Play and Make Money with the Best NFT Marketplaces

best NFT marketplaces

Play and Make Money with the Best NFT Marketplaces

Gamers! You all are going to have the time of your life because you are going to game your way to glory. All you have to do is, Play! Play! and earn. Here’s all you need to know about the NFT gaming marketplace. Ever since CryptoKitties got launched in 2017, online gaming has pushed its boundaries to different levels. The gaming industry is now considered one of the most lucrative industries in the market. Now that they have entered the NFT scene, the gaming community is expecting a prospective future.

What are NFT games?

NFT games are blockchain-based games that allow users to purchase in-game items to be used as tools for completing a task or sell to users within the task and on other NFT platforms.

Imagine that you have spent a good sum on making an in-app purchase, and eventually, the game stops, or you lose interest. Now the purchases that you have made will become redundant. So now, the entire profit goes to the game developer or the studio. This scenario can be avoided through NFTs. With NFTs, irrespective of what happens to the game, you can still own the purchases that you have made. The ownership stays with the gamer and not the developer. If you own an asset, you have all the liberty to do anything with it.

Reshaping the Video Game world through NFTs

Remember the games that we used to play as kids? From Arcade games to videogames, these games have now taken a new avatar in the NFT world. Most of these blockchain games are based on tradable collectibles. The coins that you collect, the weapons that you win, and all that you see in the game are tokenized. NFTs can be anything from accessories, cars, tracks, costumes, weapons, etc. Going a step forward, we have games in the virtual World or Metaverse, where you can own and build spaces as assets and even interact with other players.

Now that we are excited about gaming NFTs let’s look into some of the Best NFT marketplaces:

  • Jump.Trade– An emerging Marketplace for Cricket games!

Cricket NFT is slowly gaining popularity among cricket enthusiasts. And if you are one, Jump. trade is the Marketplace you have to check out. Jump. Trade is the World’s first Marketplace to launch Play to earn Cricket game NFTs. The platform sold 55000 of its Cricket game NFTs -‘ Meta Cricket League’ in less than nine minutes. You can buy bats, players, and signed legendary cricket NFTs. The Meta Cricket League provides a plethora of monetizing options to gamers and game developers. This Play to earn model has created a new buzz among the young gaming community.

  • GameStop– Exciting Marketplace for Video Games

GameStop is aiming to make a strong foothold in the video game space. The company is said to raise a huge fund for game developers who come to the GameStop Marketplace. The NFT platform is built on Immutable X- a Layer-2 protocol for Ethereum.

  • AxieInfinity– Cute little things leading to huge profits

AxieInfinity is a blockchain-based game where you have to collect cute little monsters and pit them for battles. Players get SLP tokens during gameplay and trade them for money in exchange. Nintendo’s famous Pokemon inspired this game. If you own an Axie, then you can re sell them. It has a play to earn approach, which rewards you in crypto tokens that

can be exchanged for money.

  • Decentraland– One stop place for the best Digital Assets

Decentraland is a digital world owned by its users. It’s a new world entirely built by its users.

Users can buy and sell land estates, avatar wearables, and names in the decentraland marketplace.

You can explore all you want, create scenes, artworks and challenges using Builder Tool, and participate in events to win prizes. Experienced creators get a chance to charge the world with social games and applications.

“Gaming is not my thing!” is that what’s going on in your mind? No worries. Here’s a list of marketplaces you can still check out.

  • Binance– All in all! from Crypto to NFTs

Binance is one of the largest Cryptocurrency markets places. They introduced their NFT Marketplace in 2021. They have IGOs- Initial Game offerings, i.e., They offer NFT assets from top tier gaming projects available. These are exclusive for gaming, and all the drops will have an in-game asset such as early-access passes, weapons, etc. Binance stands out as a very user-friendly and reliable website. The cherry on the cake is that the platform deducts only a 1% trading fee.

  • OpenSea– ‘World’s first and largest digital marketplace.’

OpenSea has been there in the NFT scene for quite some time now. It was launched in 2017 and has continued to be one of the largest and most active marketplaces. It has helped in

facilitating the launch of many NFTs from art, music, photography, trading cards, etc. Core cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Solana, and USDC are used on OpenSea. One of the striking features of Open sea is that it is very user-friendly and reliable. Anyone can create an account for free, and you can start browsing right away. You can even create your own NFTs on their platform. A 2.5% fee is collected for every transaction. You also have to pay a Gas Fee for transactions with Ethereum.

  • Rarible– Community owned Marketplace

Rarible is a decentralized marketplace that allows you to sell art, video games, assets, and NFTs. Rarible lets you deal with Ethereum, Flow, and Tezos. Some of the unique features of Rarible is that it is not dependent on an in-house management system. They created their own token called RARI, and those who own this token get to take company decisions regarding company policies. Another added-on feature is that you can buy NFTs through credit cards. If you are looking for an NFT platform where you can access a large community with solid connections, then Rarible is the Marketplace for you. is one of the widely used marketplaces. It is one of the largest Cryptocurrency exchange marketplaces with over ten million users. ventured into the NFT scene in 2021. They offer NFTs from a wide range of categories like art, celebrities, gaming, sport, music, etc. aims to make the entire process of buying and selling seamless. NFTs on this platform are available at auction or at a fixed price. Users can make a purchase through credit or debit card. Payway lets the user purchase through Crypto.

Beyondlife.Club is an ideal place to buy and sell unique and prized NFT collections. Being a part of this Marketplace enables one to be part of the elite NFT collector spectrum. By accessing this Marketplace, you can transact official and unique NFTs that cannot be found in any other Marketplace. Their Big B Loot box was a huge hit. It gave an opportunity to buy the exclusive Amithab Bachan NFTs. The Legendary Stan Lee’s Chakra was another huge hit. So, if you are looking for unique NFTs, this is your place.

Wrapping Up

So hurry up and head to all the Best NFT marketplaces listed above. You will be fascinated and  might even end up making a purchase immediately or want to mint your own NFT. So, take that first step right way.

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