Mining Valuable Crypto: How much will Bee Coins and Pi Coins Be Worth in One Year

Bee Coins and Pi Coins

Mining Valuable Crypto: How much will Bee Coins and Pi Coins Be Worth in One Year

Crypto currency has been on fire since the beginning of 2021. All types of new crypto currency are being offered and developed by many companies. Does this create new opportunities for investors? The answer is a confident YES!

We all know the Bitcoin story and the value it today. If you could buy something at $0.01 and have it be worth $60k in 10 years, who wouldn’t pass that up? The question is, are all crypto currencies going to sour in price just as Bitcoin has? Probably not, but you can still make INSANE money investing and mining in early-stage cryptos.

Two new cryptos set to hit the market sometime in the next 1-2 years are Bee Coins and Pi Coins. Right now there is an opportunity to mine them for free just by downloading an app on your phone and hitting a button once every 24 hours. Imagine if Bitcoin offered something like this in the early stages! Why not set yourself up for success and build the amount of crypto you hold? It’s not going to hurt to try!

China is backing the new Bee Coins and rumor has it that Bee Coins will be their mainstream crypto currency. If that ends up happening, mining it now is like printing money for the future. There has been a lot of speculation as to what the starting price is going to be. Most analysts anticipate a value under $1 per bee. This, however, is just the initial offering price. With the number of bees being produced and the high demand for them even before they have a monetary value, they are set to hit $10 per bee within the first year. Can you imagine if you mined 20 bees per day for the next year and then it had a value of $10 per bee? That’s why it’s important to jump on the opportunity to mine them now. To download the app and start mining here are the links for IOS and Android: – use referral code “freelanceweb”

Now, let’s take a minute to talk about the Pi Network. Pi is another new crypto currency currently in the mining phase. It is set to hit the crypto market at the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022. Already, the company has recently created the Pi wallet for crypto trading and Pi ATMs where users can cash their Pi in for real cash. They offer the same concept as mining for Bee Coins where you download an app and hit a mining button once per hour. The more people you have on your mining team the more crypto you are able to mine per hour. Pi is predicted to be worth more than Bees with an initial offering of $2 per Pi Coin with it potentially hitting $15 within one year of being on the open market. Again, you can get it for free now by mining it through an app and accumulating it before it’s available for purchase and trading.

To download the app visit: use referral code “freelanceweb”

On another note, Basic Attention Token is going to continue to sour in price over the next year. Also known as BAT, this crypto is backed by the Brave browser that allows users to browse the web anonymously without their data being stored unknowingly. While browsing, users have the opportunity to watch ads in exchange for small amounts of BAT. This does add up and gives people a chance to earn free crypto while browsing the internet. I estimate that Basic Attention Token will be valued at $10 per share within the next year.

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