Purple Coins – New Cryptocurrency 2021

Purple coin

Purple Coins – New Cryptocurrency 2021

Crypto Art Coin

Over the years, people have been loving, following, and stocking crypto. It is the perfect time to wear it in the form of funky, stylish jewelry. Isn’t it hard to understand? Let us make it simple. Now you can show your immense love for Artists by investing in this unique art-loving new cryptocurrency. Its specialty is, it shares a significant part of its business with the Arts and Music industry. The financial instrument that functions in the Purple Throne ecosystem is termed as PurpleCoin denoted by PPC. The current market value of one Purple coin is 4.01 US Dollars.

How can you earn through Purple Coins?

Also called Extremely Lovable Crypto, this art coin is available in a unique and substantial form known as a jewelry medallion. The value of this new cryptocurrency is directly related to PurpleThrone assets, app, IP, website, copyrights, and fresh artists. You can exchange PPC for regular cash. With the rise in Purple Coin’s value, your cash value will also increase.

What makes PPC unique?

The flood of brand new digital currencies in the market makes it harder to choose among them and pick the right fit.

What would you rather choose?

  1. Making the right decision
  2. Taking a decision and making it right

In the case of Purple Coins, both options will do just fine. The reason being, even if the market of this coin is not growing rapidly, you have still made an investment for the flourishing of Music and Arts. Moreover, the custom made elegant pieces of valuable Medallion jewelry accompany you everywhere as solid proof of your backing. PurpleThrone gives you amazing chances to win royalty payments with music streaming. Regulation of this earning is powered by the legendary PurpleCoin. The benefits are distributed to medallion owners and independent artists. Guess what? You get an additional bonus each time when your content hits the top 20 lists. For #1 ranked artist, the increment rate is equal to  0.076 PPC per week and for #20 it is 0.0009 Purple coins. You can monitor your progress on the basis of metric score achieved by the amount of traffic you get. PurpleThrone app is available on App Store for free and provides access to unlimited music. Moreover, PurpleThrone protects your content privacy and owns a proper copyright claim system.

Multi-Use Medallion Collection

It is nearly impossible to constrain the aesthetic features of Medallion items in a few lines. Available in different varieties with a variable price range, kin medallion has already made its way to inspire the majority of people out there. The collection is of several types involving:

  • Ultimate Medallion (Collection)
  • Gold and Black Medallion Privilege(Edition)
  • Fire Medallion
  • Rose Gold Collection
  • Privileged Edition of Medallion
  • Elite Medallion
  • Gold Edition of Medallion


PurpleCoin is an ideal choice for those who want to earn by investing and will love to make their part in fine Arts. There are no such potential risks plus you own the charming jewels as an illustration of vector designs, commitment to fine arts and speculation.



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