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Libra - Cryptocurrency By Facebook - low size

Libra Coin – A New Digital Currency Developed by FACEBOOK

Facebook has announced its cryptocurrency, Libra in past years which enables each and every individual to buy things and also to send money irrespective where the person is with ultimately zero transactional fees.

Libra is built on a very strong foundation in order to make transactions simple, easy, secure and safe. Libra coins can be stored in any third party crypto wallets or on facebook’s own Cablibra Wallet. This wallet will be associated with Whatsapp and Messenger very soon.

In the recent updates of Libra, Facebook released Libra’s white papers explaining details about its testnuts and transactional working procedure through the blockchain system in detail which will come into existence in the first half of 2021.

Anyways Facebook alone will not be controlling Libra as a signal entity but will be governed by Libra association members along with the Visa, Uber and Andreessen Horowitz who have invested more than 10 millions each in this project, according to a news report. The association members have promoted blockchain technology, which has become trendy in recent times because of its entry in bitcoin casinos.

Libra Blockchain is an open-source decentralized network which is programmed by a robust language “Move”. It is encoded in an understandable way even by the non-programmers and also mobile friendly. Businesses involved in libra payments will get extra benefits and discounts in coming years. This business strategy will reach billions of people in a very short run. Hopefully, Libra will get its place very soon and grab many users.

Our team from has come up with an interesting and unique infographic on Libra Coin — a new virtual coin developed by Facebook to reach billions of people across the world. Hope you’ll like it, please share it with your family and friends.


Top Five Cryptocurrency Exchange Technological Innovations

Cryptocurrency, which is sometimes referred to as digital currencies operate independently of any central authority or banks and it is permissionless to use, the transaction is open & available for people to see.

Because it is decentralized, government authorities such as the Judiciary, Authorities in-charge of taxation, and the central banks do not find it appealing because it cannot be taxed and they don’t have power to influence the transactions of traders/participants.

N.B: Cryptocurrencies Transaction cannot be cancelled, cannot be reversed and neither can it be disputed, This is the reason why newbies are advised to have someone who is experienced and careful to guide them whenever they want to carry out a transaction.

Cryptocurrencies can be obtained by buying/purchasing from a digital/crypto-currency exchange platform, The exchanger allows the trader to exchange their Fiat( paper currency) to Alt coins of their choice. The top five (5) cryptocurrency Exchange can be find below:

  • Binance
  • Bitmex
  • Kucoin
  • Changelly
  • Hobi Pro

Cryptocurrency Trading platform have their own shortcomings such as: scalability, Cybersecurity issues, price volatility and lack of inherent value, Regulations, and abuse of trust which traders place on the crypto exchange all for the sake of profits, user-friendly interface, these shortcomings cause traders to panic.

As more technological innovations are uncovered, binance works as a decentralized structure for its users. This makes it reliable for unlimited coverage worldwide. This implies that users can access the platform near the network and the business as a whole. Furthermore, the platform uses a decentralized node to create a broader public spectrum, thereby expanding the business and the platform.


Exchange is a trading platform with numerous functions that allow users to make smart trading decisions, reduce their costs and maximize their profits from each transaction made. The success of each project mostly depends on the team. The project team consists of numerous experts and various Blockchain professionals who have experience in the cryptocurrency world for many years. They will be able to bring the trading platform to a new level and offer a highly reliable and high-speed trading platform for traders.

In addition, binances functions as a centralized structure for its users. This makes it reliable for unlimited coverage worldwide. This implies that users can access the platform with proximity to the network and trade as a whole. In addition, the platform uses a decentralized node to create a wider audience spectrum, thereby expanding the business and platform.


High security – Your personal data will always be encrypted, which guarantees very high reliability and security. Developers create a trading platform where buying digital currencies will be simple and straightforward, even for beginners. Binances Exchange accepts any credit or debit card from VISA or MasterCard.

  • Only the best and most top cryptocurrencies – Buy your digital assets in a wide range of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world.
  • Reliable platform – You can use all services wherever you are, and you can always be confident in the reliability of the trading platform.
  • Customer service you can trust.
  • Support agents are always ready to answer any of your questions that you can ask at any time convenient for you.
  • Highly Secured Your data is encrypted, guaranteeing your safety.
  • Binance makes buying crypto simple Rokes Commons Exchange accepts any credit or debit card from VISA or MasterCard.
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  • Reliable Platform
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  • Binance Exchange has you covered.

What is a Crypto Token? A detail Overview

A crypto token is arguably the most fundamental element of digital currency. in this article, we’ll explain exactly why.

What is it?

The most basic definition of a crypto token is that it represents a specific fungible and tradable asset or utility.

For those who are unaware of what “fungible” means, it is the standard ability of a good/asset to be interchangeable with an array of other individual goods/assets of the same type. Can the token be bought, sold and traded for other assets like the Euro or another token?

Fungible means the assets that are exchangeable for one another. Moreover, digital tokens may better simplify the exchange and trade processes because fungibility generally implies equal value between the assets.

A quick overview of blockchain

The asset or utility that a crypto token represents can often be found on a blockchain. You may already know what a blockchain is, but for the sake of providing context, let’s briefly go over what exactly it is.

Blockchain is the cryptographic ledger technology that connects with virtual currency. It is essentially a list of records (the ‘blocks’) that are linked together on a public database (the ‘chain’). The blocks existing on this digital chain are full of various pieces of information.

More on tokens:

Crypto tokens are a special brand of virtual currency tokens. They reside on their own blockchains and, as previously mentioned, represent an asset or utility. For example, someone can have a crypto token that represents a specific number of customer loyalty points within a blockchain. In a way, these are tools that manage such details pertaining to a retail chain.

There can usually be another crypto token that provides entitlement to the token holder. This entitlement is to view roughly 10 hours of streaming content on a blockchain that shares videos.

The shekel was the name for both a specific weight of barley and the coin which could be used to collect that weight of barley from the city’s warehouse. Shekels eventually became a form of coinage used in several different nations, which could be used simply as a currency to purchase all sorts of things, and was no longer exclusively a “redeem for one bag of barley” token.  Click here to know more about Barley Token. Its a referral program in the Crypto industry with a background of the Coffee and beer industry.

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