phpTrader – World’s Best Crypto Bot


phpTrader – World’s Best Crypto Bot

PhpTrader – In recent years, the industry and understanding of Cryptocurrency have experienced astonishing growth. The market niche that this new technology has presented, has created the opportunity for many normal people to amass a good quantity of cryptocurrencies in their wallets, leading to an exponential growth in their wealth.

Even though they are quite young, cryptocurrencies have proved to be very trustworthy for many different purposes. The crypto community relies heavily on this new way of payments and wealth storage, which makes them want to accumulate more and more cryptocurrency. There are three ways to do it buying with fiat money mining staking trading cryptocurrency.Very possibly, the latter is the cheapest and most profitable of all of them.

This has led to a steady rise in the number of automated trading bots. These platforms allow the user to trade cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum automatically. You can be sleeping, working or simply not in front of your computer’s screen, no matter what, your bot will keep trading crypto to increase the value of your portfolio. Let me present to you the industry leader, phpTrader


phpTrader is the sensational crypto trading platform that basically allows you to do everything related to trading.

The market can be very useful to all merchants regardless of his level of knowledge. Using phptrader bot, you can automatically trade as if you were a professional trader.

As noted above, phpTrader surprised everyone after the release of two new bots that many encryption traders requested a lot. Now the platform is calculated by three trading bots to allow users to customize their strategies. It is a Triangular Arbitrage bot/market profit-taking bot/Market maker bot.

Exchange and Market Arbitrage bot

In the crypto market, arbitrage has proved to be an incredibly efficient trading strategy. It takes advantage of market inefficiencies to pocket price differences among cryptocurrency. Price differences mainly caused by the high volatility of these markets.

Even though it might seem like one bot, it is two different bots: The market arbitrage bot and the exchange bot.

Let’s begin with the market arbitrage bot. It refers to the type of arbitrage carried out in one single exchange. But, you might wonder, how is it possible to spot price divergences within the same exchange? The answer is through a third coin, also called triangular arbitrage.

Ex: the bot has found a triangular arbitrage opportunity between the coins BTC, ETH and XRP. Let’s say that your base coin is BTC. Then, the bot will sell BTC to buy ETH. Thereafter, it will sell the ETH to buy XRP. And finally, it will sell XRP to buy back BTC. This loop will end up increasing your BTC portfolio due to price divergences in the process.

Exchange arbitrage implies buying certain cryptocurrency in exchanges where they are cheap, to thereafter sell them in another exchange for a higher price. This strategy has proved to be highly profitable in the crypto market for several years, and now it is possible to automate your exchange arbitrage strategy! Something that no one has been able to do before in an automated manner and for commercial use.

Just by having an account on, at least, two exchanges and funding them with the cryptos, you would like to do arbitrage with, the phptrader will start trading market inefficiencies. No matter if you are in front of the charts or not, the phptrader will keep trading.

Market inefficiencies sometimes are notable in the cryptocurrency market. Having this bot will, no doubt, capture them immediately and keep the gain in your wallet.

Wrapping up, phpTrader is a very complete trading platform where the user can automate trading and copy experience traders, as well as put in practice advanced trading like arbitrage and market-making. And most importantly, so user-friendly that everyone can become a trader.

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