Genesis11 Review – Is Genesis11 Scam or Legit?

Genesis11 Review

Genesis11 Review – Is Genesis11 Scam or Legit?

Introduction to Genesis11

Genesis11 does not need much of an introduction as it is a popular name among traders and investors who have a deep knowledge of the trading markets.It is a versatile trading place where a trade can avail all types of trading instruments, including Forex, metals, cryptocurrency, ETFs, stocks, and indexes.

As a registered company from the regulatory body, it meets all the requirements that are necessary to fight money laundering and other criminal activities.It utilizes advanced technology that protects the site from all kinds of cyber threats. If you decide to trade assets over the platform, the responsibility of the safety and security of the funds is on the professional team of Genesis11.Other things, such as customer support and trading platform, are also outstanding in functionality. The Algorithmic trading is also another feature of the broker which helps traders in execution of winning trades as it execute multiple trade at one time with no complexity at all.WithGenesis11, investors find a competitive trading structure and no additional fees are charged over the services offered by the broker.Users can deposit and withdraw funds utilizing to-notch payment methods that are compatible with the platform.The trading company defines its goal in the following words:

“Your goals are unique, so your investment guidance should be too. This is why at genesis11 we take the time to listen and understand what matters most to you before helping you develop and manage your investment strategy.”

How to Start with Genesis11?

It is a very simple procedure to start your trading voyage with the broker because it will not ask you for a bundle of information. You will have to share brief documentation information with the site, and then you can utilize the features and options provided by the company for versatile trading. There are just four simple steps that you should follow in sequence to reach the destination. I will write here in a brief about these steps.


Like many other platforms, Genesis11 also asks you to first register with it. At the moment of registration, you will see a page having empty boxes that ask you to put information over there. In these mandatory boxes of the registration page, you write your first name, last name, email address, phone number, and country of residence. It is a mandatory step because the company needs data about you as it is a registered regulatory body.


It is the most important step, and you will have to go through it. If you cannot verify your identification, services will be turned off. Once the verification is done, the features of the trading broker will be turned on for you. Due to the enormous growth of scammers in the market, the concerned regulatory authorities have made it a strong policy for detailed verification. In order to meet the needs and requirements of the regulatory policies, such as know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) policies, you are required to verify yourself. After verification, you will be designated a fully complied user.


The account will not activate properly unless it is funded by money. What’s more, a trader cannot make trades without adding funds into his or her account. A user will add funds into the account wallet depending on the limit fixed for the account type. If a trader sends more money into an account wallet, he will receive more money as a result of trading. An extensive number of payment methods are available to customers for funds’ deposits.


After the successful completion of the past three steps, you will get eligible for the fourth stage, which is trading. As I have mentioned earlier, it is the best place for the trading of prominent instruments, including digital currencies. The company offers an outstanding opportunity to its users in the form of an extensive list of trading objects. All trading objects, including Forex, stocks, indexes, ETFs, metals, and cryptocurrency are present at your doorstep for trading.

Account Types

Brokers provide account types so that each account type targets traders and investors of a particular range in terms of investment. In the same way, Genesis11 has also listed three different account types with different specialties and qualities. Each one has a specific limit for money deposits. For instance, if you have a small capital, you can open a Mini account, while Premium one is for those people who have the capacity to invest in millions of dollars.

Mini Account

As the name reveals it is a small account for retail traders who are starting from very low levels. In terms of functionalities, it is not a small one as it provides a large number of features. To open this, a user will need to submit just $500. It is specially created for beginners who are new to the trading field and do not know enough about it. The features of the Mini account include online chat support, WebTrader, free e-book, competitive spreads and commissions, and access to market news and research section.

Classic Account

It is written over the top portion that it is for skilled investors who have enough knowledge about the cryptocurrency markets. One should have at least $5,000 to activate the features of the Classic account. The functionalities of this account type include online phone support, trading education program, online chat support, free e-book, availability of WebTrader, competitive commissions and spreads, real-time trading signals, access to news sections, and presence of a wide list of objects for trading.

Premium Account

If you want to enjoy the premium trading services of Geesis11, then you will have to select the Premium account as an account type. It will fulfill your all dreams as you can earn a lot of profit by using the tools and services offered by the broker. Here, an investor can enjoy all premium functionalities, but he must have at least $20,000 in his pocket. The features available to Premium account holders include online phone and support chat, free e-book, trading education program, WebTrader, competitive fee structure, real-time trading signals, trade mentor, access to unlimited instruments, 24/7 availability of the executive team. It is an account for premium investors who bet in thousands of dollars. The more investment the more profit will be earned.

Customer Support Section

Customer support is a thing that should be active 24-hours a day and there should not be a hard line between users and the support team. Over the platform of Genesus11, you will find a friendly reaction of the company towards its customers. If you have time then go and check the feedback of Genesis11’s users, you will find all comments positive related to the support field. The experienced customer support agents of the broker are active 24-hours a five days a week. In the case of complexity, a user can contact the support section, and his issue will be solved promptly.

Professional User Interface

The user interface of Genesis11 is designed in a professional way by the developers of the company who tried to make it as simple as possible. The user interface of a company site, especially a trading broker, must be simple to use. Keeping in mind the psychology of people, developers of the site made it interactive and friendly. Both new and old users find it a versatile trading broker when comes to the question of a professional interface. Most of the common queries that users face are given in the FAQ section.If the solution is not mentioned in the FAQ section, a user should go to the “Contact Us” section to submit his issue.

Asset Types

On the website of Genesis11, traders will find all prominent trading instruments, including Forex, metals, indexes, stocks, cryptocurrencies, energies, and ETFs.


Forex is a very broad thing where there are hundreds of currency pairs available for trading. Out of so many currency pairs, there are some that are high in potential and can give you a handsome amount of profit. All currencies pairs against the major currencies, such as the US dollar (USD) and euro (EUR) are available. What’s more, it is a global place for the trading of national fiat currencies. The Forex markets remain open five days a week and remain close at weekends only. The daily market volume of the Forex market reaches trillions of dollars, which shows how big the industry is.


Trading of precious metals is a mature phenomenon that started a long time ago as precious metals remained reserved currencies for centuries. These precious metals include gold, silver, and others, which can give a high return in the end. In order to combat macro uncertain events at a global level, people prefer gold to hedge their money in order to avoid inflation. Gold is a common hedge instrument that is popular among traders and investors due to its high potential.

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