Crowd Strength – A Unique Collaborative Art Project

Crowd Strength

Crowd Strength – A Unique Collaborative Art Project

The fact that the majority is authority stands undeniable and nothing can challenge the potential of Teamwork. No matter what field or industry you belong to, you always look forward to making healthy partnerships with relevant people. These contacts enable you to create a win-win environment in your workspace. The benefits you get to enjoy are countless including faster and efficient problem-solving, facilitating management decisions, leadership, and division of roles, diverse pool of human talent, innovative ideas, and whatnot!

CrowdStrength as the name implies indicates that the strength of a business lies in the creation of a crowd combined to work for a mutual cause. CrowdStrength is a unique and one-of-a-kind platform that is focused on promoting art-based projects through digital means. It involves the collaboration of various types of artists from all over the world and supports them to work for a global cause. Keeping in view the fact that communication is the most effective skill to boost any business, CrowdStrength has designed an algorithm that makes sure that no artist has to face language barriers.

All the participants agree to a certain set of rules and regulations and become a part of this community. The slogan is: Make a contribution and Earn forever!

INPUT: What are you going to Invest?

You are supposed to submit your piece of work after you join the crowd as an artist and leave the rest up to the project dealers. Some brilliant candidates are selected by CrowdStrength to edit, cut, add, and transform your content sharpening it up to the optimum level by combining it with other patchworks. The final artwork is then marketed to generate revenues.

CrowdStrength project supports digital collaborations by providing a platform to artists to work together and create unique artworks. There are FIVE different categories that signify the groups of artists that work as participants – Game of Brushes, Four of a Kind, Three in a Row, Table for Two, and Everyone. Each group of artists has a different number of seats – 10, 100, 500, 2000, and 4400 respectively. To keep things interesting and user-friendly, each group is given a specific Edition and a certain level name ranging from Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, to Artifacts. An artist can make as much money as faster he joins the CrowdStrength projects because more number of artworks will lead to higher revenues.

OUTPUT: What will be your Payout?

Have you ever imagined creating something new, but are unable to complete it due to lack of time, energy, resources, or guidance? This is the right time and opportunity to be a part of unique art projects that are based on novel ideas and also pay a lot. If you have created something that you consider is a masterpiece, you can drop it at CrowdStrength and wait for the cash output. Once you manage to sign up on CrowdStrength via invitation code and join the community, it becomes easier for you to make money.

Your digitally developed content is processed to make sure it meets the quality standards, is legal, and will get maximum attention from the audience. The final artwork is traded as NFT at a digital marketplace called “Foundation” to the highest bidders. The ratio of share is kept 50:50 between the artist and CrowdStrength platform.  After the content is sold out, the artists get their share from Crowd Strength in their ETH wallets within 7 days. In this way, CrowdStrength provides you with an advanced way of making money online while sitting in the comfort of your home. The faster you become a part of this ecosystem, the more are the chances for you to make money because you will be participating in more artworks.

Final Thoughts

CrowdStrength is a fantastic opportunity for content creators who are looking forward to marketing their content for money. In this way, their art and talent are utilized in an ideal way to produce exclusive outcomes. Moreover, each time the content of artists is utilized in some art project, they receive a payout. Social safety especially in times of a pandemic is extremely important.  Since everything is happening online, each participant directly or indirectly linked to the CrowdStrength community is not susceptible to potential risks.

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