STR Capital – A Safe Crypto Trading Experience

STR Capital

STR Capital – A Safe Crypto Trading Experience

Registering to an online broker, even if you have done it before, can be quite daunting. A new broker often brings about a completely new experience, as their features and platforms are very different. But the most prominent concern that any trader has is about security.

Personal information and access to your funds are the two most important things that your broker will have access to. Even after years of trading, I’m always a little anxious when going to a new broker. It is especially stressful for new traders, as they are worried about their safety. But brokers like STR Capital are help in providing their customers with a safe trading experience.

A Modern Trading Experience

One of the other things that people traders look for in their brokers is a seamless trading experience. Since we live in a time where everything we use is optimized to the fullest, anything that isn’t stand out like a sore thumb. And this rule also applies to brokers and their trading platforms.

Traders do not want to experience bugs, crashes, slowdowns, or even hiccups when they are trading. If they find that user experience is not up to par, then they will look for a new trader. Even if their previous trader offered a better overall package, most traders will leave.

Therefore, to minimize the risk of traders choosing any other broker, most brokerages have invested heavily in their platforms. In fact, you can be hard pressed to find a broker who does not have a well optimized website. And STR Capital sticks to the formula of giving traders a good experience.

Everything connects seamlessly to one another in a giant web that is easy to navigate. Traders can go from their webinar, to trading news, and then to the trading page in just a few clicks or taps. Their platform is also available on both desktop and mobile, since many traders like to trade on the go.

Educating Their Traders

A lot of traders who make their way to a broker are often on a beginner or intermediate level. In other words, they have a lot to learn about trading and the markets that they will be dealing with. However, since most traders never receive proper training, most brokers like STR Capital take it upon themselves to educate them.

They have a wide array of educational material that allows users to achieve their fullest potential. I have heard so many stories about traders loosing considerable amounts of money because they lacked knowledge about something. And the truth is that new traders will continue to lose money like this, unless they educate themselves about the market.

STR Capital offers traders a plethora of educational material that they can use when starting out. Each account type will refer to different parts of the educational material that is relevant for traders at that level. So a person with the basic or silver account will be learning something completely different from someone in the gold account.

Educating their traders also often includes them teaching them how to use certain functions within the trading platform.

Safety and Security

As I mentioned before, security is always a major concern for traders, especially when they are registering to a new broker. This broker might have everything that they need, but not offer the right security measures to keep their information safe.

Therefore, most traders will walk away from brokers because they do not feel safe when trading with them. Luckily, brokers are making efforts to deliver a very safe trading experience to their traders. Brokers have implemented various safety measures which ensure that traders are safe on their platform.

These security measures fall into two categories. The first category is that of the information security, and the second is of platform security. To ensure that your information is safe, they will encrypt all sensitive data. As for the website, they offer a protective SSL shield that protects all incoming and outgoing information.

Think of it as a tunnel that connects from your device to the website. This tunnel will keep hackers from stealing your information while it is in transit.

Different Accounts for Different Traders

Since the past few years, brokers have changed considerably in both how they operate and the services that they offer. Before, brokers would never educate their traders on how to trade, whereas now they are the primary form of education for most traders. Likewise, a lot of brokers now offer their users various account types to choose from to get the most out of their experience.

Multiple accounts have become such a staple among brokers that it would be hard to find one without a variation of it. While not all of them follow the same formula, most of them have easy to understand, diverse sets of accounts.

Beginners will first be signing into the basic account, so that they can get a hangof how everything works. Intermediate and advanced traders will have access to silver and gold accounts. These accounts cover more advanced topics, and offer traders a brand new features that they can incorporate into their trading. Finally there are the veteran accounts of platinum and diamond. Just by looking at their minimum deposit of 250,000 for platinum and 500,000 for diamond, it is an account for veterans. Their accounts will have access to analysts and account managers, as well as allowing them into trade groups and seminars.

Take Your Time

New traders often ask me advice on how they can improve as traders and it is usually the same. I tell them to just take it slow. Trading is not something that you can learn overnight and perfect in a matter of days. It can take months or even years before you reach a point where you are good enough to make a career out of trading. So take your journey one step at a time and try not to make very risky decisions or investments.

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