Lean Management Token (LEAN) announces the publication of the new revision of White Paper in January 2023

Lean Management Token (LEAN) announces the publication of the new revision of White Paper in January 2023

The Lean Management Token (LEAN) – the mean of payments in a global ecosystem for professionals in the area of management – has announced the publication of new revision of the White Paper in January 2023. The new White Paper will present the strategy of the project for following years as well as the implementation of a business model based on the Utility-Buybacks-Burning model. The UBB model is focused on the continuous increase in the number of channels and methods of using cryptocurrencies (Utility), the redemption of tokens from the market from the revenues generated by business projects (Buybacks), and the continuous reduction of the number of tokens in circulation by sending purchased tokens to a smart contact that supports the burning process (Burning).

The new White Paper will explain the new distribution plan of token, updated information about the number LEAN holders and future listing plans in top exchanges. At the end of 2022, LEAN is listed on top 30 exchange – DigiFinex.

It’s been over a year since the Lean Management Token was created on the ETH blockchain. The idea for the LEAN Ecosystem was presented in October 2021 in the White Paper.

Lean White Paper

  • During last year all tasks from the White Paper were implemented including:
  • Lean Marketplace with over 150 products and services, launched in October 2022
  • Access to over 100 unique articles about Management written by over 35 authors, FreeLIB APP launched in November 2022
  • Almost 2,000 Lean Practitioners on LinkedIn Lean Group
  • Lean burning process performed monthly according to the plan

The last element agreed on at White Paper is the merchandise collection for LEAN. We are pleased to announce that together with a manufacturer of clothes and gadgets operating on the European market, we will soon launch the CyrptoSense portal. The official LEAN collection will be available on this portal. Of course, all products will be offered, among others, through the Lean Management Token. The portal is 80% ready, and at this point collections are being created not only for our token. As a shareholder of the project, Lean Ecosystem will benefit from this cooperation, thus supporting our UBB model: Utility – Buybacks – Burning

According to our vision, LEAN will start to go far beyond the area that was originally set in October 2021. Nevertheless, LEAN will still be based on its original concept – a token for people interested in their development. We are very excited and can’t wait to show you how LEAN Ecosystem will be changing the world. The new White Paper will also include an updated distribution plan and a Road Map with a detailed development plan.

About Lean Management Token (LEAN)

The Lean Management Token was created in 2021 as part of the Lean Community project. The $LEAN concept was developed by over a dozen Lean Management professionals from such countries as: England, Wales, Brazil, USA, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, the Netherlands and Spain. Currently, the Lean Management Token is developing its ecosystem on other platforms and is striving to be a global means of payment for people who are interested in its development, as well as for companies and institutions operating in the field of management.

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