Claim Justice Review – How Does This Company Help You Retrieve Your Stolen Money?

Claim Justice Review

Claim Justice Review – How Does This Company Help You Retrieve Your Stolen Money?

Claim Justice Review

If you have ever faced any scam in online trading, you must contact Claim Justice. I am saying this because I had been in the same boat a while ago, and Claim Justice helped me during my bad times. They are a unique company that assists traders in getting their money back from fraudulent and unregulated brokerages. The perpetrators cannot escape the effective strategy built by experts, and they return the amount. To learn more about this company, keep reading this Claim Justice review.

Overview Of the Company

Claim Justice is the brand name registered by the name of BLUE SPIRIT TECH HOLDINGS LIMITED. It was founded five years ago, and it assists businesses and customers to get their amount back. So far, they have helped a number of people with their cases, recovered a large amount of $ 10,859,550 from scammers, and returned it to their rightful owners. Their office is located in Carlebach 7, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel; however, anyone from anywhere around the world can submit complaints about scammers through their website. They are easy to reach and responsive to the messages sent through email or website. You can also complain by calling them at their customer service centre.

You won’t believe my words at this time because even I did not trust them for the services when a fellow trader recommended this company to me. I thought it was better to accept and have patience rather than paying more fees to a new company to get my scammed amount. I denied contacting Claim Justice until my friend said they offer free consultation and do not charge a dollar until your amount is recovered. Well, this made me feel better, and I started exploring them over the internet. I saw everyone recommending and appreciating them for their remarkable services, so if they are not charging anything without resolving my matter, why not give them a chance. In fact, it was me giving myself a chance to recover the lost amount.

Finally, I filed my complaint. I verbally told about the incident and mentioned the amount I lost. I was ready to hear some promises and self-appreciation from their consultant.  Against my expectation, they did not say anything about themselves; instead searched about the fraudulent company I named. They wrote some details in a file, asked if I had transaction records and some other information. I shared the screenshots as I transferred the amount using my mobile banking application. The consultant asked me to wait a few days, and they will let me know if they will accept my case or not.

This was surprising for me. A money recovery service providing company considering details of the case without even any demand for the fees? Well, this happened to me. After a day or two, I received a call from the company that they accepted my case and needed to provide all the relevant proof. I accepted to pay commission on the recovered amount after my issue was resolved.

After this, I left my case up to them. There were no calls, no frequent contact to take any fees- there was complete silence except that I used to receive emails updating me about the case’s progress indicating their transparency towards their customers. One day, I called them to check the status of my case. The customer service representative attended my call and talked to me in a friendly and promising tone. Later, he connected me to the person who was handling my case. He assured me that they have reached the scammers and are in the process of claiming the amount. I being the person I am, again doubted their ability and hung up.

A month or two later, I was busy at work when I received the call from Claim Justice. The company reported that scammers convicted their crime, and they have returned my amount to them. I can share my details, pay their commission, and collect my amount from them. This was unbelievable. I recovered my hard-earned amount without making any effort or paying hefty fees. If you have lost your money in forex or any other online trading related scams then you are advised to contact a money recovery service like Claim Justice if you want to get your stolen funds back.


I genuinely appreciate Claim Justice for its transparent and integrated service. I admire their professionalism and believe in them. It is one the best company that assist people in recovering their amount.

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