Meet Exxaverse, the promising gladiator-themed Play-to-Earn game

Exxaverse play to earn game

Meet Exxaverse, the promising gladiator-themed Play-to-Earn game

The online gaming industry has been completely disrupted by the novel Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanic, which essentially allows users to monetize their achievements and progress. Despite its popularity, many argue that its potential would only be fulfilled when combined with a high-quality gaming experience. Enter Exxaverse, a project that merges P2E with an outstanding game and immersive metaverse—read on to find out how you can join their journey.

Play-to-Earn (P2E) in metaverses explained

To ensure everyone can fully grasp the novel features of Exxaverse, let’s first set some related core definitions straight. Play-to-Earn (P2E), as mentioned before, allows gamers to secure actual proceeds only by playing and completing various achievements in the metaverse. 

On the one hand, this is made possible by Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and their characteristic of providing verifiable and transferable ownership to holders. In practice, players earn in-game assets as NFTs, which they can choose to sell on specialized marketplaces for cryptocurrencies, thereby potentially gaining actual profits from their items.

On the other hand, some metaverses offer the possibility of securing conventional crypto tokens during gaming, which can also be sold for other coins to realize gains. With that said, let’s see how Exxaverse aims to provide both opportunities in its ecosystem.

Introducing Exxaverse

Built via the NEAR Protocol, Exxaverse is one of the most highly anticipated P2E metaverse projects of its time, for a simple reason: it not only offers both native crypto token and NFT P2E functions, but also a truly world-class gaming experience with AAA quality that is expected to attract thousands of early adopters.

The gladiator-themed ecosystem will allow users to battle each other with 3D gladiators in the player-owned Exxaverse Arenas and earn EXXA, the metaverse’s native crypto token, along the way. It’s important to mention here that Arenas will be auctioned in limited numbers, and only a handful of players will have the chance to own one. To access fights, and many other features of Exxaverse, users will have to secure Arena Tickets, which can come with various perks, such as weapon and EXXA token airdrops, exclusive giveaways, and many more. 

On another note, EXXA tokens are said to have utility throughout the entire metaverse, with functions ranging from staking in return of compounded annual percent yield (APY) to mint revenue and royalty funding for its liquidity and deflationary tokenomics.

What’s next for Exxaverse

The roadmap of Exxaverse is an ambitious one, albeit aiming high was somewhat expected from this promising project. To start with, the Arena Tickets will be minted, which, as mentioned before, will provide potential access to all other stages of the metaverse’s development. In fact, the next step will be the weapon airdrop in Q2 2022, which only Arena Ticket holders can take part of. Further down the road, we can see the Pilot version of the game released in the same quarter, and the EXXA token distribution in Q3 of this year, which are definitely the highlights of the plan. 

Final thoughts

Overall, it is easy to see why Exxaverse is considered one of the most promising Play-to-Earn (P2E) metaverses of its era: its unique mechanics, AAA quality gameplay, and immersive ecosystem result in an unprecedented experience that thousands of players are incredibly keen on trying. The only question left is: will you become part of Exxaverse’s journey?

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