Solid Invest – Is Solid Invest a Good Choice for Trading?

Solid Invest

Solid Invest – Is Solid Invest a Good Choice for Trading?

Before you start your trading career, you definitely want some advice to pick the right trading platform. Since there are so many out there, picking one can be more like finding a needle in a hay stack. However, I can shorten the process for you and tell you a firm that I think will be a great choice for you whether you are a new or a trained trader. I am talking about Solid Invest. Of course, I won’t push my decision on you. Let me review the broker so you will know everything yourself.

How Solid Invest Is a Good Choice

Great for Cryptocurrency Trading

The cryptocurrency market is climbing with every passing day. The people, who used to think cryptocurrencies were fads, are now reconsidering their decisions. They want to be a part of digital coin trading, but how can they do it? Well, they have to find a secure trading platform to do that. I have seen many other companies that provide the same services. The problem with them is that they don’t offer you as many digital coins for trading as Solid Invest does. Yes, you have more than 250 crypto assets to choose from when you decide to have a trading career with this broker.

SSL Security and Segregated Accounts

Don’t sign up with a broker that promises to help you make millions but does not say a word about the security of your money and information. In this particular case, you are going with a company that has promised to keep your information and money safe. The money that you deposit in your trading accounts will go into segregated funds. That’s the standard of the industry. In addition to that, the information you give to the company while signing up is going to get encrypted. In both ways, you don’t have to worry about losing anything valuable.

Pay Very Small Commissions

Firstly, when I signed up with this brokerage firm, I was compelled to admire the effort of making everything transparent. With so many online companies, you don’t even know until the eleventh hour how much money you will be losing in the form of commissions. With this broker, you will be paying commissions of only 0.82% on your trades. Yes, that’s the entire amount that you will be paying for trading on one of the best trading platforms in the world. This small commission, which is not even 1% of your trade size, will give you access to the best assets from the best financial markets of the world.

Deposits and Withdrawals Made Easy

A company that has lifted the flag of providing trading services to traders from around the world should not be limited to just that. It should make sure that everything that is a part of online trading becomes easy for the traders. That’s what you can see this broker doing when you look at its services. You can use the easiest methods to withdraw money from your account and deposit funds in it. Go with bank wire transfer or credit card for safe transactions. You can also use your crypto wallet for trading with Solid Invest.

Trading Accounts with Bonuses

This will sound like a great deal to you, and you can trust me on that. I have seen many brokerage firms that don’t even talk about any incentives or bonuses. You just sign up with them and start trading. With this company, things will be a bit different. As soon as you make the initial deposit, you will get a bonus from this broker. This bonus is not small by any means. Not to mention, you will get it with every single account with Solid Invest, starting from 30% and going all the way up to 150%.

Final Thoughts

So, looking at everything that I have told you so far, what you do think about Solid Invest? Do you think it is a worthwhile broker? I definitely think that because I know the features it provides are very rare despite there being hundreds of online trading services provider. So, weigh your options, compare the companies and pick the one that you think will be truly best for you.

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