How to buy Indian NFT From the Market?

buy Indian NFT

How to buy Indian NFT From the Market?

The world has far gone with the trend and yeah, the digital era is all set to boom in. Socially and technologically there have been many new aspects evolving in society. Especially in countries like India, they are evolving more creatively with improved strategies. We could all see the new concept of Neocolonialism that provides markets to take advantage of the resources and decide what is exactly needed for the growth and marketers are given the liberty to choose the path of progress.

And in that way, the market for new technology in India is always lucrative. From us wondering about what the digital market is all about, we have been leading the clan with a collective resource. Similarly was the marketplace for digital assets. And now the market is well improved to launch NFT platforms. Where these spaces do not just give the creators the space to list their creations, but also others to transform their rare collectibles as Digital NFTs in the platforms.

What is a Non-Fungible Token?

With the growing need for digitization, every today is getting digitized including the assets people invest upon.  Unlike Bitcoins, cryptocurrencies, and others, NFTs are interoperable but indivisible assets that are unique and operated on decentralized platforms. These rare collectible tokens are powered by blockchain technology ensuring security and protection against digital theft.

Any form of creation from, a piece of art, music, sketching, punks, videos, gifs, images, land, tickets, coupons, gaming avatars, characters, etc. can be minted as NFT in the platforms.

The Working of the NFT platform

There are different platforms available for listing NFT, but when it comes to handpick a few highly efficient, NFT trading marketplaces –  Rarible, OpenSea, SoreRare, Zed Run, etc., can be a better option.

All these platforms give the users and the creators the space to mint their NFT in a much easier way.  In these platforms, the users can seamlessly mint their tokens and list as and when they wanted to sell. They can either fix an amount or price for their creation or set out for auction. The interested bidder can bid for the NFT and get to own the collectible.

Here the bidder who wins the auction will get the ownership rights of the asset, while the creator of the NFT retains the creatorship and gains royalty benefits for every sale of their NFT. and consequently the ownership is transferred to the new buyer at the end of the every sale auction.

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Indian Celebrities Into NFT

There have been many pioneers standing up for cryptocurrencies, bitcoins, and others. While NFT is a new platform with increased audience traction in recent times. Apart from other countries, Indian actors especially the Bollywood stream is so much excited about this new bee, buzzing the world.

Actors like Salman Khan, Sunny Leone, Manish Malhotra, and others while campaigning for NFT also planning to launch NFT in the marketplace such as BollyCoin,  the Shehershah of Bollywood, the very own Amitabh Bachchan’s NFT are all getting live on November, 01st, 2021.

Where-in apart from actors catching the trending technologies, Indian Cricketer Dinesh Karthik’s NFT was launched recently. It was a video NFT of him finishing the match with a six in his style. It is listed in the marketplace for $20,000. But there is no bid yet. And other Indian cricketers like Rishab Pant, Zaheer Khan are signed up to launch their unique NFT in the marketplace.

Let us now get a little closer to the BigB’s NFT collectibles that are now being the major talk of the entire country.

Let me Kill the curiosity a little.

Limited Collection Of Amitabh’s NFT

The collection of Amitabh can be classified under four categories. All of them are uniquely crafted and highly integrated.

  • Madhushalas NFT

The book Madhushala was written by Mr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan the father of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. The name of the book means Temple of Mind (Madhu), its fresh rhythm and the rhymes are narrated in the voice of Amitabh and recorded one in English and the other in Hindi. These two audio-based NFT are limited and listed for the drop.

  • Win the Loot box NFT

This pandora box is a total surprise worth Rupees 50 Lakhs. There are chances for a signed vintage poster, an NFT Art or a Digital Punk present in it. The chance of winning this look Box NFT is 5000.

  • Autographed Physical Poster

The vintage Posters of the Shahenshah of Bollywood is autographed by him, made into a video and handed over as a Physical poster along with an NFT authentication certificate claiming the ownership. These hand-printed posters are uniquely crafted by artists with much accuracy that carries the ethnicity and authenticity of the Indian Cinema. 7 limited posters are listed on the platform.

  • BigB Punk and NFT Arts

The BigB punks and NFT arts are crypto-style Amitabh miniatures that are accurately crafted with high-tech systems. The craze over every avatar of Amitabh was high and now with differences in beard, shirt, eyes, hair, etc. The characters are designed to depict his six masterpieces.

Aren’t these really exciting? And I guess this November is going to be a double treat for all the BigB fans.  And the sub-continent is also expecting to celebrate its win-win, I suppose.

Await For The Big Day

An average of $5.5 million is anticipated to be the worth of the NFT and it is expected to be much more lucrative in the market in an increased ratio.  Let us spice the heat, check out Amitabh Bachchan’s NFT collectible Drop page, and get your chance locked up there for the 1st of November,2021.

Therefore, NFTs are considered to be a major part of the future and not depleting anyway. But its scale is not always predictable. Make sure you’re sure of your decisions and then it’s all okay even if you knock the hit out.

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