Apex Legends Crypto: New Legend

Apex Legends Crypto

Apex Legends Crypto: New Legend

Online games are a source of entertainment and people of all age groups love to play high-end games in their leisure time. Crypto apex is one of such delightful games that are popular worldwide due to their unique appearance on screen, mind-blowing features, and eye-catching graphics. It is a hero battle royale game based on creative ideas such as powerful fictional characters that flaunt action to mesmerize their fans.

Apex legends Crypto

Apex legends is a luxury-grade game available for free on electronic media. It is compatible with Xbox, Play stations, and MS windows. This legendary game supports the introduction of amazing characters, sometimes. Such a case happened when a legend called “crypto” was added to the game in Season THREE as a playable character. The interesting fact about apex legends crypto also known as Tae Joon Park is, you can unlock it with the help of digital finance only such as Apex Coins or Legend Tokens. Or else, you will have to purchase the champion edition of this digital masterpiece.

About Crypto Apex: The Legend

Numerous qualities and characteristics of Crypto make him a favorite anime character. His heartfelt story includes deprivation from his identity and attempts of murder. All of this made his life miserable that triggers the emotions of the audience making them feel connected to him. He is a corporate spy who serves as Surveillance Expert.

Apex Crypto abilities: Why unlock him?

Crypto is a mastermind hacker and his encryption skills are accurate. Crypto has been blessed with fantastic superpowers like Invisibility, Passive Neurolink, Tactical Surveillance Drone, and Ultimate Drone EMP. All of them are interconnected with each other and work to boost each other’s potential. The unbelievable skills, technical knowledge, enlightenment, and situational analysis of Crypto enable him to work for his cause i.e; taking revenge from his opponents who tried to murder him. He has got magical drones to keep a sharp eye on his enemy.

The Drone of Crypto makes him capable of foreseeing his enemies from a distance as far as 200 meters. As a result, the damage from surprise attacks can be avoided. It is one of the most brilliant facilities provided to Crypto.

If you are wondering why Crypto is gifted with so much brainpower, remember that this game is all about analysis of the situation, proper planning, and management BEFORE jumping into a battle. Once the fight gets started, all the other superpowers are of secondary importance and they can not work to protect Crypto.

Apex legends Crypto is considered better than Octane. While playing Crypto, you can have 2x fun by holding and playing the character: Crypto, and his flying aerial vehicle.

Imperfections of Apex legends Crypto

Heroes are not without flaws. No doubt, Crypto is good enough in the game but despite his sovereignty, he has got lagging points as well. The magical energies and powers of Crypto are confined. When he is driving the aircraft, he is susceptible to massive assaults. As a result, all his mental & physical abilities plus superpowers fail to protect him.

Need of Situational Awareness in Crypto Apex

All the undying powers of Crypto fail to save him when he is riding his drone. The only ability that works best for him, in such times, is situational awareness. He is pro at it and he, in coordination with his team, can spot points where enemy squads are hiding with the help of Surveillance Drone tactical. He analyzes the situation and develops plans cautiously. In this way, he wins the mission.

To overcome an outburst of fire thrown from the enemy’s side, Crypto takes help from the Ultimate feature of his drone. As a result, the pace of enemies is badly affected while many of them are killed because this EMP covers a large area to target opponents.

Crypto Apex Tricks and Strategies

Although Crypto is quite vulnerable to enemy attacks while driving the aerial drone. Still, he has designed amazing strategies to cope up with his shortcomings and combat with opponents. He finds nearby clusters of his people making a team that overtakes the rivals. Crypto uses its private drone to accomplish this task.

  • Communication

To maximize the potential of Crypto, communication is of utmost importance. Since Crypto is the opening batsman of the battle in his team, his words are of great importance. What he instructs, the team is supposed to follow through. Therefore, after highlighting the localities of the enemy, developing a verbal bond with the team is quite important. Crypto will communicate his strategies to his teammates making them able to fight the enemy effectively and efficiently.

  • Switching between Character and the Drone

Crypto manages to launch his drone on the target site. In this way, the chances of winning are greatly increased. Moreover, the player is supposed to switch the operating power between the character and the drone to save the team and to make the victory guaranteed.

  • Drone protection

The drone of Crypto, in Crypto apex, is normally not likely to be hit easily. However, it is not that stable as well. A great strategy to protect the drone and Crypto is to cover it up with some ultra-protective layer. In this way, while Crypto is sitting susceptible to enemy attack, there are no chances of death of the legend. Moreover, it is not recommended to take time for the vehicle to cool down when the enemy is surrounding the legend, it would result in the killing of the main lead: Crypto.

  • Double-check enemy destruction

After highlighting and pinpointing the enemies, it is better to make the companions alert about the enemy posts. So, there are no chances of escape for opponents.

Which one to focus on; Team or Drone?

During the battle, it is always better to primarily focus more on your folks when they need your assistance. The secondary position is won by the drone. This is worthless to save the aerial drone and lose your team. As a result, the enemy will attack you easily and you will lose the game. Moreover, once the drone is destroyed, it will take hardly 40 seconds to be recovered. Therefore, more focus should be invested in attacking the enemy while providing full support to your team.


The thrill of the Crypto apex is beyond the scope of any write-up. We have provided helpful guidelines and tips that would make your gaming experience playful, adventurous, and more effective.

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