OPU Will launch IEO with the Crypto exchange ChainX

crypto exchange ChainX

OPU Will launch IEO with the Crypto exchange ChainX

How much of an impact have cryptocurrencies made in healthcare? The healthcare sector is one of the sectors where cryptocurrency has not made a lot of impacts.  One cannot but marvel taking a look back at how the first cryptocurrency was created in 2008 and how many cryptocurrencies exists now. Apart from the growth of cryptocurrencies, another point of wonder is how the usage has crawled into most sectors to solve existing problems. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, challenged the financial system to be open, faster, and more reliable.

In the world, people are more negligent towards their health. They often rely on the government, organizations, and healthcare professionals to maintain healthcare systems in the world.  Rising healthcare is leading to lots of sustainability questions. In a way, we are all consumers of healthcare for most of our lives. The volume of healthcare data we generate is “massive,” and the contributors are numerous. Therefore, patients need to realize they have to be the center of their care to sustain healthcare systems.

What is VIC rewards?

VITALITY Coin (VIC) rewards is a crypto loyalty program created by dClinic. DClinic leverages on the benefits the blockchain network provides to improve the healthcare system. For the past three years, dClinic has made several partnerships and has completed many projects around its Private Healthcare Blockchain (PHB).

VIC Rewards is a utility token whereby consumers of the healthcare system who are sometimes patients and care team professionals can use, contribute, and value the healthcare data. The program aims to reward consumers of the healthcare system for their desire to be healthy and stay healthy. This will, in turn, reduce the pressure on the healthcare system.

In summary, patients get rewards for following their healthcare plan and staying healthy while team care professionals get rewarded for taking care of patients. How does the system work?

How does VIC rewards work

There are various health, wellness, and care management Apps incorporated with dClinic’s Private Health Blockchain (PHB). Therefore, consumers can maintain healthy health status. To improve accessibility, consumers can access healthcare tools on their mobile phones or laptops. This puts consumers in the central position of their health and manages how their health information is accessed and used.

The VIC Rewards program is created to reward consumers and care team members of the healthcare system for their adherence to and participation in their vitality plan to help them achieve a healthier status. The more a consumer adheres to the vitality plan’s set care, the more VIC Rewards they earn, the more services and products that can be accessed.

When a Consumer is working towards a care plan, the care team will always communicate via the care team app. With the VIC rewards token, users can purchase more health and wellness products from the partnership companies.

Benefits of VIC rewards

Some of the benefits of the VIC rewards include:

  1. Consumers take more responsibility for their health, thereby reducing the strain on the healthcare system.
  2. The VIC Rewards token can be used to purchase health and wellness products and services.
  3. Consumers can trade the VIC token for other tokens

The VIC Rewards program rewards you for maintaining a routine with your healthcare specialist. Consumers need to take responsibility for their health and maintain a healthy status to sustain the healthcare system worldwide.

OPU Coin is scheduled to launch IEO withChainX from November 23 to 30. More details can be found on the official website of OPU Coin and ChainX.

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