering out the scams is a dream come true for anyone.

All the people participating in their presale will get a sniper bot for free. They have a video showing you how to use it on their website. It’s no rocket science, actually pretty easy. For more information on this project check out their official website at


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